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The Tick-Tock Twins

“Onee-san, what are you doing now?”

“Shh! You’re going blow us sky high if you don’t stop distracting me!”

“But Onee-san…isn’t that the wrong wire?”

“No…no it isn’t…aren’t you supposed to be wrapping the fuses around that support beam over there?”

“…..Oh yea!”

Shiro grunted and rose after finishing the weaving he was working on. The headlight tilted on his head when he scratched his brow to look over the supplies, he couldn’t help but feel something was missing.

“Ming, do you have the detonator?”


“Tacky puddy?”


“Fuse conductors?”


“Ming…you did remember to bring in the fuse conductors yes?”


Shiro rose and looked to his sister, he was smiling sheepishly in the low light and re-braiding her long raven black hair, agitation on his brow and hands entangled in his hair angrily. “We are so dead! Dead, dead, dead!”

“Oh calm down Onee-san! You will faint again from your blood pressure going up!” Ming said, her bright blue eyes scanning over their equipment. “We can do this! Watch, I can use my pins for they are metal and if I put them together…like…this–“

“Ming!! Wait!!! We aren’t clear!!!” It was too late, the completion of the line set the fuse and it was whistling up the shortened wick and towards the pile of explosives not five feet away. With the speed of a jackal, Shiro snatched their knapsacks, his sister by the arm, and darted out of the sewer line they were in with as much speed as his feet could carry them. A loud explosion followed by the sound of metal crashing and creaking to its demise ensured him that the tunnel was securely open, but the smell of singed pantaloons and hair on the backside of his sister reminded him how dangerous it was to be a bomb-mechanic, ESPECIALLY with her around.

Popping the manhole cover, Shiro and Ming scurried out of the sewers covered in filth, water, and soot coughing and sputtering from the smoke filtering out. Ming giggled as she recalled the event happily chattering with her brother in Japanese, Shiro not exactly replying as his hands drug the knapsack from the hole and set it on the cobblestone before sprawling out in the street.

A soft, clear voice brought them both to their feet and bowing in the perfect angel.

“Ah, the Tick-Tock Twins…I trust you had an explosive evening?”

“Hai, Kazekage, we have finished just as The Cogfather wanted. The passage beneath the canals that runs to The White Rabbit is completed,” Shiro spoke proudly and Ming bobbed her head in agreement.

A smirk crossed Bianca’s face as she fished for the few bills she kept on her for the payment.

“Wonderful…you have both done well.”

“Arigatou gozaimasu, Kazekage!!” they rose and placed two fingers over their heart proudly, and Bianca in return, did the same before turning to make her way back up the road to Gutters Row. She had been busy, things in her mind running like clockwork as she prepared to ensure the business of the family where in order. However, she was a bit perturbed that she had lost her notes somewhere around Clockhaven. She thought that perhaps that evening she had run into Wexhome had caused her to drop them in the road when he grabbed her wrist and pulled her from the crowd.

Yet, she didn’t recall having them in the first place, and Melissa shook her brunette locks as she fiddled with the material she needed for her portraitures and Charise didn’t recall her with them either. A heavy sigh let her escape the frustrations; she simply let herself enjoy the sound of Shiro and Ming spouting at each other in their native tongue.

Flicking open her pocket watch she smiled eyeing the time, eleven-thirty in the evening, The Cogfather should be home soon enough…


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  1. Akidami Swift Akidami Swift July 18, 2011

    Hmmm….I believe I could find use for such talented twins.   (writes their names in a small notebook and tucks it into his jacket.)

    • Bianca Namori Bianca Namori July 18, 2011

      If they would listen to you…

        • Bianca Namori Bianca Namori July 20, 2011

          -keeps them far, far away from Queer Hermit-

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