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The random musings of a secretly maddened doctor

(ICily it’s a private writing, OOCily, feel free to comment or anything)


Dear… well, this isn’t a journal, is it?

Dear… random piece of paper found scuttling the ground.

First off, where did I find this quill? Oh yes, my pocket…

Dear random piece of paper, note to self, wash ink spilled from the well I was carrying around by chance out of pocket after writing this.

Second note to self, black does well to hide ink stains.

Second second note to self… Black makes ink look like my coat bled…

I find myself standing after a bit of slightly interesting developements in the graveyard behind, or is that in front of, Mr. Footman’s laboratory. It seems to have grown quite considerably since I’ve last come by here. And yet all the gravestones seem quite aged. Some strange force is at work for sure here. I wonder if it has anything to do with what Mr. Footman had been studying when he vanished.

On a similar note, I’ve been making a study of that peculiar heart. I’ve yet to determine it’s original owner, though the studies of the glowing substance have yielded some interesting results. Mr. Footman must have put considerable work into developing his formula if it is indeed what I suspect it to be. I may be able to refine it yet further and work it into my treatments once I accumulate more lab equipment and resume my self treatments.

Why am I writing again? I’m not even entirely sure. Being physically blind I’m generally not accustomed to writing my thoughts down save for within patient records. At least my other senses and third eye more than make up for the physical impairment, though I *smuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudge*pick up my hand more when writing, though lacking a desk where I stand makes that quite difficult.

I seemed to earlier run across Ms. Namori and Mr. Melnik in a rather unusual predicament with Ms. Namori half sprawled on the ground in rather.. tatty clothing… Of course I had to wonder what is going on, though I don’t imagine Mr. Melnik the sort of man to strike or injure a lady save perhaps in combat. Too gallant and upstanding a gentleman. But there seemed to be some discomfort between the two’s relations at the moment. After recieving Ms. Namori’s word that she was fine, I went on my merry way before taking wing once out of sight to circle back behind Mr. Melnik’s bookstore unseen to be sure. She had been worried I was not a man of logic and would jump to a natural conclusion of their situation*jagged scratcings and smears* CLOCKS! THESE DAMNABLE CLOCKS! I MUST find a number of pillows to stuff around the more noisy ones! Though to be honest that one didn’t have such a bad chime…

Where was I?

Ah yes, well, Ms. Namori’s worries of my assumptions were a touch unfounded, but I am relieved to know I was right in believing Mr. Melnik too much a gentleman to have caused the distress to her ankle, though I do wonder what may have. A shame I’m not yet trusted enough by many of this town to do my job as a physician properly. Though all things come with time, I suppose.

I must keep an eye on this graveyard, though I’m not sure what can be done aside from a bit of dark workings to speak with the remains even if the souls have passed on… If only I had the power I once had, but New Babbage is quite muffling on top of the fact I gave up so much to come here. I imagine that too in time with some practice, I may overcome to some degree or another. Ah, to be back in my father’s and uncle’s labs again though. Those were quite simple and enjoyable times… this place quite hearkens me back to it. I suppose it’s one of the many reasons I stay…

Well, I realize this writing truly is all for naught. It wouldn’t do to let someone find the mad ramblings scrawled on such a dirty piece of rumpled and damp parchment.

:the unusually tall man read back over the paper for a time, quirking a brow here and there before taking in a deep breath as he held it up in front of himself and breathed out a blast of flame across it, letting it burn up into ash and drift off on the wind, pausing as he realized he had lightly scorched a nearby tombstone as well as his sleeve: “I suppose the pollutants have enhanced that a little much…” :with that, he turned to walk on towards the absinthe bar for a drink:

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