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They’re Baaaaa-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaak!

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  1. Bookworm Hienrichs Bookworm Hienrichs July 25, 2013

    The Records department has this transcript that has a bit more information, and this article summarizes the Eliot Device adventure.  There used to be more… I don’t know what happened to it all…

    • Jimmy Branagh Jimmy Branagh July 26, 2013

      Things were lost in the transition from the old Ning page.  I will try to piece the thing together and send to you for inclusion in Records, since I am clueless how to do that :)

      • Bookworm Hienrichs Bookworm Hienrichs July 26, 2013

        ((Well, what I meant was, there used to be more about the Babbage Chronicles episodes on the wiki – at least summaries of the ‘Cloud Angel,’ the ‘Shadow of the 13,’ and the ‘Black Heart’ stories.  I can’t find ’em now.

        And that reminds me–I need to bug Loki again about getting the Writer text from the Dark Aether Falls story to me.  The original web page isn’t there anymore.))

      • Jedburgh30 Dagger Jedburgh30 Dagger July 26, 2013

        It would be nice if you could.  I was doing some poking around and found that Loki II is almost undocumented in some central way.  There are blogs posts around, but not the same sort of ‘central story’ that the later ones had.  Of course, that also shows how this has evolved from the first one…

  2. Jimmy Branagh Jimmy Branagh July 25, 2013

    Here’s the transcript of the very final chapter, courtesy of Miss Breezy.

