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The Red Lady: Lust

The rain poured down, obscuring much of the damage done. People were probably still fighting, still driven by adrenaline and rage. The militia were most likely getting scuffed up themselves, trying and failing to break up the madness.

Not that it mattered much to Hyde. He was happy to have gotten away with a girl of ill-repute and her ill-gotten baggage. He was sure he was far away from the brothel at this point, but it was hard to tell in the dark, stormy fog that turned the alleyways into a labyrinth. All he needed right now was to get to that church pub Moldy had… What was the name? Did it matter? There was some sort of secret room upstairs-

“Psst, Hyde!”

Hyde looked up in the direction of the voice. There stood another woman, dressed in ill-fitting clothes that clung to her blemished skin. Black leaked from her hair, dripping onto her face and shirt. Hyde could tell by the red under the black dye and the look in her harried eyes that this was a woman he knew more than he would ever care to.

“Domino?” Hyde almost tilted his head to the side. “How did you…”

The pirate scowled, “Bloody storm.”

“Yeah. Rooftops were out, fer sure. But…” Hyde grinned, setting the bag down for a moment to better hold his other prize.

“… Look what I found,” He smirked as he held up the unconscious prostitute for the curious pirate to see. “Heh, heh… If she hadn’t stolen the bag she was carrying, I’d say it’s one of Nick’s girls.”

Domino giggled at the theory. “One of Nick’s?”

Hyde nodded and shrugged, “Ain’t the man himself, but I bet we could get some good information from her…”

Looking her over, Hyde wondered why a pirate as notorious as Domino insisted on staying in town while she had a bounty on her head. Was she that stubborn, or did she take an interest in someone here? Either way, she could be useful…

“… You’re going to need a place to stay, hm?”

Hyde could see the malice in Domino’s smile as she nodded yes.

“I think I know a place,” he said as he let Domino scoop up the bag. He would be carrying the hostage himself.

“Let’s get out of here,” She mused, “Tell Bookface she’s a witch.”

“Hah… Follow me.”

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