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The Missing Year

It’s been a grand couple of weeks settling in to the old haunts in Babbage. I forgot how fun this city was. My mind has been such a jumble with all the excitement from my grand welcome home that I haven’t been able to put it all in words but I will continue on that later (as it was quite an awesome occurrence).

Anyway with all the excitement I have gained many a new friend and reacquainted with previous ones. I really did miss Myrtil and Loki and Jimmy when I was gone.

I never really said much about why I left or why I’m back either.

Well apparently my parents finally found me. Not that they really cared one way or another. Come to find out they thought I was kidnapped and instead paying the man who was claiming it they went a different direction and hired a detective to hunt me down. They found me in Babbage of course and took me away, back to the city of Chicago. Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate Chicago cause it’s an amazing city, but they just don’t know how to treat kids right. They sent me right back to school and then, as per usual, completely ignored I existed.

The bad thing was that the “kidnapper” found out I came back and was furious. Being a smart one he wasn’t ever able to catch me going to or coming home from school so he tried to get to me at night. Even though they seemed to have been ignoring me my parents got a little over protective, a bit too much in fact. The “kidnapper” became a killer that night and stole a lot of things from the house. I ran. I didn’t know what to do. I mean after seeing my parents murdered pretty much in front of me I thought that was the most logical choice. I packed up a few of my favorite clothes and bolted before the murderer found me next.

That was when I decided to live on the streets again. Hey I did it in Babbage I thought I could do it here. I didn’t realize that Babbage Urchins though had it good in comparison. I was caught and put to work in factories where adults couldn’t get into and even worked at the pig wheel, and if I ever hear any squealing or see any more blood I don’t think I would be able to handle it much. Well okay I may be okay with a little blood, after all I did help with the whole Burny McBurnsalot murder mystery thingy.

Anyway the first airship I found going back to Babbage I jumped at. And so I’m back.

Yeah some people may wonder why I am so nonchalant about my parents death. Well let see they didn’t care a bit about me, not one. I was used primarily as they’re figurehead for them and their “normal” lifestyle. But we’re they ever really normal, I don’t think so. They were always having parties, most of which I would never be allowed in. Whenever they did do stuff with me it was to dress me up and paraded me to the neighborhood. I’m surprised I’m not more messed up than I already am. For now though I seem to be someone who has a penchant for stealing an education, and school uniforms… Well maybe not stealing them, I just show up to school to learn and typically gain a school uniform out of it. I just make sure I leave before they realize I really don’t go to their school.

Anyway, I think I will be in Babbage for quite some time now. Actually even now a bunch of friends of mine and I are looking into a place in the Academy area.

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  1. archivist archivist June 20, 2010

    I really like the way this formatting reads onscreen. It makes these posts more ‘literary,’ and less like forum comments.

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