    [14:55]  Rip Wirefly: the traps are set
    [14:55]  Skusting Dagger: Good day
    [14:55]  Rip Wirefly: no one go near the cage
    [14:55]  Rip Wirefly: hello there sir and miss
    [14:55]  Breezy Carver: greetings
    [14:55]  Jimmy Branagh: Er, Oy dunno how good yet …
    [14:55]  Breezy Carver: hell Beq good to see you
    [14:55]  Breezy Carver: hello even
    [14:55]  Beq Janus hands Rip a key
    [14:55]  Rip Wirefly: thank you beq
    [14:55]  Jimmy Branagh: ((Wb Myrtil
    [14:56]  Myrtil Igaly: ((thanks!))
    [14:56]  Myrtil Igaly: Hello Mr Dagger! Miss Breezy!
    [14:56]  Rip Wirefly: so I will lay one of those as I walk through it
    [14:56]  Roanoke Feuerstein is Online
    [14:56]  Skusting Dagger: Hello
    [14:56]  Rip Wirefly: should rock him
    [14:56]  Natacha Chernov: Hello Mr and Ms Dagger!
    [14:56]  Breezy Carver: hello dear Myrtil !!
    [14:56]  Skusting Dagger: Word on the street has it that Moriarty is up to something
    [14:56]  Myrtil Igaly smiles
    [14:56]  Myrtil Igaly hands Mr And Mrs Dagger a flute
    [14:56]  Rip Wirefly: aye, we have just figured out plan sir
    [14:57]  Skusting Dagger: Thank you Myrtil
    [14:57]  The Lady Skusting: smiles
    [14:57]  Myrtil Igaly gave you Myrtil’s flute.
    [14:57]  Myrtil Igaly: Werewolves don’t like high pitched noises so… If he comes to you, blow hard into the flute, maybe that’ll scare him off..
    [14:57]  Skusting Dagger: Good to know
    [14:57]  Canolli Capalini is Online
    [14:58]  Rip Wirefly: there it goes again
    [14:58]  Myrtil Igaly hides
    [14:58]  Rip Wirefly: you made it myrtil
    [14:58]  Skusting Dagger: WHat’s that sound?
    [14:58]  Myrtil Igaly: annoying sound hehe
    [14:58]  Myrtil Igaly: it’s the flute!
    [14:58]  Skusting Dagger: Your flute Myrtil?
    [14:58]  Myrtil Igaly: yup
    [14:58]  dumnonniwill Clip: *hicup*………mrtil, your dress is in the attik
    [14:58]  Myrtil Igaly: Will! You’re drunk!
     [14:59]  Rip Wirefly: I think we are going to annoy moriarty to death
    [14:59]  Breezy Carver: greeetings Miss Chervov
    [14:59]  dumnonniwill Clip: i am most ser…sertaintly…not …*hicup*
    [14:59]  Myrtil Igaly: ((just detach it to stop the sound :) ))
     [14:59]  Breezy Carver: (( I sort of like the sound ))
    [14:59]  Charlene Trudeau is Offline
    [14:59]  Myrtil Igaly: ((hehe, but the others have hard it for hours, I think they’re gonna become crazy :op))
    [14:59]  Gabrielle Riel is Offline
    [15:00]  Myrtil Igaly: *heard
    [15:00]  Cheree Bury is Offline
    [15:00]  Breezy Carver: ((( GRINSSS)))
    [15:00]  Myrtil Igaly: Are we sure he’ll come here..
    [15:00]  Rip Wirefly: we hope
    [15:00]  Breezy Carver: this apears quite brillant
    [15:00]  Breezy Carver: you really believe you can cage he ???
    [15:01]  dumnonniwill Clip: i think he will go and eat all our pies myrtil…..*hicup*
    [15:01]  Myrtil Igaly: Silly Will, what did you drink?
    [15:01]  Rip Wirefly: hello jed
    [15:01]  Myrtil Igaly: Hello Miss Jedburgh!
    [15:01]  Vasha Martinek is Offline
    [15:01]  Galactic Baroque is Online
    [15:01]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: HEllo
    [15:01]  Jimmy Branagh: Hoy Miss Jed
     [15:01]  Natacha Chernov: Hello Miss Jedburgh
    [15:01]  dumnonniwill Clip: errrr….*hicup*….can’t remumber…..what did you drink!
    [15:02]  Breezy Carver: you know it is a real big FULL MOON !
    [15:02]  dumnonniwill Clip: thts not a moon, its a penny that i threw up there…..
    [15:02]  Jedburgh30 Dagger: So I guess things haven’t ended yet today
     [15:02]  Rip Wirefly: (((wb))
     [15:03]  Beq Janus: ((phew))
     [15:03]  dumnonniwill Clip: i found a chest
    [15:03]  Rip Wirefly: just good to know we have a doctor up there
    [15:03]  dumnonniwill Clip: ooooo…it opend
    [15:04]  Saskia Bode is Online
    [15:04]  blakopal Galicia is Online
    [15:04]  Myrtil Igaly: hehe
    [15:05]  dumnonniwill Clip’s muffled voice comes out of a chest:”i have….*hicup*……apeared to have got traped in a ….*hicup*….chest
    [15:05]  Myrtil Igaly: Oh My!!!
    [15:05]  Myrtil Igaly: how will you get out of it?
    [15:05]  dumnonniwill Clip: myrtil, its dark in here
    [15:05]  Rip Wirefly: I think we are all quiet in anticipation
    [15:05]  Elina Koskinen is Online
    [15:06]  Jimmy Branagh: ‘ee’s probly safer in there.
    [15:06]  Myrtil Igaly: no door?.
    [15:06]  Skusting Dagger: I am going inside
    [15:06]  Breezy Carver: wow not many hellos
    [15:06]  dumnonniwill Clip: err….myrtil i think i had to much opium
     [15:06]  Myrtil Igaly: so that’s what you had Will!
    [15:06]  dumnonniwill Clip: theres a fire above me ….
    [15:06]  Skusting Dagger: I dont know Breezy
    [15:07]  Skusting Dagger: It could get ugly
     [15:07]   Jimmy giggles.
    [15:07]   Jimmy giggles.
     [15:08]  Dickens wakes up
    [15:08]  Jimmy Branagh: Hoy Dickens! Ya woke up!
    [15:08]  Dickens: MEW
    [15:08]  dumnonniwill Clip: myrtil…it was horrible i was trapped behind a fire….*hicup*…..
    [15:08]  Myrtil Igaly smiles to Dickens
    [15:08]  Dickens waves to Flynn
    [15:08]  Flynn: Mwwwwwah !
    [15:09]  Myrtil Igaly: I think Flynn likes Dickens
    [15:09]  Dickens gigglemews
    [15:09]  dumnonniwill Clip: hehe like the person who wrote the boos
    [15:09]  dumnonniwill Clip: myrtil…i feel sick :(
    [15:10]  Rip Wirefly: How are you sir?
    [15:10]  Elina Koskinen thinks someone should be standing on the other side of the cage if they indeed intend to close both the doors….
    [15:10]  dumnonniwill Clip: i found a doorr….hehehe
    [15:10]  Myrtil Igaly: Maybe you should go back to the bakery Will
     [15:10]  Beq Janus: Rip is gonig to run through and shut the door behind him
    [15:10]  dumnonniwill Clip: here is that?
    [15:10]  Elina Koskinen: I see…
    [15:10]  Beq Janus: I will close the door after moriarty
    [15:10]  Skusting Dagger: Dont get too close
    [15:10]  Skusting Dagger: We dont know whats going to happen
    [15:10]  Elina Koskinen: I hope he has time in all the hurry…
    [15:10]  Myrtil Igaly: ((the autoreturn is 20 mins, we might need to rerez?))
    [15:10]  Rip Wirefly sad, skusting, s ignoring him
    [15:11]  Skusting Dagger: Hell Rip
    [15:11]  Rip Wirefly: how are you sir?
    [15:11]  Rip Wirefly: ((no worries))
    [15:11]  Skusting Dagger: As well as can be
    [15:11]  Beq Janus: ahh they are timed
    [15:11]  Myrtil Igaly: ((ok))
    [15:11]  Beq Janus: (( ))
    [15:11]  Rip Wirefly: ((that way dont get caught off gaurd))
     [15:11]  Beq Janus: ((kk))
    [15:11]  Rip Wirefly: good to hear sir
    [15:12]  dumnonniwill Clip looks at myrtil and asks why she is so nice?
    [15:12]  Beq Janus prods Jed
    [15:12]  Myrtil Igaly: Will.. If Moriarty arrives, run and hide inside ok?
    [15:12]  Skusting Dagger: We dont want to get trapped
    [15:12]  Skusting Dagger: We are safer out here
    [15:12]  Rip Wirefly: this should be interesting
    [15:12]  dumnonniwill Clip: the cage….*hicup*…
    [15:12]  Myrtil Igaly: there are two doors though
    [15:12]  Myrtil Igaly: at the house
    [15:12]  Breezy Carver: Hey Jed
    [15:12]  Myrtil Igaly: not inside the cage Will!
    [15:12]  Breezy Carver: good to see you (( when you get back ((
    [15:12]  Myrtil Igaly: inside the house
    [15:12]  Rip Wirefly: ((jed is dead))
    [15:12]  Jimmy Branagh: (K fire rerezzed))
    [15:13]  Breezy Carver: ((oh ))
    [15:13]  Rip Wirefly: ((good))
    [15:13]  dumnonniwill Clip: so if he comes i have t bite him?
    [15:13]  Rip Wirefly: ((not lieterally))
    [15:13]  Beq Janus: no just in repose
     [15:13]  Myrtil Igaly: Noooo Will!
    [15:13]  dumnonniwill Clip: but hes evil
    [15:13]  Rip Wirefly: new glasses breezy?
    [15:13]  Breezy Carver: nope
    [15:13]  Myrtil Igaly: if he approaches you, play him a tune on your flute ((but not right now please :op ))
    [15:13]  B2B Bonetto is Offline
    [15:14]  Breezy Carver: just felt like wearing them .. thought it was a good idea !
    [15:14]  Myrtil Igaly: (( I SAID NOT NOW WILL!!))
    [15:14]  Rip Wirefly: I see, they are nice
    [15:14]  Beq Janus sighs
    [15:14]  Breezy Carver: aww
    [15:14]  Breezy Carver: thank you
    [15:14]  Beq Janus: Perhaps I am part Lycan, it is annoying me
    [15:14]  Breezy Carver: (( grins ))
    [15:14]  Rip Wirefly: lol
    [15:14]  Dickens looks up
    [15:14]  dumnonniwill Clip: hehe myrtil, dance
    [15:14]  Myrtil Igaly: ((hehe, that’s annoying everyone))
    [15:15]  Elina Koskinen: ((plz, don’t play…some of us are rather timezone tired, and that is very headache inducing ;DD))
    [15:15]  Myrtil Igaly slides her sound off again
