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The Plot Thickens… ((possible Black Heart Spoilers))

Orpheus walked out of the clinic, not fully recovered, but not wanting to take any more time away from his investigation. He had heard much while in the clinic. The archaeologist was dead and the urchin Nat was minus a leg. The people responsible for the Beest must be held accountable, so Orpheus knew he must be successful in his investigation.

Walking through the shattered remains of the latest beest trap, Orpheus saw a group of people milling about the statue. It appeared to be a man in a tattered looking jacket and fez, as well as a small pack of Cats; Tigers most likely. (Orpheus thought back to his visit to the Ozian lands, where sentient Animals were once quite common place. “I wonder if the same is true about the Babbagian Country”)

These visitors were also engaged in their own investigations it appeared, but while Orpheus tried to remain somewhat subtle, they were quite loud about their findings. He walked around with the group of investigators, although neither group was really sharing their findings with each other.

The first stop was across the street at an old cobblestone building. Orpheus had heard that a crypt was hidden nearby, although, upon inspecting the building, Orpheus only found a collection of papers detailing the presence of an ancient monastery and confirming that the Malkuth order was involved with the incidents happening to the Urchins. 


As Orpheus pocketed the papers, he noticed that one of them spoke of a “hidden loft” tied to the infamous Club 13. “This is getting to be too much,” thought Orpheus. “I need a drink.”

Orpheus went to the nearby absinthe house, had a glass, and then went to the nearby loft. In it, he could not find anything that directly linked to the beest, at least, not to his awareness. It was clear that no one had bothered cleaning up from the drama that went down regarding the Club 13 in previous years.




Outside, Orpheus ran into Skyler Gant. Orpheus chatted up the urchin about the beest and his friends who were lucky to survive. Upon asking about the crypt, Skyler was more than happy to take him there. They headed across the Palisades district to a hidden location where three stone coffins rested by a detailed mural. “I am not sure that this is the crypt you are looking for, but its the only one I know,” said Skyler.


After a little more chatter, Orpheus thanked Skyler for his help. Skyler took his leave and Orpheus decided to set up camp. It was getting late, and he was tired. He would write in his journal and then get some sleep. He had a killer to find!

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