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The Politics of Dancing – Corruption P3

It was a warm June day in Academy as Mornington took a stroll past the empty plots next to Junies house at the far end of Academy…he whistled for a runner.

Young gilhooly scampered up to Mornington.

“Whatcha Mista M!”

Mornington grinned as he scribbled a quick note and handed it to Gilhooly.  The note read…

“Dear Mr Thompson

Can you please send to me all relevant city hall records pertaining to the empty plots of land at the far corner of Academy of Industry, all plots that are next to Ms Junie Ginsburg and Mumsys home.  

Also, due to the drilling and surveying in Wheatstone ending today and all surveyors records now being checked over by myself, can you please send over all relevant vacant plot details for Wheatstone Waterways.



Mornington watched as Gilhooly skurried off in the direction of City Hall.  Young Bill, one of the urchins Mornington had in his small spy network jumped out from the side of Junies house and almostgave Mornington a heart attack.

“Dammit kid, dont sneak up on folks like that”

“Sowwy Mista M buts i got news fer ya”


“Its Mista Undabee… he got urchins out looking to find out what yer up to…”

and with that.. Young bill scampered off…

“So” Mornington thought to himself…

“Underby wants to dance does he….”

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  1. Mumsy Abigail Mumsy Abigail June 12, 2013


    You are one of the few people in this wretched city that I can tolerate, Mr. Mornington.  

    Don’t make me regret it.

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