    [15:15]  Rip Wirefly: I think ms chernov is doing jumping jacks in boredom
    [15:15]  Elina Koskinen does the same
    [15:15]  Breezy Carver: ((laughs at Beq dance festive ))
    [15:15]  Beq Janus nows
    [15:16]  Beq Janus: *bows*
    [15:16]  Breezy Carver: *claps*
    [15:16]  Jimmy Branagh: ReRezz the cage))
    [15:16]  Natacha Chernov: Well, it would be terrible if we will find out Moriarty actually loves this tune…
    [15:16]  Skusting Dagger: INdeed
    [15:16]  Breezy Carver: can you imagine
    [15:16]  Myrtil Igaly: oh no….
    [15:16]  Beq Janus: eek where did it go?
    [15:16]  Breezy Carver: ((( so typical of babbage for he to do so ))
    [15:16]  Myrtil Igaly: ((lost and found?)
    [15:16]  Jimmy Branagh: Rerezz it quick))
    [15:16]  Skusting Dagger: ((20 minute auto return))
    [15:17]  Breezy Carver: ((auto return ?__)__
    [15:17]  Beq Janus: ((kk))
     [15:17]  Rip Wirefly: ((beq you have it))
     [15:17]  Myrtil Igaly: I’ll go make the look out on the rail tracks
    [15:18]  Katri Kaligawa is Offline
    [15:18]  dumnonniwill Clip: fire
    [15:18]  dumnonniwill Clip stares at the sky in a strange way
    [15:20]  Rip Wirefly: so….
    [15:20]  Rip Wirefly: anyone know any good jokes?
    [15:21]  Skusting Dagger: A delivery man walks intot a pub with 2 monkies
    [15:21]  Rip Wirefly: that is funny enough already
     [15:21]  Katri Kaligawa: a pub joke, of course…I should tell a doctor one then
    [15:21]  Skusting Dagger: Pub man says Whats with the thwo monkies
    [15:21]  Skusting Dagger: Man says
    [15:22]  Skusting Dagger: som fella left them on my delivery truck
    [15:22]  Elina Koskinen: Have you heard the Sherlock Holmes tent joke?
    [15:22]  Skusting Dagger: Pub man says why dont you take them to the zoo?
    [15:22]  Jezebelle String is Offline
    [15:22]  Skusting Dagger: Delivery man says good idea
    [15:23]  Skusting Dagger: next day
    [15:24]  Skusting Dagger: Mna comes back to the pub with the 2 monkies
    [15:24]  Skusting Dagger: Pub man says thought you took them to the zoo
    [15:24]  Elina Koskinen: Here he is!
    [15:24]  Skusting Dagger: Man says I did. We had such a good time we;’re going to the circus tonight
    [15:24]  Jimmy Branagh: It’s him!
     [15:25]  Rip Wirefly notices the shadows move
    [15:25]  Rip Wirefly: Draw!
    [15:25]  Jimmy Branagh: ‘ee’s invisible
    [15:25]  Skusting Dagger’s hacckles rise
    [15:25]  Rip Wirefly: Jasone wehre are you?!
    [15:25]  Rip Wirefly: *Jason
    [15:25]  Beq Janus: Rip run through the access tunnel
    [15:26]  Jimmy Branagh: Watch the snow on the ground. It moves!
     [15:26]  Myrtil Igaly: He’s here??????
    [15:26]  dumnonniwill Clip: *hicup
    [15:26]  Rip Wirefly: ((lag))
    [15:26]  Natacha Chernov takes a step back, looking around
    [15:26]  Beq Janus: Rip get out
    [15:26]  Rip Wirefly: The door wont open
     [15:27]  Skusting Dagger: Where did he go?
    [15:27]  Beq Janus: We have him
    [15:27]  Jimmy Branagh: Allroight, ya got ‘im!
    [15:27]  Elina Koskinen: He’s in the cage
    [15:27]  Myrtil Igaly: He’s inside!!!!!!!
    [15:27]  dumnonniwill Clip sneezes
    [15:27]  Breezy Carver: he is a little boy !!
    [15:27]  Breezy Carver: a child !!!!!!
    [15:27]  Jason Moriarty: LET ME OUT!!
    [15:27]  Jimmy Branagh: No, ‘ee’s not
    [15:27]  Rip Wirefly: You cannot not escape
    [15:28]  Jimmy Branagh: Not fer real.
    [15:28]  Myrtil Igaly: he’s evil
    [15:28]  Beq Janus: That is a faraday cage, Mr Moriarty
    [15:28]  Skusting Dagger: He is fooling yuo dear
    [15:28]  Skusting Dagger: He makes you see what he wants you to see
    [15:28]  Rip Wirefly: You powers are usless in there
    [15:28]  Myrtil Igaly: You can’t use your lightnings! HAH
    [15:28]  Rip Wirefly: ((how did he get out?))
    [15:28]  dumnonniwill Clip: ohdea
    [15:28]  Beq Janus: how did that happen?
    [15:28]  Myrtil Igaly: He disappeared?
    [15:28]  Elina Koskinen: Where did he go?
    [15:28]  dumnonniwill Clip: myrtil, the flute
    [15:29]  Rip Wirefly: JASON WHERE ARE YOU!
    [15:29]  Jimmy Branagh: Where’s ‘ee go?
    [15:29]  Gabrielle Riel is Offline
    [15:29]  Nareth Nishi: Wait…
    [15:29]  Myrtil Igaly: Pro.. PRofessor?
    [15:29]  Rip Wirefly: Nareth?
    [15:29]  Skusting Dagger: Professor?
    [15:29]  Breezy Carver: Nareth !!!!!!
    [15:29]  Nareth Nishi: Where is he?
    [15:29]  Jimmy Branagh: Professor Nishi?
    [15:29]  Breezy Carver: gone !!!
    [15:30]  Myrtil Igaly: Maybe he’s inside??
    [15:30]  Jimmy Branagh: We ‘ad ‘im in the cage, but ‘ee’s gone now.
    [15:30]  Natacha Chernov: I think he went inside
     [15:30]  Rip Wirefly: He is in here somewhere nareth
    [15:30]  The Lady Skusting: glares in shot
    [15:30]  Jason Moriarty shouts: I AM A MONSTER!
    [15:31]  Myrtil Igaly: oh dear..
     [15:31]  Rip Wirefly: Yes?
    [15:31]  Myrtil Igaly: should we go inside?
    [15:31]  Rip Wirefly: As you wish
    [15:31]  dumnonniwill Clip: hes evil!
    [15:32]  Jimmy Branagh shouts: Remeber, wotch the floor, ‘is feet’ll show!
    [15:32]  You decline [savvy avvy ] – New releases DEC08 from A group member named Zahara Rahja.
    [15:32]  Myrtil Igaly: Is he with the Professor?
    [15:32]  Nareth Nishi: Jason…can you hear me?
    [15:32]  Skusting Dagger: He is
    [15:32]  Beq Janus: he cannot leave the building without goiung through the cage because of the fire
    [15:32]  Katri Kaligawa: he’s behind the coil
    [15:33]  Breezy Carver: mmm k
    [15:33]  Nareth Nishi: Jason!
    [15:33]  Elina Koskinen: He turned into a werewolf again!
    [15:33]  Jimmy Branagh: Oy can see ‘im! ‘ee’s a werewolf now!
    [15:33]  Myrtil Igaly: where where??
    [15:33]  Mavromichali Szondi is Online
    [15:33]  Elina Koskinen: behind the coil!
    [15:33]  Jimmy Branagh: Behoind the big coil.
    [15:33]  Myrtil Igaly: oooooh
    [15:33]  Myrtil Igaly: But he’s recharging his powers !!!
    [15:34]  Nareth Nishi: Jason…
    [15:34]  Nareth Nishi: Listen.
    [15:34]  Nareth Nishi: Yes.
    [15:34]  Myrtil Igaly: He’s half invisible, half werewolf!
    [15:34]  Nareth Nishi: Now…are you stronger?
    [15:34]  Beq Janus: flutes
    [15:34]  Jason Moriarty: I am what i was
    [15:34]  Myrtil Igaly takes her flute ut and play
    [15:34]  dumnonniwill Clip: at the ready
    [15:35]  Nareth Nishi: That is a start, yes?
    [15:35]  dumnonniwill Clip: will flollows
    [15:35]  Jason Moriarty: but i lack what is needed to fullfill my Gods wishes
    [15:35]  Nareth Nishi: Indeed.
    [15:35]  Nareth Nishi: Now…how does this end? Do you live another day?
    [15:35]  Jason Moriarty sneers in the direction of that noise
    [15:35]  Nareth Nishi: We must decide.
    [15:35]  Jason Moriarty: No, i am mearly the instrument
    [15:35]  Jason Moriarty: i shall show you
    [15:36]  Nareth Nishi: We are *all* merely instruments.
    [15:36]  Nareth Nishi watches….
    [15:36]  Myrtil Igaly stops playing, thinking that isn’t efficient!
    [15:37]  Jimmy Branagh: Whoa, look!
    [15:37]  Myrtil Igaly: What has he become???
    [15:37]  Nareth Nishi: Is that what you desire?
    [15:37]  dumnonniwill Clip stares in horror!
     [15:38]  Jimmy Branagh: WHat’s ‘appening?
    [15:38]  Breezy Carver: WOW
    [15:38]  Rip Wirefly: What inthe world?
    [15:38]  Jason Moriarty: My dear NAreth, dear sweet Nareth, i so want to show you everything
    [15:38]  Nareth Nishi: Jason…speak!
    [15:38]  Breezy Carver: Nareth
    [15:38]  Nareth Nishi: ((lag))
    [15:38]  Nareth Nishi: Then show me.
    [15:38]  Breezy Carver: is becoming he ???
    [15:38]  dumnonniwill Clip: ((bad tieing))
    [15:38]  Nareth Nishi: Show me now, for I lose patiencve.
    [15:39]  Breezy Carver: and we are watching this ??
    [15:39]  Myrtil Igaly: But what is it??
    [15:39]  Rip Wirefly: Dont get nearer, anyone
    [15:39]  Breezy Carver: the results could be worse then we imagine ??
    [15:39]  Breezy Carver: ((ok am i here ?? ))
    [15:39]  Myrtil Igaly: ((yup Breezy))
    [15:39]  Nareth Nishi sighs…
    [15:39]  Rip Wirefly: ((yes, but we are watching the event, doing nothing))
    [15:39]  Breezy Carver: ((thank YOU the animations froze ))
    [15:40]  Jimmy Branagh: Oy can’t see anything in there.
    [15:40]  Breezy Carver: (( it froze ))
    [15:40]  Myrtil Igaly: I see a huge wall of flames
    [15:40]  dumnonniwill Clip: ahhh! its all firey :(
    [15:40]  Myrtil Igaly: or something looking like it
    [15:40]  Breezy Carver: ( there it goes ))
    [15:40]  Breezy Carver: yes !!!!!!!!!
    [15:40]  Breezy Carver: huge Orange FLames !!!!!!
    [15:41]  blakopal Galicia is Offline
    [15:41]  Pirate Graves is Offline
    [15:41]  Gatsby Szuster is Offline
