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The Truth Comes Out – Part 2 – February 06

The letters had gone out. He was only able to send two, to Mariska and Luther. Scottie had kept in touch with them over the years, though it was tough to call them ‘friends’ anymore. And while Balstar had disappeared completely, Scottie knew that he wasn’t dead. He believed now more than ever that he would have felt such an event. However weak it may have been at this point, there was still a bond between them all of them; and it had taken Alyan’s death to prove that.

Scottie was anxious, but he felt the burden of this secret had lessened since he had told Sky everything, or maybe it was just shared now. Regardless, he chastised himself for holding that back from her. She was tense, but taking it all in stride, preparing for what may come. Scottie had detailed Vincent’s capabilities, some special even in the vampire community, and they were constructing a plan should he somehow find them in Babbage.

Sitting in his chair before the fire in their cozy home at Sweetwater Square, he sat and waited. For some sign, some terrible vision, or even just a letter back from one of the others. He mulled over the what he had told Sky. The fact that the seven had sought out the supposed doorways Alyan had spoken of. How, at first, only a couple of them could see these doors, dark shadows blemishing a structure’s wall or a chunk of ground. How anyone who touched them met a solid surface, until Scottie himself touched it.

Yes, for some reason that the group had never figured out, Scottie’s hand passed through the shadows, and he’d been able to walk through the doors and, holding hands with another, was able to bring them through. The problem had been that while they could only find the doorways in places where something awful and gruesome had happened. The group had surmised that they were so tainted by the battles behind them that they just couldn’t see doorways in locations of light.

He’d told her about their travels, passing through the doors and arriving in some hellish landscape. Things that one usually couldn’t imagine. Things that were hard to put into words. And how, on their last trip, it had cost them the lives of one of their own and had stranded Vincent in the worst world they had seen yet. The creatures that had attacked them upon arrival. How all of them had fought bravely but the monsters they’d encountered had gotten ahold of poor Daiyu and had torn her to shreds before their very eyes. How Vincent had gone mad with grief, viciously slaughtering his way through the pack.

In the end five journeyed back, the door closing behind them. Scottie had explained with a quiet sigh that the doors were even more unusual than they already sounded in that they often shifted positions and weren’t always open. They had made it back just in time, leaving Vincent trapped in that world forever. Or so they had thought.

Now there was nothing for he and Sky to do but wait and prepare. And prepare they did.

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