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The (Semi-Firm) Person Auction Lineup

Bookworm Hienrichs – New Babbage Wiki Work

            Need ideas
for your biography in the New Babbage Wiki? 
Want to gather your posts together into a complete story, but don’t have
the time?  Bookworm Hienrichs will be
your Wiki Worker!  Just send her your
requirements or half-baked ideas, and she’ll flesh them out!


Blackberry Harvey – DJ Services

            One two
hour event personally DJed by me, subject and theme of your choice, date and
time to be negotiated. Venue can be Huxley Hall, Wilde Hospital, CocoaJava
Cafe, or any site provided the land owner is on hand to change the music
stream. A 1500L value at my already discounted rates!


Junie Ginsburg – Portrait

portrait taken by Ms. Ginsburg.  See
for examples.


Tepic Harlequin – Urchin for a Day

knows there is an urchin City living alongside and among Babbage’s streets, but
not everyone knows much about it! We will give you an introduction into urchin
life, where some of the hideouts are, what they do during the day (and night!),
where free food can be found, and some of the underground routes around the

You will be kitted out in the best free urchin outfit that
money can’t buy, and shown round by Tepic and possibly others… if they can be

Who to avoid, who to run from, who to go for in times of
trouble, all basic information if you are to survive the mean streets of New
Babbage – when you are too small to look over most of the walls! This and more
will be part and parcel of this highly valuable package tour.

This is a unisex prize, in the world of the urchin, it
doesn’t matter who you are, if you are young, and new to the City, the resident
urchins see it as their duty to give you a helping hand – also helping with any
supplies, money or tradable goods you might have brought…

There will be much walking, some running, and possibly some
wild chasing about!

On the practicality part, the introduction will be at the
mutual agreeable time between the purchaser and Tepic (and other urchins as
available), and may possibly be split over several days depending on that
bugbear rl… Time zones, Tepic is European based, so mid-day sl time is a good
starting point. Though it is listed as a day, it is expected to cover several
hours of fun and games. not a full 24!


Mumsy Abigail Sharp – Dance

brave?  Bid for a dance (at a future
date) with Mumsy Abigail Sharp herself!


Victor Mornington – The Voice

            My Voice to
read a short story live on microphone or on a stream feed…


Saffia Widdershins

            Buy Saffia,
and choose between: 1) An exclusive shopping trip, with Saffia taking you
around the grid to stores you may never have heard of; 2) An tour of
exploration, finding beautiful, out-of-the-way places; 3) A home makeover by
Saffia and her team, with the option of appearing on Designing Worlds.


Jimmy Branagh – Custom Bust

            Ever wanted
to be immortal?  Cast in stone for all
the world to admire through the centuries? 
Good luck with that!

But, Jimmy Branagh has a solution for you!  He will create a Romanesque-style bust of YOU
in mesh for all of SL to worship in the years to come.  The high bidder at auction will receive an
authentic likeness of themselves (within reason, of course) such as an Augustus
or Victoria would be proud to display, and enough copies to blanket the

Unfortunately, due to time constraints this item is limited
to humans only.


Mosseveno Tenk – Custom Building

            Mr. Tenk
will come to your house and build custom fitted mesh windows to replace your
old ones.


Mr. Biggins – Adventure!

Biggins will win you (and, if you want, your build) an appearance in our next Designing
Worlds Babbage show.



Rowan Derryth – Exclusive Salon

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  1. Bookworm Hienrichs Bookworm Hienrichs June 29, 2012

    By the way, it’s not too late to get in on this yourself!  Contact myself or Avariel Falcon with the service you’d like to auction off.

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