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The Journey Part II

After packing up my things i have got myself a first-class, one way ticket, for New Babbage.  And to start off on the right track (pun intended). I have booked my train ride on the one and only Spring Train. What’s that you ask? Well let me tell you. Its an spring powered train. No steam and no coal to power it. Works off of clock parts. Tons and tons of cog’s and whatchamacallits and whooseybobbits, sprogs and springs, i think that there even might be a hamster wheel or twenty. The passenger cars are done out in wood paneling with brass fixtures and crushed red velvet upholstery. The feint whiff of pipe smoke lingers in the air as well.

They say that the trip to New Babbage should take around a week or two to complete. The train can only take me so far. Then i have to change modes and take the submarine, then a airship, and another train, this one though is supposed to be pneumatic. here’s a pic of it.

P train

This train is supposed to be the fastest yet, said to beat a steam engine…

 I can’t wait to experience everything there is about New Babbage, i believe the first thing that I will do is aquire a new set of clothes…then a place to stay. The once i get my self settled i shall aquire a job and earn and save to afford my own place….i shall aquire friends from alll social circles and be known as the man around town.

Well i better stop writing now, train’s bording. Listen, when i get settled in my compartment, i did mention that i booked my own compartment, right? Anyway, when i get settled in my compartment and get a bite to eat on the dining car, ill update you on the people i meet on board.


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  1. Tepic Harlequin Tepic Harlequin November 14, 2010

    errrrr….. Mr. Chronometrist…. just remember… don’t get off at Bump…

  2. Ichabod Chronometrist Ichabod Chronometrist November 24, 2010

    I’ve checked with the conductor and am happy to announce that we don’t stop at Bump….

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