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The nightmare

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Snow sat upright panting hard, sweat trickling down his body.  Was it the hunger?  No, that was not it…was that dream–no not a dream–the nightmare, the same one that has haunted him for a long time… long time… how long has it been?  It has been so long he could not remember, the same nightmare that had him sleep alone in the dark… the same nightmare that woke him up and secretly had him watching over his shoulder.
He never would admit it, seems every day he saw new strange things, the other day that creature he had never seen before that made a loud strange noise….. Veeep…. what was it?  Could not have been the alcohol he had consumed with Jimmy could it?  
No, this dream this nightmare of his past was something else, that man… that hunter in the dark. Snow could never forget, though he tried hard to, the last words he heard the man say before he fled on the boat that brought him here, “Boy, no matter where you run I will find you!  No beast, or monster, has a soul!  A killer runs in your blood, you can never run from what you are!” After that the man laughed at the wounded fleeing boy.

Why did the man let him go, and was what he said true? Snow laid back down in his hiding spot trembling as he looked at the chains, he knew the night was drawing close, and now the curfew was in effect…at least his friends would be safe… but was he a monster?  Did he have no soul?  What would his friends think if they found out?  How would he protect them if the dark hunter was to return?  How would he protect himself if he feared what he was…

The young urchin groaned as his belly growled, the hunger was growing.  The same hunger he fought as far as he could remember, but he had so far remained pure, he had managed to never hurt anyone, but the hunter said it was only a matter of time.

The boy crawled over to the small bowl of melted snow he had and splashed some of the water on his face and sighed.  He had gotten grungy since coming here, and he had managed to keep this part of his life hidden from his new friends… no to him they were more like family now.  How was he going to keep his secret safe where there had been maulings?  They were hunting for a beast… or had hunted for one in the city and now this new killer.  

“It is only a matter of time,” he muttered to himself before laying back down into his restless sleep.

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