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Therapy part XI – June 5th Part 1 of 3: Out of the Darkness and into the Light

The aetheric entities turned towards him, their vieny eyes studying as they started to close in.  The cat got to his feet and fled as the beasts chased after him.  He didn’t take the time to examine the realm he had found, and it all blured together as he already began to try to escape.  He had to get out now or he would have worse to deal with than those monsters behind him.  

He could feel it coming upon him now as if from every direction, a presence both potent and terrible.  If he let it overcome him here he was dead, and though he couldn’t hear anything from it, Id felt like she was stiring and trying to come out like she had around the eyes.

He fought to maintain himself as he rushed forward, no longer focusing on the thread.  He didn’t care where it was, but it had to be somewhere these things could not or would not follow him, so he ran forward focusing on only one thing:  Light.  Light.  Light.  

The creatures slowed down as if they could no longer follow him, and the presence itself seemed content to let him go as Arnold saw a flash of light and he dashed forwards with the hope of salvation.

He had only a moment to realize that the light was trying to tear him apart, and he let out a roar of pain as he continued to run through the blinding and horrific light which was trying to burn him away.  It felt as if he was on fire, and he ran until he found himself in a realm aflame and covered in light, which threatened to destroy everything in the world around it, and collapsed.

The heat was unbearable, as if he had stepped into an oven and he was now being cooked at several hundred degrees.  Panting, Arnold used his arms and hands to shield his eyes from the flames and the blinding radiance, sweat forming on his paws.  He stumbled to his feet and stood up to find somewhere safe, but there was no solace in sight.  He collapsed to the ground and began to scan the horizon for some form of shelter.  The moutain peaks in the distance were white with fire instead of snow, and heat rising about him limited his vision, obscuring other possible refuges.

Looking about desperately the cat heard a cry of surprise.  He turned and thought he saw three or four figures on the horizon, despite the flames and the encroaching light which threatened to engulf everything around them.  He made his way to them without thinking and collapsed before he made it halfway.

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  1. Emerson Lighthouse Emerson Lighthouse June 22, 2012

    *Lights up a big fat sagrada lucia, blows purple smoke, and waits for the next chapter.*



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