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The Truth Comes Out – Part 1

Scottie and Sky settled into one of the little sofas in the dark section of the bookshop, Scottie taking deep breaths as he readied himself to begin. It had been three nights since his vision of Alyan’s brutal death at Vincent’s hands and he knew it was only a matter of time before he found his way to Babbage. There was very little the couple hadn’t told each other of their pasts, but this was one area of Scottie’s life that he’d steered her away from. However, under the circumstances, she deserved to know what lay ahead and why.

He looked down at his hands and started slowly, reminding her briefly of his stay in the two doomed American towns of New Haven and Ladora, the loss he suffered there, and how he had mentioned he had traveled for a time trying to find a better place and a better way of life. And while that was all true, he filled her in on his ‘travels’.

“Most went their separate ways after the battle was over. Everything we had worked so hard to achieve had been destroyed. But seven of us stayed together. We had been close friends in town and we had fought side-by-side in the battle. I just don’t think we could bear to part. We took shelter in a cave just east of where the towns were still burning to find Vincent shelter from the rising sun when we started going over our options. We wanted to find another place like New Haven, but no one knew of where such a town could exist. Anyplace in this world, anyway.

Scottie stopped and chuckled a little at this, looking to his wife for the first time since he had started, “Alyan said that, ‘Anyplace in this world, anyway’. We all stopped and looked at him as if he had gone mad. He held the attention of the room as he spoke of worlds beyond this. Running side-by-side and usually out of reach. But sometimes, he said, there were places where one could slip between the veil. It had been a legend among his people that certain folks could cross over in just the right places at just the right times.”

Sky had perked up at Alyan’s name and while she had waited for a pause, she finally asked about this person from his vision, “His people?” Scottie realized he had been about to gloss over the makeup of the group.

“Vincent, as I’m sure you’ve figured out was- is a vampire. Alyan was one of the elven folk. There was Daiyu, a descendent of Moreau’s experiments; Mariska, our resident werewolf; Balstar, a person of short stature, I guess you could say; and Luther was a lion. The upright, walking and talking kind.”

She nodded quietly, bidding him to continue. “It sounds crazy, but we believed him without question and pressed for details. He explained that the veil is thinnest where the absolute heights or depths of emotion are experienced for prolonged periods of time. Those places seem to soak it all up somehow. Have you ever walked into a house and just gotten that feeling that something wasn’t right? Or perhaps you’ve been to a place that just seemed unreasonably peaceful?”

He waited for her response, knowing it was important she understood this and felt certain that, like most people, she had. She nodded again, confirming that belief and he continued, “Most are able to feel it, some are able to see it, and a few can pass through it. To the other side.”

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