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The Other Brown Foamy Stuff

I took a whiff of my drink, nostrils moving in and out, shrugged and took a sip from my mug, swishing the rich liquid around my mouth. As far as I could tell, it tasted the same as it always had, but something about it was different.

“Sky, does this taste funny to you?” I asked, sticking the mug deliberately in her face. She recoiled slightly, mostly because of the proximity of the object to her nose.

“You remember what happened the last time someone was putting something into your cocoa?” She mentioned, pushing the drink back to me with her hands.

I nodded slightly, letting the steam from the mug warm my face. “That thought hadn’t even occurred to me. I had simply thought that some urchin was putting vole juice in my drink as a prank.” I looked down into the swirling depths, imagining a baby wiggyfish or vole poking it’s head up from the darkness.

“Where have you been getting that stuff anyway?” Sky asked.

“Uhh… er…” I paused trying to think of something to divert her mind from the possible answer. 

She turned her head and looked at me, fixating her eyes directly on my face. I mumbled something down into my drink. “I couldn’t quite hear, it sounded like ‘Moldy Underpants’.

“Mr Underby,” I repeated, this time only slightly louder.

“Your Boyfriend?” She smirked.

“He is not! You know I never even gave him a glance until recently.” I looked inquisitively at her and then back at my drink. “It’s a new recipe for pocket cocoa. It’s quite convenient… although a bit strange.”

“You trust HIM with your drinks?” Sky gave me a look crossed between disgust and horror.

“What? He’s not all that bad,” I responded.

“Not all that bad? Are we talking about the same Underby? Since when has it been ok to trust him! That man has always been shady, and I know you’ve always despised practices of the occult,” Sky sat fuming.

I set my cocoa down and nodded. “Maybe it’s best that I stay away from the cocoa for a while, at least until my next shipment comes. I wouldn’t want to be poisoned from it. Again. It was a nightmare seeing my mother die, and then experiencing it all to a lesser degree myself.” I paused. “Not that I think Mr Underby could at all be doing such a thing, but I suppose it is better to be safe.”

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  1. Jedburgh30 Dagger Jedburgh30 Dagger June 27, 2011

    I found my favorite entry on Pocket Soup, if that helps…

    Portable Soup,” from The Lady’s Companion (1753)

    To make a Veal Glue, or Cake Soup to be carried in the

    Take a Leg of Veal, strip it of the Skin and the Fat, then take
    all the muscular or fleshy Parts from the Bones; boil this Flesh gently
    in such a Quantity of Water, and so long a Time, till the Liquor will
    make a strong Jelly when it is cold: This you may try by taking out a
    small Spoonful now and then, and letting it cool. Here it is to be
    supposed, that though it will jelly presently in small Quantities, yet
    all the Juice of the Meat may not be extracted; however, when you find
    it very strong, strain the Liquor through a Sieve, and let it settle;
    then provide a large Stew-pan, with Water, and some China Cups, or
    glazed Earthenware; fill these Cups with Jelly taken clear from the
    Settling, and set them in a Stew-pan of Water, and let the Water boil
    gently till the Jelly becomes as thick as Glue; after which, let them
    stand to cool, and then turn out the Glue upon a piece of new Flannel,
    which will draw out the Moisture; turn them once in six or eight Hours,
    and put them upon a fresh Flannel, and so continue to do till they are
    quite dry, and keep it in a dry warm Place: This will harden so much,
    that it will be stiff and hard as Glue in a little Time, and may be
    carried in the Pocket without Inconvenience.

    You are to use this by boiling about a Pint of Water, and pouring it
    upon a Piece of the Glue or Cake, about the Bigness of a small walnut,
    and stirring it with a Spoon till the cake dissolves, which will make a
    very strong good Broth. As for the seasoning part, every one may add
    Pepper and Salt as they like it, for there must be nothing of that Kind
    put among the Veal when you make the Glue, for any Thing of that sort
    would make it moldy. As we observed above, that there is nothing of
    Seasoning in this Soup, so there may be always added what you desire,
    either of Spices or Herbs, to make it savoury to the Palate; but it must
    be noted, that all the Herbs that are used on this Occasion, must be
    boiled tender in plain Water, and that Water must be used to pour upon
    the Cake Gravy instead of Simple Water: So may a Dish of good Soup be
    made without Trouble, only allowing the Proportion of Cake Gravy
    answering to the abovelaid Direction: Or if Gravy be wanted for Sauce,
    double the Quantity may be used that is prescribed for Broth or Soup.

  2. Mr Underby Mr Underby June 27, 2011

    *looks at his pocketwatch*

    “She is usually so punctual.”

  3. Tepic Harlequin Tepic Harlequin June 27, 2011

    hmmmm…. wonder if there would be a market for chocolate covered vole…?

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