    [15:41]  Natacha Chernov: I don’t see Moriarty anymore…
    [15:41]  Jimmy Branagh: Me neither!
    [15:42]  dumnonniwill Clip: i do, but that might be the opium
    [15:42]  Jimmy Branagh: The Professor is still there
    [15:42]  Beq Janus: Stand away fromthe doors
    [15:42]  Myrtil Igaly whispers : why does the Professor has got wings?
    [15:42]  Beq Janus: everyone now
    [15:42]  dumnonniwill Clip: i think shes an angle
    [15:42]  Myrtil Igaly: what should we do?
    [15:42]  Beq Janus: Rip that includes you please
    [15:42]   Jim whispers “Oy dunno.”
    [15:42]  Breezy Carver: wait
    [15:43]  Myrtil Igaly: oh stands back
    [15:43]  Jesper Renfold: dam
    [15:43]  Beq Janus: Breezy please stand back
    [15:43]  Beq Janus: Nareth!
    [15:43]  Jesper Renfold: Mr Wirefly
    [15:43]  Breezy Carver: a bit more them am angel i suspect !
    [15:43]  Snowball: Wii Eel has hit Myrtil Igaly with a snowball!
    [15:43]  Myrtil Igaly: Ther’s the Van Creed man!
    [15:43]  Breezy Carver: hello Mr Renfold
    [15:43]  Katri Kaligawa: what *is* that?
    [15:43]  Jesper Renfold: what has happend here?
    [15:43]  Elina Koskinen: It’s an airship, I think
    [15:43]  Jesper Renfold: the Van Creed need you help
    [15:44]  Jesper Renfold: its MY airship
    [15:44]  Myrtil Igaly: The Van Creed are a bunch of liars
    [15:44]  Breezy Carver: just another day in babbage i say ..
    [15:44]  Jesper Renfold: my fellow agents are still up there
    [15:44]  Corphaelia Ninetails is Offline
    [15:44]  Elina Koskinen: Nice landing…
    [15:44]  Myrtil Igaly: what are they doing?
    [15:44]  Rip Wirefly: ((srry suddenafk))
    [15:44]  Jimmy Branagh: Professor? Are you allroight?
    [15:44]  Jesper Renfold: Listend to me1
    [15:44]  Nareth Nishi: What are you all looking at!
    [15:44]  Nareth Nishi: What are you all waiting for!
    [15:44]  Jesper Renfold: Moriarty will gain the power of the Cloud Angel unless you do something NOW!
    [15:44]  Breezy Carver: You are you alright ?
    [15:45]  Rip Wirefly: Why do you need me?
    [15:45]  Nareth Nishi: Run…al of you!
    [15:45]  Jimmy Branagh: Wot can we do, sir?
    [15:45]  Myrtil Igaly: what could we do?
    [15:45]  Natacha Chernov looks at Mr. Renfold with suspiction, than turns back to Professor
    [15:45]  Nareth Nishi: I cannot hold it.
    [15:45]  Beq Janus: Nareth, come to me.
    [15:45]  Myrtil Igaly: Will, come
    [15:45]  Natacha Chernov: Hold… what?
    [15:45]  Rip Wirefly: You expect me to leave now?
    [15:46]  Jesper Renfold: we had two Cloud Destroyers and a sky station up there, we found the Cloud Angel, but so has Moriarty
    [15:46]  dumnonniwill Clip: its to hot elly
    [15:46]  Breezy Carver: she will not go thru the cage Beq
    [15:46]  Rip Wirefly: To trust you after you have lied to me mr renfold
    [15:46]  Myrtil Igaly: Cloud Destroyers???
    [15:46]  Jesper Renfold: The Professor must know
    [15:46]  Jesper Renfold: yes previous work of the late Captain
    [15:46]  Rip Wirefly: you are foolish to play with that power
    [15:46]  Nareth Nishi: NO! There wisll be no entry!
    [15:46]  Rip Wirefly: BEQ!
    [15:46]  Breezy Carver: Nods
    [15:47]  Rip Wirefly: THye have a cloud angle
    [15:47]  Myrtil Igaly: Is he up there?
    [15:47]  Rip Wirefly: mooriarty
    [15:47]  Myrtil Igaly: Is Moriarty up there?
    [15:47]  Natacha Chernov: So who has the Angel now, Mr. Renfold?
    [15:47]  Jesper Renfold: my ship is somewhat imobilised
    [15:47]  Nareth Nishi: None of you are welcome in this world!
    [15:47]  Jimmy Branagh: How can we get there?
    [15:47]  Jesper Renfold: at this moment in time, i do not know
    [15:47]  Rip Wirefly: Beq, the professor must know they have a cloud angel
    [15:47]  Breezy Carver: why wont you go thru the cage ?
    [15:47]  Myrtil Igaly: hovercarts
    [15:47]  Breezy Carver: she is the cloud angle .. i am thinking ..
    [15:47]  Rip Wirefly: where is this ship jesper?
    [15:48]  Beq Janus shivers
    [15:48]  Jesper Renfold: we where about to exstract the Angel from the air when a huge electrical surge eminated from the ground
    [15:48]  Nareth Nishi: You will leave now, and you will return to that darkness from whence you have come.
    [15:48]  Rip Wirefly: where is it now jesper?
    [15:48]  Nareth Nishi: You…will…
    [15:48]  Beq Janus starts to shake her tyeeth chattering
    [15:48]  Rip Wirefly: Sheath!
    [15:48]  Jesper Renfold: my ship was hit, and i crashed here
    [15:48]  Nareth Nishi: I take you…
    [15:48]  Elina Koskinen: The Robonaught!
    [15:48]  Breezy Carver: she is !
    [15:48]  Jesper Renfold: the cloud angel is in the sky directly above port babbeg
    [15:49]  Breezy Carver: Beq !!
    [15:49]  Breezy Carver: are you alright ???
    [15:49]  Nareth Nishi: There.
    [15:49]  Beq Janus falls to the ground shaking as if trapped in ice
    [15:49]  Breezy Carver leans down .. she is cold as ice
     [15:50]  Breezy Carver: rubs beq’s hands
    [15:50]  Breezy Carver: looks
    [15:50]  Nareth Nishi: Someone help Miss janus.
    [15:50]  Breezy Carver: (( I am helping her ))
    [15:50]  Breezy Carver: Beq … speak to me
    [15:50]  Beq Janus looks up to Breezy, shaking uncontrolably
    [15:51]  Beq Janus: sssoooooc c cc c cold
    [15:51]  Natacha Chernov: the cloud Angel, Myrtil…
    [15:51]  Breezy Carver: leans down and hugss Beq what did she do to you
    [15:51]  Beq Janus: w w we we f ff f ought it
    [15:51]  Breezy Carver: hugss you .. she is cold .. holds her tight watches robennot
    [15:51]  Breezy Carver: nods you did !!!!!!!!
    [15:51]  Breezy Carver: but but are you ok ??
    [15:52]  Natacha Chernov lookks around, considering, biting her lowr lip
    [15:52]  Nissa Jewell is Offline
    [15:52]  SEmotion Sensible AO HUD v.3.6: Sit override: Off
    [15:52]  Natacha Chernov than turns to Beq
    [15:52]  SEmotion Sensible AO HUD v.3.6: Sit override: On
    [15:52]  Beq Janus: i it w w w will pass
    [15:52]  Breezy Carver: keps rubbing and hugs .. nods ..
    [15:52]  Xandra Skytower is Online
    [15:52]  Natacha Chernov: Miss Janus, are you alright?
    [15:53]  Autopilotpatty Poppy is Offline
    [15:53]  Breezy Carver: Miss Chernov she .. trembling soo
    [15:53]  Breezy Carver: and .. soo cold
    [15:53]  Breezy Carver: what did the Prof do to her ??
    [15:53]  Xandra Skytower is Offline
    [15:53]  Breezy Carver: why is that Robonaught here ?
    [15:53]  Natacha Chernov: I have no idea
    [15:54]  Breezy Carver: he always lurks i feel he records us
    [15:54]  Tyger Freenote is Online
    [15:54]  Natacha Chernov: Where is Moriarty? And where is Professor?
    [15:54]  Breezy Carver: keep .. trying to warm Beq up
    [15:54]  Breezy Carver: Moriarty disapeared
    [15:54]  Beq Janus collapses
    [15:54]  Breezy Carver: and the Professor walked about
    [15:54]  Breezy Carver: oh my ..
    [15:55]  Breezy Carver: we need to get her to warmth
    [15:55]  Breezy Carver: right away
    [15:55]  Breezy Carver: she is exausted
    [15:55]  Breezy Carver: looks at the robonaught
    [15:56]  Breezy Carver: ((( I dont have a blanket))
    [15:56]  Natacha Chernov: I have something here… it’s an bottle of rum which belonged to explorer Magellan Linden… that should keep her warm
    [15:56]  Breezy Carver: nods .. lets put it under her nose
    [15:56]  Breezy Carver: perhaps we can revive her yes ??
    [15:56]  Corphaelia Ninetails is Online
    [15:56]  Natacha Chernov kneels down and puts the bottle under Beqs nose
    [15:57]  Beq Janus blins
    [15:56]  Breezy Carver: takes her  cold cold hands  come on beq
    [15:57]  Beq Janus: *blinks*
    [15:57]  Breezy Carver: ahhh
    [15:57]  Natacha Chernov smiles
    [15:57]  Beq Janus: Breezy?
    [15:57]  Breezy Carver: there there .. warm smile You are wonderful Ms Chernov
    [15:57]  Breezy Carver: yes yes
    [15:57]  Beq Janus: Miss Chernov?
    [15:57]  Breezy Carver: oh are you ok ?
    [15:58]  Natacha Chernov: Well, thet’s not me, thanks Magellan Linden… if anyone evr will find him
    [15:58]  Breezy Carver: there you have been thru quite an amazing .. thing here
    [15:58]  Natacha Chernov: yes Miss Janus?
    [15:58]  Breezy Carver: grins @ Ms Chernov .. indeed we shall
    [15:58]  Breezy Carver: ahh and the robonaught is gone
    [15:58]  Natacha Chernov: Here, keep is Miss Janus
    [15:58]  Breezy Carver: we are all going to be alright softly rubs Beqs back
    [15:58]  Natacha Chernov passes the bottle to Beq
    [15:58]  Beq Janus: 9brb)
    [15:59]  Breezy Carver: (( nods i am going to need a kneeling animation next time ))
    [15:59]  Natacha Chernov: ((I probably have one somewhere deep inside my inventory:) ))
    [15:59]  Katri Kaligawa is Offline
