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The Militia strikes! The Beast bleeds.

*An update to the previous flyers*

The snake was seen roaming Clockhaven and Port on Saturday when it was spotted by a member of the militia.  She chased it across town and shot at it a few times, but it escaped into the Deep.

She reportedly went back to headquarters, and later the same snake began dragging a body past their front door, obviously unaware what building it was crossing in front of.  She gave chase, but neither her nor Yang were able to prevent it from taking it’s new victim under the water.

The militia came together as well as a few others and found the serpent outside the home of Phaedra Underby, but it slithered away again, though this time it did lay in wait for them and tried to attack before it escaped.  One of the members managed to shoot it at this time, and it left a trail of blood behind it.

They began making plans about how to deal with the serpent once and for all, when it came out of the water, and tried to attack Yang after leading the members on a wild chase.  It’s attempt to eat Mr. Yang proved unsuccesful and it paid dearly for it’s attempt because the members of the militia managed to shoot it several more times and even dropped several bombs in the water.

Unfortunately, while the creature was bleeding, this does not seem to be the last we have heard of the serpent, but at least now it has finally been wounded and will be weaker when the militia tries again.


*Snakes perspective*

It had been having a good day before one of the walkers had taken a personal interest in it.   Now it was hurt, bleeding, and very angry.

It could lick it’s wounds, but it felt like there was something still inside and it didn’t know how to get rid of them.  It needed help, just like the last time it had been injured by that walker who had tried putting it into a closed nest.  One of the walkers had been kind enough to allow it into it’s own nest and had nursed it.  They’d fed it, taken care of it, and now it needed that help again.

It was going to go to the nice lady who had fed it, but that was in the area of town that it was avoiding.  Fortunately, it did have other friends…

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