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The Journal of Arnold: Week 6

Week 6 Day 33, Saturday:  I show someone my heart problem.

I spoke with the urchins of Babbage at their new home today, and compared it to their own Neverland.  They don’t think they’ll be able to hold onto it, but just the fact that they ever did have it makes me feel like an idiot when I was their age and even now.  I tried to find out more about the town, but didn’t get any new information.

Later I ran into Lionheart right outside the sub, and he seemed interested in it.  He had given up his pretense at least for the moment, and so I showed him and a kid that was in the area the heart.  He couldn’t tell me anything, except to confirm that it was in fact supernatural.  He had no explination for the gears that were floating next to it, though I didn’t ask now that I think about it.

We went to see Dr. Sonnerstein together, but he wasn’t there.  I waited, but I never did get a chance to see him today, though I met a few more of the city’s urchins.

Day 34  Sunday:  Dead ends, revelations, and resolutions.

It had occured to me that Brother Lapis had mentioned that the Vizier had given him that box that was supposed to contain the ‘perfect’ equation or whatever,and I had decided it might be a good idea to ask him about the Church on my next visit.  It turned out to be a dead end as he knew almost nothing about them.  There were also a few things in his story that made me suspicious, but I’ll have to look into those later.

We did talk about the box for a little while and he offered a few musings about what it could be, but in the end that’s not the mystery I’m trying to solve and I don’t think that it will amount to much.  In the end I don’t believe in perfection, and that’s pretty much why I don’t believe in the gods, math, science, or anything else.

I got back much later in the day and found that Mr. Harvey was in the middle of a massive project.  He was getting rid of the extra tube for the hospital. 

While I was there I asked him about what safety protocols existed and we had a long talk about it, and what is expected of me as a nurse here.

[19:08] Arnold: I’ve been meaning to ask what will be expected of me as a nurse and an orderly.
[19:09] Blackberry Harvey: Ah yes. Well, if we do get a patient, transport them via gurney to a room and/or surgery. Maintain order in general. Keep an eye on the level of supplies to make sure no urchins are stealing.
[19:10] ArnoldArnold nods. “Seems easy enough.”
[19:11] Blackberry Harvey: Other duties would be assigned as demands occur.

I couldn’t help but smile, since that pretty much describes the job I’ve assigned myself as Miss Maddox’s assistant.

We also talked about the mayor’s cough for awhile and I even let Mr. Harvey know how I met Miss Maddox, and let him know that I had been in jail before.

I found Miss Maddox in the patient rooms, where she’s been staying since the sub makes too much noise at the moment, and found her in a strange dress.  We both decided that we’d start telling people about her practice now.  I also noticed that she had taken to wearing the ring again.

Dr. Sonnerstein came to meet us in her office and we had a long talk, and I finally found a little bit about that heart.  He seemed quite distraught and disgusted by the possibility.  He said a few things that I found questionable, like:

[21:57] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: Of course not..! Heavens..! If it truly is one…
[21:58] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: That’s vile..!
[21:59] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: If it is indeed a phoenix heart, truly.. then that means the beast is trapped between life and death.
[22:00] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: Further, it means a new phoenix cannot be born as long as that heart is kept alive.
[22:01] Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein: If legends are true, there is only one phoenix at any given time as well…

He and Maddox seemed distraught enough by his belief in what he was saying, so I agreed to try and remove it and replace it with an eel generator like the one the hospital uses.  The noise would stop finally and Dr. Sonnerstein could do whatever he wanted with it that made him rest easier at night.  They suggested I speak to Erehowen about moving it and removing it, so I guess I’ll ask her the next time I see her.  She probably has a dry dock and the tools I need to put it all back together when I’m done.  There was just one more thing I couldn’t help but think about though…who in perdition thought that tearing out somethings heart would make a good fuel source?

I guess the only way I’ll know is to ask the people I got it from.

Day 35  Monday:  He’s probably 5000.

I found out that Dr. Sonnerstein has a much bigger family than I had anticipated, and he’s a lot older than I had imagined. Whatever.  I’ve pretty much stopped caring at this point.

For a city that is supposed to suppress magic, there seems to be a lot of people running around who use it anyways or lets themselves endure the pain they say they have when visiting.  It seems like a bad idea to me…especially considering that around me the odds that they’ll accidentally blow us all up instead is much higher.

Day 36 Teusday:  Dr. Sonnerstein has no candy

Today was another day of questions and answers, or lack there of, but we did arrive at the candy shop again.  But, as Caspian was quick to point out, there is no candy there.  I’ve noted that on several occassions, but I figured he’d get some eventually.

Caspian suggested that we should open an asylum, and I had to agree that the town could probably use one, but Miss Maddox didn’t like the idea.  I think I’ll put it on a to do list anyway.

We also learned that Mr. Underby was back, though I haven’t heard much about him at the moment.  Caspian openly admitted that he had tried to burn something of their before, but that it wouldn’t work.  I had never heard someone just admit that they had tried arson before so openly, so I asked if there was any law in this town at all.  Turns out the answer to that is a resounding no.

