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Therapy part XII – June 12th Part 4 of 4: The end is near.

Jaeger returned shortly, looking disappointed, “Nchledame’s not going to listen to reason, and refused our help, again.”  

“Give him time,” Willow stated calmly. “They have the means and he could take care of the problem for all of us.”

As the time passed, and they discussed other options should the dwarves fail, Arnold looked at the four and wondered if they were real or if he had just created this entire scenario from his own mind even now.  Dr. Sonnerstein had told him about a Knight that had met with the Church of Dagon and Builder, a knight he had never seen.  Perhaps he had created a merging of that knight and Jedburgh.  Willow could easily represent the Church, Finn might represent the many rouges around town although she seemed kind, and Nicholas dressed like he was some kind of engineer even though he was a complete moron…that alone could make him easily believe that his head created this situation.

Then again he’d seen gatherings almost as odd in New Babbage…sometimes.  And imagined or not didn’t matter at the moment.  He had to assume it was real because if it was really happening then people could die, himself included.  He could doubt their existence later, if he ever got home.

Several hours passed, and there was a commotion from outside as Nchledame and the others came back.  The guards at the door allowed Jaeger to pass again and she went to get the news.  She came back shaking her head, the Dwarven Grand Master behind her.  “The fire cats attacked time and again, and the Fae was spotted only once by Nchledame before she realized his goggles could see her and escaped.  The water was diverted immediately afterwards.  The steam engines will fail soon, but the other generators will be fine apparently.”

“Still, it’s going to get cold here soon,” Finn muttered, but didn’t actually seem too disappointed.

“If she’s fleeing that means that she knows we can destroy her!” Nchledame shouted. “But those damned beasts prevent us!  Twelve more men are dead, and more are badly injured!”

“If you can’t catch her, then none of us will have any better luck.  We’re going to have to outwit her.” Willow nodded at Arnold,  “There’s only one thing she wants, and that’s her Servitor.  She might come out of hiding for a trade if we make it look like we would hand him over.”


Arnold looked at the time and sighed before he turned to Dr. Maddox in the airship, “It’s late.”

The pregnant Dr. protested, “I’m perfectly awake and feeling fine for once!  You can’t leave me off for another week wondering what happened!”

“Don’t worry Dr.” Arnold said looking out the ships window. “I’ll finish in the morning, and then that will be the end of my story.”

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