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The Medal

This is the medal that was given to the Emperor Crumb and Beryl Strifeclaw for their heroism in saving the City and urchins in a recent event. For rp information, Stormy and Tepic scrounged the metal cogs and bars from Petra’s Junk Yard, had them stamped and engraved at a local Foundry. The ribon was sourced from the fine ladies down at the Blue Sparrow, who are always decent to the urchins, despite being daft enough to sit around in their undies even on cold days….

A full report of the ceremony is under way!

For building information, the medal is mesh, with different uv maps for the ribbon, engraved face and centre medal face, so can be changed quite easily for different uses. The presentation box gives a good display, but is also the outer bounding box of the mesh, allowing the medal appear smaller than otherwise – with the box faces changed to transparent. It is not rigged, as this would cause it to change shape as the AV moved.

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  1. Beryl Strifeclaw Beryl Strifeclaw April 29, 2013

    The medal actually says Hero on it? *inspects it closely*

    ((You put a lot of effort into this, and as weird as this was to me in both worlds I’d like to thank you for going through all this trouble.))

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