    [16:00]  Shot of Rum whispers: Humpf… this glass is small…
    [16:00]  Breezy Carver: (( ok .. so the prof .. did something with Moriality .. she sighed then stared down beq made her cold and walked away ahh and told .. moriality to go back to dark when were he came from ))
    [16:00]  Beq Janus: can you help me up?
    [16:00]  Breezy Carver: sure !! leans downs
    [16:00]  Breezy Carver: and gives a good tug ..
    [16:01]  Breezy Carver: ahh .. steady gal !
    [16:01]  Breezy Carver: then there was the air ship .. nonsense
    [16:01]  Beq Janus: thank you, both of you
    [16:01]  Breezy Carver: with the van guy
    [16:01]  Natacha Chernov: I must say I don’t understand most of it…
    [16:01]  Breezy Carver: any time I am relieve your alright !!!!!
    [16:02]  Breezy Carver: nods but still feel pulled in yes Ms Chernov ??
    [16:02]  Beq Janus is still a little light headed
    [16:02]  Natacha Chernov: but that Van Greed agent claimed that the sky Angel, mysterious power source, is right now somewhere above Port Babbage
    [16:02]  Breezy Carver: holds your back
    [16:02]  Breezy Carver: Sky ANgel
    [16:02]  Natacha Chernov: yes
    [16:02]  Breezy Carver: what is a sky angel ?
    [16:02]  Breezy Carver: Beq ??
    [16:02]  Natacha Chernov: the power source, which was hidden inside the airship that crashed severad days ago
    [16:03]  Breezy Carver: it did not sound like a good .. thing
    [16:03]  Breezy Carver: tp coming
    [16:03]  Breezy Carver: Ms CHernov may i offer you friendship warm smile
    [16:03]  Myrtil Igaly is Offline
    [16:03]  Natacha Chernov: Oh sure Breezy, I’d be delighted
    [16:03]  Breezy Carver: (( lets go to Port Babbage yes ☆smiles ☆ ))
    [16:03]  Breezy Carver: (( thank YOU me too ☆smiles ☆ ))
    [16:04]  Beq Janus: I shall remain, to gether my strength
    [16:04]  Beq Janus: thank you for yoour help, withotu you I would not have found my way back
     [16:04]  Breezy Carver: hugs you ..
    [16:04]  Teleport completed from
    [16:04]  Breezy Carver: hello !
    [16:05]  Rip Wirefly: ((hello but watch))
    [16:05]  Jason Moriarty: i dont understand
    [16:05]  Nareth Nishi: What do you fail to understand?
    [16:06]  Jason Moriarty trys to use his powers, but seems shoocked
    [16:06]  Jason Moriarty tries to change into wolf form, but is even more shocked
    [16:06]   Nareth removes her goggles.
    [16:06]   Jim whispers “Oy koinda figured they’d show up
    [16:07]  Jimmy Branagh: ‘Wot’s ‘appening?
    [16:08]  Jason Moriarty: It,… its taken everything!
    [16:08]  Nareth Nishi: Yes.
    [16:08]  Nareth Nishi: It is a gateway, and a key, Jason.
     [16:08]  Breezy Carver: he is crossing over some how ..
    [16:08]  Jason Moriarty: YOU!!!
    [16:08]  Jason Moriarty: YOU DID THIS!
     [16:09]   Nareth smile sinto the Light.
    [16:09]  Jason Moriarty: YOU DID THIS!ee
    [16:09]  Nareth Nishi: The twins…
    [16:10]  Nareth Nishi: Please..come.
    [16:10]  Nareth Nishi: Please…
    [16:10]   Nareth does not take her eyes off the light.
    [16:11]  Nareth Nishi: You hve wanted to go home for so long now.
    [16:11]  Zachariah Effingham: Yes.
    [16:11]  Nareth Nishi: This is your gateway.
    [16:11]  Nareth Nishi: Another will not soon come.
    [16:11]  Nathanael Effingham: It.Is.
    [16:11]   Nareth reaches out to the light…
    [16:11]  Nareth Nishi: You were done a terrible harm.
     [16:13]  Nareth Nishi: Another key…is required.
    [16:13]  Zachariah Effingham nods to the machanical
    [16:13]  Nareth Nishi: You have built it.
    [16:13]  Elina Koskinen is Offline
    [16:13]  Nareth Nishi: Oh, if that bastard Eliot could have seen that.
     [16:14]  Nareth Nishi: Do you have the power you need?
    [16:14]  Zachariah Effingham: Yes.Enough power.
    [16:14]  Nathanael Effingham:
    [16:14]  Loki Eliot: stop
    [16:14]  Zachariah Effingham: We.Will return these.Corporeal shells.To you. They are.Of no further use.
    [16:14]  Nareth Nishi: Then…show me what happens next.
    [16:15]  Nareth Nishi: ((lag))
    [16:15]   Nareth’s eyes stay on the light.
     [16:16]  Nareth Nishi: Beautiful…
    [16:17]  Nathanael Effingham: Goodbye.
    [16:17]  Nareth Nishi: Go…
    [16:17]  Zachariah Effingham: Thank you.
    [16:17]  Nareth Nishi: Safely.
     [16:19]  Nareth Nishi: Robot…can you hear me?
    [16:19]  Loki Eliot: ARE THEY DEAD!!!?
    [16:19]   Nareth looks stunned as the light vanishes…
    [16:19]  Effingham Robonaught: I can hear.
    [16:19]  Rip Wirefly: I think, they were inside those bodies, not the body themselves loki
    [16:19]  Nareth Nishi: Robot…I will fall now…soon…
    [16:19]  Nareth Nishi: Will you see…to the..children?
    [16:19]  Effingham Robonaught: Yes.
     [16:20]  Jimmy Branagh: WHoa …
    [16:20]  Meredith Staheli is Offline
    [16:20]  dumnonniwill Clip: no way!, that robot tryed to kill us
    [16:20]   Nareth stumbles and almost falls.
    [16:20]  Zachariah Effingham bigins to stir, then slowly stands.
    [16:20]  Nareth Nishi: Silnec, child.
    [16:20]  Nareth Nishi: It is over.
    [16:20]  Rip Wirefly: Breezy jimm over here
    [16:21]  Nathanael Effingham moves slightly, then stands too
    [16:21]  Nareth Nishi: No one shall harm these children/.
    [16:21]  Grinoliere Varriale is Online
    [16:21]  Rip Wirefly: Sheath!
    [16:21]  Nareth Nishi: They belong…with you…now.
    [16:21]  Loki Eliot: start
     [16:21]  Zachariah Effingham: WHere am I?
    [16:21]  Shalmendo Glineux is Online
    [16:21]  Loki Eliot: stop
    [16:21]  Nathanael Effingham looks around, totally puzzled
    [16:22]  Zachariah Effingham: Nat?
    [16:22]  Nathanael Effingham: Zach!
    [16:22]  Nathanael Effingham: Where are we?
    [16:22]  Zachariah Effingham: What happened? Why are …we here?
    [16:22]  Nareth Nishi: Mr. Wirefly…I must…find…Miss Janus…
    [16:22]  Nareth Nishi: I must…go…
    [16:22]  Rip Wirefly nods
    [16:22]  Zachariah Effingham: Who are you people?
    [16:22]   Nareth turns suddenly away…
    [16:22]  Nathanael Effingham makes a stop towards the edge and stops suddenly : We’re in the sky Zach!
    [16:23]  Zachariah Effingham: What …
    [16:23]  Zachariah Effingham: This is crazy!
    [16:23]  Zachariah Effingham: We were at school…
    [16:23]  Nathanael Effingham: Yes.. I fell asleep I think though..
    [16:23]  Effingham Robonaught: I Must go.
     [16:23]  Effingham Robonaught: These are your children
    [16:23]  Effingham Robonaught: Take them.
    [16:24]  Effingham Robonaught: Farewell.
    [16:24]  Rip Wirefly: Nareth?
    [16:24]  Pirate Graves is Online
    [16:24]  Nathanael Effingham: I’m scared Zach..
    [16:24]  Rip Wirefly: Children this way
    [16:25]  Rip Wirefly: Hurry to the ship
    [16:25]  Nissa Jewell is Online
    [16:25]  Zachariah Effingham: I don’;t know… I’m confused.
    [16:25]  Nathanael Effingham: What’s happening??
    [16:25]  Loki Eliot: whats happening to the professor?
    [16:25]  Rip Wirefly: Nareth?!
    [16:25]  Zachariah Effingham: Nat, look!
    [16:25]  Breezy Carver: Loki !!!!
    [16:25]  Nathanael Effingham: Woah!!!
    [16:25]  Loki Eliot: this things falling apart,
    [16:26]  Jimmy Branagh: Get on the ship quick!
    [16:26]  Nathanael Effingham: We should go into the ship Zach
    [16:26]  Breezy Carver: children go with Loki !!
    [16:26]  Breezy Carver: he will keep you safe
    [16:26]  Nareth Nishi: Run..all of you…flee…
    [16:26]  Nareth Nishi: My Lady….
    [16:26]  Goonie_icarus Class Airship 2.4 whispers: Unauthorized Access
    [16:26]  Nareth Nishi: Close the agte.
    [16:26]  Rip Wirefly: Everyone on the shp now
    [16:26]  Nareth Nishi: *gate
    [16:26]  Nareth Nishi: End this.
    [16:26]  Breezy Carver: Jimmy !!
    [16:26]  Loki Eliot: get off me ship1
    [16:27]  Goonie_icarus Class Airship 2.4 whispers: Unauthorized Access
    [16:27]  Breezy Carver: Jimmy !
    [16:27]  Jimmy Branagh: Oy’m on the ship! Get on!
    [16:27]  Goonie_icarus Class Airship 2.4 whispers: Pilot Loki Eliot
    [16:27]  Loki Eliot: start
    [16:27]  Rip Wirefly: hurry
    [16:27]  Natacha Chernov: I have one room in my ship, if needed
     [16:27]  Loki Eliot: all aboard!
    [16:27]  Breezy Carver: yay !!!!
    [16:27]   Nareth screams.
    [16:27]  Rip Wirefly: Hurry go now!
    [16:27]  Jimmy Branagh: Professor!
    [16:27]  Nathanael Effingham turns to the Miss : You should sit down I think..
    [16:27]  Rip Wirefly: Miss cerhnov get out of here
    [16:28]  Jimmy Branagh: Wot’s ‘appening to ‘er?
    [16:28]  Rip Wirefly: *chernov
    [16:28]  Nathanael Effingham: Woah!!! All is falling
    [16:28]  Loki Eliot: is everyone safe?
    [16:28]  Nathanael Effingham: So far
