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There is a Tide in the Affairs of Men (Part 2)


“It arrived, good. Put it down over there.” The crew placed
the large iron chest on the floor. They went below to unload more items.


 During the Bar Wars Cadmus had enough foresight to have some
items removed from the building and hidden in several locations. Slowly, over
the months, items returned from distant shores.

 Cadmus removed a key from his pocket and unlocked the chest.
Hob stood by as Cadmus pulled items out the chest inspected them.  He set aside several gold goblets, a sextant,
and several journals. An odd somewhat puzzled look came over Cadmus face when
he looked at the next item. He held it in his hands and examined it.

“Why do yer ‘ave a jar of dirt?” asked Hob.

“I do not have the foggiest idea?” replied Cadmus as he
moved onto the next item.

It was a letter with a wax seal. Cadmus inspected the seal
on the letter. The Compass, Star, and Cog could clearly be seen in the wax.

He opened the accursed letter that he received four months


June 29, 188*


Attention Captain Lupindo,


The Ad Astra Society commends you on the endeavor of the
Whale Oil refinery. The oil has been of high quality and the shipments timely.

We wish you continue to monitor and report on the New
Babbage residents assigned to you.

We have set in motion events in New Babbage some of which
will be to your benefit.

 As you are well aware
your time of service to the Society is almost complete. You are reminded that
our resident member, in New Babbage, is to be left to his studies of the
Natural Sciences. Word has reached us that you two have come close to blows on
several occasions.  

We have not interfered in your ventures and personal
matters. You will co-operate with the Society and it members, when conducting our




 The Captain was
thoroughly displeased with the letter. Cadmus returned it to the chest.


Cadmus turned with a wicked grin. “Soon Hob, I will no
longer have to play nice.”


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