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this is looking like a bad deal

the empty tea cup glared at me, the few wayward leaves on the bottom glinted wetly in the gaslight,i looked out my office door at the back of captain Nemoy ” hows the package faring?’

the lizard turned to face me, never a pleasant sight “well mam its ok for now, but if the heating element on the flask fails the whole thing will be heading to the moon, cavorite shipping flasks are only meant to be used for a few days not almost half a month”

i scrubbed my muzzle my left ear twitching uncontrollably “fine take it to Amaranth, and put it in a more secure containment vessel, we’ll deal with it when Doc Dino crawls out from what ever hole he’s hiding in”

Nemoy scratched his chin, a few flakes of loathsome skin drifting down his coat front” sorry mam shedding s always a pain,speaking of which were do you think the Doc has gone to,?”

Qismah walked into the office and set a fresh pot of tea on the desk, i stared at it a second, then poured a cup and gave it to Nemoy to drink,he glared at it  before downing the cup,Qismah smiled “you still don’t trust me”

i smiled back “of course not, after all i know too much about your past to trust you”

Qismah ran a finger around a teacup rim” i think he’s afraid to fight Beryl,to bad really i was hoping to win our bet, but with no fight…..”

i poured a cup for my self seeing as Nemoy still looked healthy”well to be honest i hope there is no fight, Beryl is a good and honest member of the community and an innocent and trusting source of information,and i’d not want to see that source come to harm,but im not worried about the bet, if Doc doesn’t show he forfeits and i win,’

qismah frowned, ‘well maybe he’ll surprise you, and i have pills to roll, good day”she said as she flounced off

Nemoy smirked” well mam you wont be out that 5,000 Q”

i leaned forward elbows on the desk”its not the 5,000 Q im concerned about, it’s the 50,000 Q doc still owes me for the, Cavorite, well be off with you, and on your way out tell omig to find me a cobbler that works in reptile hide, i see some new boots in Docs future”

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