    [16:28]  Zachariah Effingham: I don’t really know.
     [16:28]  Breezy Carver: i think soo Ms Chernov ??
    [16:28]  Nathanael Effingham: I say you are safe Zach
    [16:29]  Rip Wirefly: this will not end well
    [16:29]  Breezy Carver: awww the twins what beautiful children you are !!
    [16:29]  Gry Horus is Offline
    [16:29]  Nathanael Effingham smiles : Thank you Miss
    [16:29]  Jimmy Branagh: Miss Carver loikes all the kids, Don’t let it go to yaw ‘eads
    [16:29]  Breezy Carver: are you warm enough ?
    [16:29]   Jimmy laughs.
    [16:30]  Nathanael Effingham stares at Jimmy : Everyone thinks we are nice
    [16:30]  Zachariah Effingham: Yes, ma’am, thnak you
    [16:29]  Breezy Carver: hush now jimmy you know .. your one of kind dear  warm smile
    [16:30]  Loki Eliot: stop
    [16:30]  Goonie_icarus Class Airship 2.4 whispers: Powering Down
    [16:30]  Breezy Carver: and you can bring the twins to the christmas party on sunday
    [16:30]  Zachariah Effingham: Hmmm
    [16:30]  Breezy Carver: to see santa ☆smiles ☆
    [16:30]  Loki Eliot: i thought we left this!
    [16:30]  Nathanael Effingham: Hop Zach!
    [16:30]  Zachariah Effingham: heehee
    [16:31]  Rip Wirefly: Everyone get back
    [16:31]  Nathanael Effingham: Zach?
    [16:31]  Nathanael Effingham: Thank you Master for the lift
    [16:31]  Breezy Carver: thank YOU Loki !!!!!!
    [16:31]  Loki Eliot: ypu rememebr anything of whay happend?
    [16:31]  Nathanael Effingham: I think we had geography, didn’t we, Zach?
    [16:31]  Breezy Carver: perfect timing child !! ** as always **
    [16:31]  Jimmy Branagh: You both don’t look too weird now.
     [16:31]  Nathanael Effingham: why would we look weird???
    [16:32]  Jimmy Branagh: It’s a long story
    [16:32]  Rip Wirefly: breezy I would get back if i were you
    [16:32]  Nathanael Effingham: Everyone thinks we look nice!
    [16:32]  Breezy Carver: WOW
    [16:32]  Breezy Carver: thank YOU RIp
    [16:32]  Rip Wirefly: yes
    [16:32]  Rip Wirefly: stay back though, everyone
    [16:33]  Jimmy Branagh: So, what’re we gonna do with these kids?
    [16:33]  Nathanael Effingham: We should go back to the school… We’ll get punished..
    [16:33]  Loki Eliot: what was the professor doing?
    [16:33]  Rip Wirefly: I dont know loki
    [16:33]  Zachariah Effingham: I wanna go home.
    [16:33]  Loki Eliot: hello miss natcha
    [16:33]  Nathanael Effingham: Me too Zach
    [16:34]  Breezy Carver: this is home now ☆smiles ☆
    [16:34]  Natacha Chernov: Hello Loki
    [16:34]  Loki Eliot: come quick, something strange is going on with Miss Nareth
    [16:34]  Nathanael Effingham starts to sob
    [16:34]  Breezy Carver: where is she !!!!
    [16:34]  Loki Eliot: start
    [16:34]  Zachariah Effingham: This can’t be home. We’ve got parents and stuff. They must be crazy
    [16:34]  Rip Wirefly: She flew into the water
    [16:34]  Breezy Carver: dont cry chridren
     [16:35]  Nathanael Effingham sniffs : I want mum…
    [16:35]  Nathanael Effingham: I don’ recognize that place at all Zach..
    [16:35]  Rip Wirefly: It’s ok, we will find them, ok?
    [16:35]  Jimmy Branagh: It’s allroight then. We’ll figure out where ya go.
    [16:35]  Ivniciix Wemyss is Online
    [16:36]  Zachariah Effingham: That’s a big sword Mister.
    [16:36]  Nathanael Effingham looks at the man and nods slowly, rubbing the tears off his eyes
    [16:36]  Breezy Carver: grins
    [16:36]  Rip Wirefly: That it is
    [16:36]  Rip Wirefly laughs a bit
    [16:36]  Nathanael Effingham: Woah, yes that’s a big sword
    [16:36]  Zachariah Effingham: How did we get here? Do you know?
    [16:36]  Rip Wirefly: jusr more of it to protect with
    [16:36]  Nathanael Effingham: I’m sure we were at school
    [16:37]  Nathanael Effingham: I just slept a little…
    [16:37]  Natacha Chernov: me turns at former cuckoos: “here, take this chocolate, it will help you… “
    [16:37]  Shay McDowwll is Online
    [16:37]  Jimmy Branagh: You’ve been ‘ere over a year.
    [16:37]  Nathanael Effingham smiles to the lady and take the chocolate
    [16:37]  Zachariah Effingham: Thank you.
    [16:37]  Nathanael Effingham: Thank you
    [16:37]  Zachariah Effingham: A year!
    [16:37]  Zachariah Effingham: Oh no …
    [16:38]  Nathanael Effingham: what a year?
    [16:38]  Nathanael Effingham: A year here??
    [16:38]  Loki Eliot: stop
    [16:38]  Goonie_icarus Class Airship 2.4 whispers: Powering Down
    [16:38]  Nathanael Effingham: I don’t remember at all!!!
    [16:38]  Zachariah Effingham: He says we’ve been here a year?
    [16:38]  Nathanael Effingham: He must be kidding
    [16:38]  Acedia Albion is Offline
    [16:38]  Dark Chocolate: Nathanael Effingham unwraps a bar of Kintyre chocolate… slowly….
    [16:38]  Natacha Chernov turns to Jimmy and Breezy: “can I ask what exactly happened up there?”
    [16:38]  Jimmy Branagh: Whoa, Oy don’t know for sure.
    [16:39]  Jimmy Branagh: They’re not the Cuckoos anymore, and Jason lost ‘is powers and jumped off the platform.
    [16:39]  Grendel Footman raises an eyebrow
    [16:39]  Nathanael Effingham: someone jumped off the platform? Eh that was high!
    [16:39]  Zachariah Effingham: Cuckoos? Who’s cuckoo?
    [16:39]  Nathanael Effingham: birds Zach
    [16:40]  Dark Chocolate: Nathanael Effingham takes a bite of Kintyre chocolate, eyelids fluttering in bliss.
    [16:40]  Gatsby Szuster is Online
    [16:40]  Natacha Chernov: So Moriatry was there also? And what about the robonaught, and Professor Nishi, and Van Greed, and cloud Angel, and…
    [16:40]  Zachariah Effingham: Oh …
    [16:40]  Grendel Footman: these are the cuckoos? i thought they’d be stranger.
    [16:40]  Nathanael Effingham: I don’t see any birds here..
    [16:40]  Rip Wirefly: It is a complicated thing miss chernov
    [16:41]  Natacha Chernov pauses, realizing how stupid her questions sound
    [16:41]  Jimmy Branagh: The mechanical man flew off when the Cuckoos went home.
    [16:41]  Nathanael Effingham: Why are they all talking about cuckoos..
    [16:41]  Loki Eliot: THATS YOU!
    [16:41]  Nathanael Effingham: you what?
    [16:41]  Jimmy Branagh: You were the Cuckoos
    [16:41]  Nathanael Effingham: you who?
    [16:41]  Rip Wirefly doesnt think they should be told so much so soon
    [16:41]  Nathanael Effingham: What???
    [16:41]  Dark Chocolate: Nathanael Effingham guards her bar of fine Kintyre chocolate as ardently as honour.
    [16:41]  Loki Eliot: im getting this back to the shop
    [16:41]  Nathanael Effingham: I’VE NEVER BEEN A BIRD! OF THAT I’M SURE!
    [16:41]  Zachariah Effingham: I’m not cuckoo. I’m quite stable really …
    [16:42]  Nathanael Effingham: Yes mostly
    [16:42]  Rip Wirefly: Good day then loki
    [16:42]  Breezy Carver: no your adorable little boys ..
    [16:42]  Goonie_icarus Class Airship 2.4 whispers: Pilot Loki Eliot
    [16:42]  Grendel Footman: adorable? that’s up for debate
    [16:42]  Loki Eliot: start
    [16:42]  Rip Wirefly: There were other beings controling you, both of you.
    [16:42]  Nathanael Effingham: Noooo….
    [16:42]  Breezy Carver shouts: thank YOU LOKI
    [16:43]  Zachariah Effingham: Like I’m gonna believe that.
    [16:43]  Dark Chocolate: Nathanael Effingham mmm’s happily around a bite of fine Kintyre chocolate.
    [16:43]  Rip Wirefly: Doubt what you will, it is hard to believe, admitedly
    [16:43]  Natacha Chernov turns to Effinghams: “lets say it was something like sleepwalking”
    [16:43]  Nathanael Effingham whispers to his brother: they are crazy, no doubt
    [16:43]  Jimmy Branagh: brb
    [16:43]  Nathanael Effingham: I’m not sleepwalking, though I think Zach speaks in his sleep
    [16:44]  Breezy Carver: darling lil boys .. warm smile
    [16:44]  Breezy Carver: would you like some cocoa :
    [16:44]  Nathanael Effingham: Why were we in the sky though?
    [16:44]  Dark Chocolate: Nathanael Effingham takes a delicate nibble of Kintyre chocolate, smiles delightedly, then takes a big bite!
    [16:44]  Breezy Carver: you went for a ride
    [16:44]  Rip Wirefly: what ever the case they will need a place to sleep tonight
    [16:44]  Breezy Carver: on a nice air ship !
    [16:44]  Grendel Footman: so these are the two that have been leaving devices all over? they seem a little confused
    [16:44]  Nathanael Effingham smiles, the mouth covered in chocolate : Oh yes please, cocoa!
    [16:44]  Zachariah Effingham makes a circle around his ear with his finger, and crosses his eyes.
    [16:45]  Breezy Carver: awww
    [16:45]  Rip Wirefly: Their beings have been sent home, theywere a shell
    [16:45]  Saskia Bode is Offline
    [16:45]  Breezy Carver: they can sleep in the basement of rubys Mr Dagger wont Mind