We talked for awhile and did some counseling, and then we went shopping with Dr. Sonnerstein so he could find a kitty for Scald to play with.

Day 37 and 38 Wed and Thursday:  The Danger of Fencing

I learned nothing new on Wed, though I did fence for awhile.  I left the piste early on in the night and went to bed.  The next day I found out that Pippy had fenced with someone named Rawhead after I left.  She was in a wheel chair now and bandaged a bit at the hospital.  I talked with her for awhile and discovered that she had been in writing back to her friends back home about what’s been happening in town and about the wonderful people here.

One of these friends is on the way here now, and he seems to be intent on taking the heart he used for the submarine back.  Seems he refuses to allow it to remain in the hands of someone ”unworthy” or something like that.

Considering the fact that he had no problem tearing out somethings heart and using it as a power source, I’m pretty sure I’d better keep Miss Maddox from meeting with him.

Later I met with Yang, who was wearing a giant knife on his back.  Apparently the snake killed a kid this time, which is another thing I think Miss Maddox doesn’t need to hear, but I’ll mention it’s eating people and to stay away from it.

I asked Yang, as I had been asking everyone about the local never do wells, or whatever I should call them.  Once again Yang mentioned that he was worried about the Underby’s still and also seemed convinced they were possibly responsible not only for the mayor’s behavior, which I doubt, but also Miss Maggie…who I’ve never met.

Apparently the Underby’s and her have stopped feuding, which I think would be considered a good thing, but Yang seemed to think there was something more sinister behind why she would when they had hated each other for so long.  He seemed reluctant to offer anything even close to an explination and just insisted that it ‘wasn’t like her,’ repeatedly.  Tired of everyone just skirting around the issue, I asked if he was trying to suggest she was under a form of hypnosis, which I’ve seen Miss Maddox perform during her time at the school for therapy, and he told me that Mr. Underby used to perform it.  To  say that I hadn’t expected a yes to my question is an understantment, but just because he could doesn’t mean he has and if that’s all he’s done then I don’t really care anyways.

Yang also told me that the mayor had gone to a doctor in the ‘Gut’ and had been perscribed whisky for his cough.  I’m not a doctor, but I do know that had about as much chance of working as mud had of curing leprosy considering how long the cough had persisted.  I decided to speak with our mayor again whether he liked it or not.  And he wouldn’t. 

Day 39 Friday: Why am I not surprised?

I had been going to see the mayor, but I had wanted to inspect the Vernian tunnels first today…I’m still looking for flaws that could kill us all, and I think there’s a few things that could use an expert glance over.  I resolved to meet the mayor tomorrow instead when I looked at the time and realized I’d wasted an entire day while under the water.

I went to go fencing at dusk, and eventually made my way back after midnight to speak with Miss Maddox.  Apparently Miss Maddox is among the people who have been in the presence of the snake, but it hasn’t attacked her.  I don’t think she should always count on that, but it’s something I guess.

Week 7 Day 40 and 41, Saturday and Sunday:  I continue to overthink everything

Today I spoke with a black cat in a top hat named Calamity, which I think would be a better one for my last, and he suggested we could be cousins.  It was more than possible since my ancestors did walk around on all fours like he did till we evolved, but if so we would still be very far removed. 

He told me about the Carnival D’Arcane and told me to ask the mayor about it since it also had a tragic end.  I told him I’d ask about it after we spoke about his cough, and he said he’d heard it last night.  He also said he’d been in a few autopsies with a Dr. Thorton Pennywise and he thought it could also be Yellow Fever.  Considering how deadly and contagious all the possibilities are it’s just neglectful of the mayor to go undiagnosed, which is what he is as far as I’m concerned if he was perscribed whisky for a cough that’s lasted about a month.  I decided it wouldn’t hurt to share this assesment with Mr. Harvey, who I met with later that day and he said he’d ask the mayor to come in for a check up.

He also asked me what I’ve been up to, and I told him that I’d been looking into the town’s history some more.  I mentioned the carnival and told him I’d heard that there might have been sabatoge that day, and he seemed to be surprised by that too. He mentioned that someone left town after their parent’s had been attacked, and I looked at him levely and asked him if he had just listened to what he had just said. I had asked him weeks ago if anyone had been presured to leave by threat, this was exactly the situation I had been talking about.  He considered this, and I came to the final conclusion that my current employer is even more naive than…my other current employer.

He told me to share with him whatever I found during what he called my investigation, but I told him again that I was just looking into it so I could better protect myself and Maddox, and that I had no intention of using any of this information in court or anything.  He then asked me to bring him any evidence I might happen to find.

I told him I would, and I will whether he intends to actually use it or burn it all so no one ever could, I don’t really care either way so I wouldn’t mind giving it up.  I have a feeling I won’t find anything so concrete, though I suppose my closest lead if I did want it thus far was that boys uncle he mentioned the other day…I don’t think I wrote that part down here but I guess I shouldn’t reveal all my sources if someone were to read this.

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