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The Plasticity Possibility

Pausing for a moment to scold herself over having botched another chance to rid herself of the Addlebrass threat, Dollianna wondered if she were softening as she adapted to life on this sphere.

A brief conversation with Mr Arnold outside the Asylum had made it clear that not only had the ‘wolf’ been captured, but Mr Addlebrass was indeed also within the Asylum’s walls. Having determined that there was an unguarded underwater path of ingress, she had slipped into the putrid murk of the canal and sneaked in to find the cell containing Addlebrass sealed carefully by Arnold. As she tried many of the keys she carried and fumbled with her rudimentary lock-picking apparatus she was interrupted by Arnold, who calmly persuaded her to flee at once. She had made no effort to extinguish him, even though he could be considered a threat, at least to her efforts to protect herself. She dismissed this thought, noting that it had been prudent for her to egress quickly, Arnold being quite capable of posing a more immediate threat.

What made all of this more troubling was that she had earlier left Alowishus in a condition from which he was likely to recover, having only temporarily incapacitated him to allow her to make another attempt on Mr A.

How could this be? For months she had schemed to eliminate Alowishus. It was true that she needed to determine what knowledge he held, but as she considered all of this she began to accept that there was clearly more to it. She had the excruciatingly uncomfortable sensation that no matter what else happened she would be unable to kill Alowishus.

“I’m made of porcelain. How can I be going soft?” Then she heard the sound of Arnold alerting Canergak, and knew that all of this ridiculous introspection would have to wait for a more relaxed occasion. She sighed and slipped into the New Babbage night.

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  1. Mr. Arnold Mr. Arnold October 9, 2012

    Arnold had figured that the canals themselves were a deterent enough to sneaking in or out that way, or at least until he could have the crew work on that after the other things they had to fix, but with one break out and one break in using the canals, he set the crew to work on that problem, replacing the front doors and adding a gate at the canal entrance.

    Or he tried to anyways, and then Canergak had to confirm it.

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