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The Month of the Resplendant Scale, Year of th*-“get on with it!” …….188X

The Glorius Raptor watched the view of the latest report from the Whatchers, and cursed gloriusly.


“How did he work out the Mecharaptor’s weakness!?  and that rat! I thought we had an agreement! that……RAT!”

(Note: in a show of humbleness to the great and mighty Raptor, the biographer chose not to mention the flywheel was a tad, obvious.)


“And the receiver’s open?  he must be crafty indeed, he’s probably already planning out how to reverse the samophlange and track the signal, or build a blocking device, or build a bigger louder device to take over his own mindwashed minions?  This is no good!”

One of the whatchers inquired if more mecharaptor packs should be sent out.  The Magnificent Raptor grabbed a gravity gun and blasted the Whatcher, as it smashed into small peices  after the fall to the ceiling. “We already have raptors in the city! the feline is outsmarting them! ”  Dr. Dinosaur calmed down “#73, broadcast over the signal to all mindless, they need to skin that cat! then activate the crab!  and you!”  he pointed at the smashed Whatcher as it tried to peice itself back together “send out some maintenance drones, they’re small,  nonthreatening, wont attract attention, and have them scour the sewers.”

The Lordly Lizard crossed his arms “And Someone get me the status on the transmitter, is it wired to the hull yet?”   When one of the mecharaptors nodded, Dr. Dino grinned “good, best place for it, why didn’t I think of it before?  set a course around the city, just circle it, I want ample coverage!”

As the mecharaptors scrambled to undock from the Pallisades tower, the Perfect Predatory Might of the Raptor returned to flipping through whatcher channels.




meanwhile, those who had been filling the asylum lately, started pouring out of the building, some chanting ‘Raptor”  and other’s chanting ‘Horse’  as they began to attack each other.  A group of the raptor followers breaking away to hunt for Arnold.

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  1. Mr. Arnold Mr. Arnold August 1, 2012

    “Besides your flute I was thinking what other message we should use….the one I really want to use, ‘stop being stupid‘, is probably not going to work.”

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