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The Snake makes a home. (As told from it’s perspective.)

To say that the snake was eating all of the walkers that it killed would be incorrect, truthfully it could take a week to digest something normally and something the size of the walkers would easily put it to sleep for a few days, hence why after it actually ate a walker it wouldn’t be seen in town for awhile.  So it’s not to say that it didn’t eat them, but rather that it hasn’t been eating all of them.

Besides, some of the walkers were even it’s friends and had let it into their nests.  True, they hadn’t seemed to like it when it went into the one that smelled of that sickening liquid the walkers seemed to drink, but they had left the barrier open for him.  Besides, it’s not like it was trying to eat all of them at the time, just that thing that smelled like fish.  Besides, while it couldn’t understand the strange noises they hissed, it had been able to tell that the thing and it’s lady friend in black didn’t like one another based on the way it’s scales felt while they had been hissing at one another.

But during it’s other stays in those nests it had discovered that the floor could be made more comfortable to sleep on.  They had these strange, soft objects that were comfortable to lay on that it had almost fallen asleep on…and it decided it needed something as soft in it’s own nest…but the problem was it didn’t have one.

While searching for what it needed to build a new nest, there was a ruckus coming from that strange area of town where the water had become thick with a poison that was killing it’s weaker and smaller cousins.  It kept it’s distance, but it saw the strange device fall apart.

Later it inspected the area and found an object, which may have come from the walkers floater, but it didn’t know for sure.  It swam inside and inspected it, and decided to make the nest within it, and it already knew what to use as the soft underbelly for it to rest upon.

It’d just been leaving them at the bottom of the sea, but it tried them out

It was so pleased with the results that it actually went in search of those horrible walkers with that small tool that made every scale on it’s body twitch with discomfort and otherwise made it want to kill the walker using it, but instead it found a similar scented walker with a long scarf.  The walker hissed, made funny movements, and then used it’s lower walking additions to try and hit it. 

While the snake had learned to be afraid of those things the walkers used to attack him from afar, and it had been beaten back by other objects that they weilded in their upper additions, especially by that strange smelling one that caught it while it was asleep on the head and it couldn’t tell which one to strike at afterwards, it had already learned that walkers without these things were no threat at all. 

Someone probably could have told him that, but he probably wouldn’t have listened.

It was followed by another walker as it made it’s way back to it’s new nest, they sometimes did that though they rarely tried to actually stop it, and it disappeared into the water.

It brought it down and added it to the pile, and then got on.

Yes, this was much better than sleeping on stone it mused as it rested calmly beneath the waves.

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  1. Yang Moreau Yang Moreau May 16, 2011

    I bathe daily! ::sniffs his arm:: I smell ocean water, but definitely not fish! ((^_^ And right now I really do smell of ocean water. Mmmmmm. Wish I could take it home with me.))

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