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The Urchins Recovery

It wasn’t until Saturday that the urchins on roof lookout heard the sounds of the plague survivors change from crys of horror and despair to the joyful shouts of “Over here! Found another one! Pass the dart gun!” that indicated a cure had been found and the citizens were bringing the city back to what passed for normality.

All of the remaining urchins were tired to the point of exhaustion, having had to remain awake looking after their less fortunate friends, but Tepic gathered a small group together and sent them out to get supplies of the cure, with the strick injunction that no adults were to be brought back!

They spread out in pairs for safety, to beg virals and syringes from the hunters, though Bert was hit by three darts before he could convince them that this was what he normally looked like, and he wasn’t a zombie. Shortly after, the wrapped up zombies and dinosaurs zombies were being injected, and the recovery began. As their friends slowly gained colour, the urchins slumped into an exhausted sleep.

Tepic and the three boys still awake looked at the egg covered bunk in puzzlement.

“Errrrrr…….. how are we gonna inject em, they’s hard as rocks?”

“Dunno……. hang on! Bert, run over… no… ye’ll just get shot again, Tubby, nip over ter Sammy the Safecrack’s gaff an borrow his smallest diamond drill, if he gets miffy, ask him who gave him his first lockpick when he came ter the city…”

It wasn’t long before Tubby returned, and each egg was carefully drilled, a small portion of cure being injected into the contents. The boys gently turned the eggs, letting the solution mix with the contents, then settled back, dozing off where they sat.

The shark crack roused Tepic, looking over the edge of the bunk he saw one of the eggs had split down one side, and a small hand was reaching through, pushing the broken shell apart. Thankfully it was a human hand, though much cleaner than an urchin usually was. Within minutes, all the eggs had hatched, and the bunk was full of bewildered, clean, and quite healthy looking small urchins. Tepic nudged the boy next to him into wakefulness…

“They’s hatched Pete, but… ummm….. think yer’d better nip down ter Missis Scroggin’s stonky shop an tell her we needs twenty pairs of trews an twenty shirts, small size, please, an we’ll pay her back end of next week…”

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