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The Mycroft Holmes Diaries – Part One

If I found this city a haven of wonder and splendor at the time of my arrival, I certainly have seen the dark side of that now. At the start of the weekend, I looked forward to a quiet treatment at the baths, a nice brandy and boat ride in the Vernian. It was during the latter of these that I was subject to a most grave and terrible incident. On my way back from the boat ride, I passed by a cemetery where I came upon an extraordinary man named Alexander Moonstone, he was some kind of airship builder who was awaiting with a most noisy and ghastly machine gun. He informed me of an imminent attack by unearthly men in that very yard, soon we were joined by a passing lady, styling herself as a Duchess of Caledon. Together, our trio was subject to an attack by these unearthly beasts. 

I hate to use such force but my trusty Colt pistols were able to protect me from such fiends, many will be shocked at my physical involvement in the duel, taking out a sizeable number of these beasts. However, during the fight I sustained a bite which I assumed was fine until later on. During the fight, several passers by arrived including an urchin named Crow and an acquaintance of mine, Professor Stillwater from BORC. He too was bitten along with Moonstone, however on his artificial arm. After the zombies dispersed, I accompanied the good Professor, the urchin boy and Moonstone to the Professor’s residence. It was there I was told that my bite was in fact spreading a contagious disease into my body, one that could affect my brain and bodily capabilities. 

After departing the Professor’s residence, I was ushered into quarantine by militia members below the Vernian Sea in a most wonderfully crafted deep sea facility staffing a hospital and museum. I was kept in this tomb for nearly a day before I was released spewing awful symptoms of coughing and breaking out in high fever. I reported to the Academy of Industry where I was ushered through a machine spewing green gas and reliably informed by Mr. Mornington I had been cured. Although I was doubtful, on this Monday evening I can report that my symptoms have vanished and I am able to return to my duties surveying the city for the British Government. 

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