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The Song of the Shadhavar Re: Coffee and Pirates!

(reported by: Dr, Guenivere De Avalon)

According to Arabian myth, the Shadvahar was a creature like the Unicorn. It had 72 horns, which were meant to catch the wind. When the wind ran through them, they would make music, like a harmonica. Depending on which way the creature faced, the song would either be a song of divine beauty and healing, or infernal horror and death! This name was proven to be fitting for a warship, one that would either bring jor or despair, depending on which end of the wind you were. Such was the Mondragon Warship, the MNS Shadvahar, which sadly was destroyed in the effort to bring Coffee to the citizens of New Babbage.

The battle was said to be fierce. The Shadvahar was escorting the light cargo vessel that was carrying the relief coffee. It was aided by a sister warship. At a junction in the Blake Sea, they were attacked by pirates! The exact relation to the pirates already afflicting the city is murky, but the fighting pirates kept insisting “you have no agreement with us!” The fighting was fierce, two pirate vessels were blasted to matchwood! However, they did manage to sink the Shadvahar. Despite adversity, subterfuge, and the vile dishonor of pirates, the Shadvhar managed to break the blockade, and relieve the citizens of New Babbage.

As for the Shadvahar, those survivors were taken back to Jadida Mondrago. One, Ensign Mustafa al-Shahid, left one quote: “like the Shadhavar, we followed the wind, bringing song to those the needed it, and fear to those who deserved it. To the sea-dogs that attacked us, know this, someday, on the winds, you will hear the song of the Shadhavar, and it will bring you death”

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