    [16:45]  Breezy Carver: its warm there
    [16:45]  Grendel Footman: possessed?
    [16:45]  Nathanael Effingham: first birds, now shells..
    [16:45]  Jimmy Branagh: ((kback))
    [16:45]  Breezy Carver: there a fire and warm bed
    [16:45]  Breezy Carver: (( wb wb wb ))
    [16:45]  Rip Wirefly: ((wb))
    [16:45]  Jimmy Branagh: ((thx))
    [16:45]  Natacha Chernov: Well, the point is, it wasn’t exactly them, Mr. Footman
    [16:45]  Breezy Carver: and a a Loki bear !!
    [16:45]  Grendel Footman: ((wb))
    [16:45]  Grendel Footman: I see
    [16:45]  Nathanael Effingham: I would like to go back home…
    [16:45]  Breezy Carver: the children have been thru a great deal
    [16:46]  Breezy Carver: nods Nathanael we understand
    [16:46]  Breezy Carver: do you know your adress dear ??
    [16:46]  Rip Wirefly: We will do our best to get you there too
    [16:46]  Breezy Carver: street town city ?
    [16:46]  Nathanael Effingham: hum…..
    [16:46]  Vasha Martinek is Offline
    [16:46]  Grendel Footman: do they even live around here?
    [16:46]  Breezy Carver: do you remember your parents name
    [16:46]  Nathanael Effingham: I’m not sure but I can recognize it when I see it
    [16:46]  Breezy Carver: nods
    [16:47]  Nathanael Effingham: Effingham
    [16:47]  Vasha Martinek is Online
    [16:47]  Breezy Carver: yes thats your SIr name dear
    [16:47]  Breezy Carver: but what your parents first names >?
    [16:47]  Zachariah Effingham: Yes, Effingham
    [16:47]  Zachariah Effingham: Ummm …
    [16:47]  Nathanael Effingham: James and Mary
    [16:47]  Breezy Carver: aww
    [16:47]  Breezy Carver: oh
    [16:47]  Nathanael Effingham: Effingham
    [16:47]  Zachariah Effingham: Yes
    [16:47]  Breezy Carver: very good !!
    [16:47]  Nathanael Effingham: I think?
    [16:48]  Breezy Carver: Jame and Mary .. warm smile
    [16:48]  Breezy Carver: thats a good start !!
    [16:48]  Nathanael Effingham: I feel like I’ve been sleeping for ages..
     [16:48]  Breezy Carver: well you have both been thru a great deal
    [16:48]  Breezy Carver: we all have to be honest
    [16:48]  Breezy Carver: and and we will help you both find home
    [16:48]  Breezy Carver: right everyone ?
    [16:48]  Jimmy Branagh: ((I gotta go to RL for a bit. Back soon!))
    [16:48]  Nathanael Effingham smiles : Thank you Madame
    [16:48]  Rip Wirefly: We will, but I must be on my way
    [16:48]  Rip Wirefly: I have someone to check on
    [16:49]  Jimmy Branagh: ((Good stuff everypne!))
    [16:49]  Grendel Footman: I suppose so
    [16:49]  Rip Wirefly: good day to you all, and good luck you two
     [16:49]  Grendel Footman: ((always coming in on the middle of things lol)).
    [16:49]  Nathanael Effingham: Thank you Sir! … Great Sword!
    [16:49]  Rip Wirefly: Thank you
    [16:49]  Natacha Chernov: alright, I must say I don’t understand most of it, but I’d like to know one thing. There should have been some source of power up there, some angel-like being… was it there?”
    [16:49]  Zachariah Effingham: So, what do we do now, Nat?
    [16:49]  Nathanael Effingham: Um… We go back home?
    [16:50]  Grendel Footman: yes, I was wondering the same
    [16:50]  Breezy Carver: lets put you someplace safe to rest
    [16:50]  Zachariah Effingham: We don’t even know where we are!
    [16:50]  Nathanael Effingham: Oh true
    [16:50]  Breezy Carver: and then in the morning we will try and find your home ok ?
    [16:50]  Nathanael Effingham: where are we?
    [16:50]  Natacha Chernov: This is New Babbage, kids
    [16:50]  Breezy Carver: you are New Babbage
    [16:50]  Zachariah Effingham: Ummmmmm … okay.
    [16:50]  Zachariah Effingham: I never heard of New Babbage
    [16:50]  Nathanael Effingham: I should have listened the the geography class..
    [16:50]  Zachariah Effingham: Is it in New York?
    [16:50]  Breezy Carver: no
    [16:51]  Grendel Footman: well, they’re obviously not from around here then, might be harder finding their home
    [16:51]  Breezy Carver: nods Mr Footman
     [16:51]  Zachariah Effingham: You all sound like New England people, so I thought…
    [16:51]  Nathanael Effingham: I think they are..
    [16:51]  Nathanael Effingham: actors you know
    [16:51]  Zachariah Effingham: Maybe Maine?
    [16:51]  Breezy Carver: (( not going to be an easy task )) grins at the children
    [16:52]  Breezy Carver: new london (( but dont panic ))
    [16:52]  Nathanael Effingham: New London???
    [16:52]  Zachariah Effingham: London.
    [16:52]  Zachariah Effingham: LONDON?!
    [16:52]  Natacha Chernov: I’ll have to leave too, it was long day… hope to see you all soon
    [16:52]  Nathanael Effingham: Good bye Madame
    [16:52]  Zachariah Effingham: (Bye nice meeting you)
    [16:52]  Grendel Footman nods “good night ms. Chernov
    [16:52]  Natacha Chernov: good bye*smiles*
    [16:53]  Breezy Carver: (( wonderful to see you ms Chernov))
    [16:53]  Grendel Footman: ((nice meeting you))
    [16:53]  Natacha Chernov: ((nice to see you all too))
    [16:53]  Nathanael Effingham: I say we take a train Zach, we’ll arrive home sometime.
    [16:53]  Zachariah Effingham: I’m hungery Nat.
    [16:53]  Breezy Carver: alright children i am going to bring some place safe to rest and eat ok ☆smiles ☆
    [16:53]  Nathanael Effingham: shhhh, now I am too!
    [16:53]  Grendel Footman: do you boys even know where home is?
    [16:53]  Zachariah Effingham: Okay
    [16:53]  Nathanael Effingham: ummmmm
     [16:54]  Grendel Footman: I take that as a no
    [16:54]  Nathanael Effingham: I’m not sure, I think I forgot it
    [16:54]  Breezy Carver: i will bring them to rubys and we can feed them .. and see what we can find out how is that mr footman >>
    [16:54]  Zachariah Effingham: Edison School for Boys, North Hampshire, Vermont.
    [16:54]  Nathanael Effingham: Woah
    [16:54]  Breezy Carver: oh
    [16:54]  Grendel Footman nods ‘good idea for now”
    [16:54]  Breezy Carver: vermont
    [16:54]  Nathanael Effingham: See, that’s next London?
     [16:55]  Zachariah Effingham: I don’t think so Nat.
    [16:55]  Breezy Carver: ((children i am going to offer you friendship so i can tp you ok ☆smiles ☆ ))
    [16:55]  Nathanael Effingham: ((ok, thank you!))
    [16:55]  Zachariah Effingham: ((Okay))
     [16:55]  Nathanael Effingham grins : You know Zach, we could keep that name of Cuckoos they gave us
    [16:56]  Zachariah Effingham: /e looks at the man’s arms
    [16:56]  Nathanael Effingham: THat’s quite cool
    [16:56]  Teleport completed from
    [16:56]  Jezebelle String is Online
     [16:57]  Breezy Carver: welcome !!
    [16:57]  Nathanael Effingham: Oh that’s nice here
    [16:57]  Nathanael Effingham: Is there Absinthe?
    [16:57]  Zachariah Effingham: Thank you. It IS nice.
    [16:57]  Nathanael Effingham accepted your inventory offer.
    [16:58]  Zachariah Effingham: Shut up Nat. You cant have any.
    [16:58]  Zachariah Effingham accepted your inventory offer.
    [16:58]  Nathanael Effingham: Thank you but…. It is chicken soup!
    [16:58]  Nathanael Effingham: Awww why not!
    [16:58]  Nathanael Effingham: STop being mean with me Zach
    [16:58]  Nathanael Effingham: I’ll tell Mum
    [16:58]  Nathanael Effingham accepted your inventory offer.
    [16:58]  Zachariah Effingham accepted your inventory offer.
    [16:58]  Breezy Carver: grins now sit down
    [16:58]  Breezy Carver: and have your soup
    [16:58]  Breezy Carver: and and then I will give you ice cream
    [16:59]  Breezy Carver: and noo fighting !!!!!
    [16:59]  Zachariah Effingham: Ice cream Nat!
    [16:59]  Nathanael Effingham: Ice cream!!
    [16:59]  Zachariah Effingham: (I have to go in a few minutes.)
    [16:59]  Nathanael Effingham: (me too actually)
    [16:59]  Breezy Carver: ((ok but your safe ))
    [16:59]  Breezy Carver: (( laughs ))
    [16:59]  Grendel Footman: ((fair enough, I have to keep checking a ham))
    [16:59]  Nathanael Effingham: ((yes we are, thank you :) ))
    [16:59]  Zachariah Effingham: (Yes, thank you!)
    [17:00]  Breezy Carver: me also grins ☆smiles ☆
    [17:00]  Breezy Carver: (( see ya soon wavessssss ))
    [17:00]  Breezy Carver: (( and Noo fighting ok ))
    [17:00]  Zachariah Effingham: (Okay. Bye!)
    [17:00]  Nathanael Effingham: ((can’t promise hehe))
    [17:00]  Breezy Carver: awww
     [17:00]  Breezy Carver: wavesss
    [17:00]  Zachariah Effingham: (Bye Nat)
    [17:00]  Grendel Footman: ((lol))
    [17:00]  Nathanael Effingham: (elbows Zach : bye)
    [17:01]  Zachariah Effingham: Bye ma’am!
    [17:01]  Nathanael Effingham: Good bye Madame and Mister!
    [17:01]  Zachariah Effingham: Bye sir!
    [17:01]  Grendel Footman: goodbye *nods*

