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The Mayor (Dark Aether)

“Oh, C’mon,” Njal said to the others in irritation, “The man is has no personality, no family, no political savvy and is a dwarf, for goodness sake! Who gets elected like that? Hm?” 

“The mayor did.” One of them pointed out.

“Exactly. Someone put the mayor in office, he didn’t get elected fairly. Whoever it is that causes what the reader is writing to happen, made sure someone who couldn’t stop them would be in power. The mayor needs replaced, and soon, by someone who can stop what’s happening.” 

“How do you propose that should happen?” 

“I don’t know,” Njal said, “But when it does we need someone ready to move into the office, someone we know isn’t in the pay of the Van Creed or whatever shady organization it was that made sure that someone unable to stop them would be in charge when they made their move. Someone we can actually trust.”

Around her, the others were nodding their agreement.

Njal had read the book and something in her heart told her that if she could just get Tenk out of office and see the right person into it, that the events would never unfold that way.

She still wasn’t fond of New Babbage but she had grown to like several of its citizens, and she was tired of reading about their deaths.



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