  3. Breezy Carver Breezy Carver July 26, 2013

    jumping up and down !!!!

    guarded twirlssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    ……………..xox  :-)

  4. Jimmy Branagh Jimmy Branagh July 28, 2013

    A new display at the museum.

    As a bit of explanation, the Babbage Cuckoos were alien entities who were dragged into our world by the activation of the Eliot Device built by Loki’s grandfather, and which was responsible for the well-known Eliot Affair.  The entities “borrowed” the bodies of two children, and spent the next year trying to find a way to send themselves back to where they came from.

    It was more complicated than it sounds.


    From the journal of Professor Nareth Nishi:

    Father — or rather, the man whom I was raised to believe was
    my father — tried to instill in me the importance of journals and
    thorough note-keeping to any and all scientific endeavors. In that
    respect, I have failed the man. Here, I have made no entry since Monday,
    November 26th, 18–. A period during which much of note and consequence
    had transpired, and a period I do not presently have time or energy to
    recount. Instead, I will focus on yesterday, for I believe that yesterday
    bodes ill, indeed. I will note, though, that numerous residents of New
    Babbage have confirmed the “cuckoos'” interest in myself, and more
    alarmingly, in my daughter, Elenore. It began with a worried note from
    Miss Janus, and has been followed by warnings from such varied
    townspeople as Miss Alina Standish, Dr. Arkitekt Undercity, a young girl
    name of Pollyanna Nightfire, and the enterprising urchin Loki Eliot.
    The messages range from the vaguest of inquiries to a claim that the two
    twins wish to give myself and Elenore “a surprise.”

    after passing many hours over a particularly sticky chemistry problem at
    the Abney Park laboratory, I strolled south, past the Museum, on down
    to the Canal District and the skating rink across from Ruby Flanagan’s
    public house. There I was greeted, once again, by the pale staring
    twins. Since I first mentioned them in my November 8th entry, the pair
    have made themselves increasing conspicuous, and I would daresay that,
    at this point, the majority of the city’s populous has seen them at some
    point. Regardless, there they stood, on the avenue running north to
    south (bordering the skating rink on the west). They were on foot,
    without their usual bicycles. Determined to make some headway into this
    mystery, with Miss Paine at my side, I confronted them. It is difficult
    to convey in words the sense of dread they impart, even in one such as
    myself, who has encountered many dreadful beings. They spoke first.

    “Good day,” one said, and the other finished the salutation, “Professor.”

    said that I’d been told that they wished with speak with me, and
    immediately one of the two informed me “That. Is. Mistaken. We. Not
    speak yet.”

    At this point, Miss Paine asked, ” Do you mean to speak with her in the future, then?”

    And, growing impatient and angry, I said something like, “I would have you know, though, I am watching you, and I have watched worse.”

    “We. Watch. Too.” one of the cuckoos replied, but the other asked Miss Paine, “What is future?”

    told Artemisia to let the matter rest, that they would speak to me when
    they were ready and not before. But the twins continued to ask about
    the nature of the “future,” inquiring as well what I might know of them.
    I replied, “I know that you, like me, are not of this
    world.” They persisted with their question about the future, and I
    replied, “Time. Now. Before. Later,” attempting to recreate something of
    their syntactic pattern. Their response? “All. Events. Are. There is
    no before later. Future is Before. Future is now.” Fixing their stark,
    staring faces, I said, in all earnestness, “I have had times when I
    would tend to agree with you, yes. But there is a sort of…utility to
    the notion of future.”

    I confronted them about Miss Beq’s report that they’d said they wished
    to gift myself and Elenore with “a surprise,” one of the two answered,
    “”Perhaps. Later.” At my wit and patience’s end, I left the two and
    walked across the skating rink to speak with young master Loki, busy
    assembling a fruit stand. The “cuckoos” stood on the street and stared
    at me for quite some time. Finally, I returned to the clock tower at the
    center of the rink and stared back at them. I was joined there by Dr.
    Undercity, and we spoke briefly of the twins. Soon, the two moved away
    north, towards Babbage Square. I confess I was relieved to see them go.
    The encounter could not have lasted for more than half an hour, start to
    finish, and yet it is certainly my longest meeting with them thus far.

    little later, Miss Paine and I were returning to Abney Park. As we
    passed the Imperial Theatre, Miss Paine paused and asked if I minded if
    she went inside. Though uncertain why anyone — and the two of us, least
    of all — should desire to enter that dreadful place, I nonetheless
    acquiesced and followed her down to the basement where the deactivated
    Eliot device is still stored, displayed for curious sightseers. And
    there, Miss Paine almost at once discovered an odd hemispherical
    mechanism, no larger than an orange. It pulsed softly, giving off a
    violet glow. Realizing at once its provenance, I told her we must go to
    the laboratory and search it thoroughly. I knew — and I cannot say how,
    anymore than I may explain how Miss Paine found the original device —
    that if a second mechanism was to be found in Abney Park, it would be in
    the loft where Elenore was born. And, indeed, I quickly located it
    beneath a stack of crates. I attempted to move the object, but
    discovered that it seemed to exist slightly out of phase with this reality, and I was unable to touch the thing, much less lift it from the floor. Later, Miss Paine discovered a third
    device, on the second level of Ogdred Weary House. The pattern here is
    undeniable, the associations with myself and Elenore, as well as the
    awful Porta Terrarum Device.

    have too many questions. Do the “cuckoos” merely seek some way of
    leaving this world? Are they merely stranded, as I once was? Or is some
    more diabolical force in back of their presence here? Most of all, I
    fear for Elenore’s safety, and I am considering sending her away to be
    with Bellatrix Bracken in Steelhead until this crisis passes.
    Truthfully, I miss the now-disbanded League. Leon Susenko and the
    robotic reincarnation of Lucuis Sin are nowhere to be found. Little is
    seen of Gloriana Maertens. I have Miss Paine and the urchins. I have
    Miss Beq Janus, who seems almost as distrustful of me as she does of the
    twins, having accused me of knowing more of them than I have told. She
    is correct, of course, but I have learned from the episode with the
    Eliot Device and Jason Moriarty: few here are to be trusted, and panic
    is the likely result of shared truth. I am still seen as an outsider,
    and an odd one, at that, and I must not risk Elenore’s well-being by
    drawing undo attention to myself. I cannot incite the sort of suspicion I
    suffered during the Eliot affair. I am very tired and will try to write more later.

    Shortly after dawn, Miss Paine located a fourth device, identical to
    the three mentioned above, in the Palaeozoic Museum. Is it the last?


  5. Nathan Adored Nathan Adored August 16, 2013

    For some reason this picture, and the other one I’ve seen of these two kids from way back, always makes me flinch when I see it.  This is probably because the movie “Children of the Damned” had such a brutal, tragic ending.  That one always makes me cry.

    Fortunately, it doesn’t look like the New Babbage Cuckoos will have THAT sort of ending.  At least, they didn’t LAST time.

    But…… if the Man in Blue and his goons go after THESE kids… I WILL FRAKKING KILL HIM AND HIS GOONS!!!


    • Mr Tenk Mr Tenk August 16, 2013

      no fracking. I’ll not have my cows keeling over from bad water.

      • Nathan Adored Nathan Adored August 17, 2013

        You’re using the word that means hydrolic fracturing (as in oil extraction), I’m using the phonetically-similar space-opera cuss word.  The two are not the same thing.  :P  :)

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