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The Journal of Arnold: Mid-Week 3

Day 13 Saturday continued:  I spoke more with Bahn Aftermath and fenced with him long after the tournament was over.  I tested out my new strategies and they did work, but I’ll have to see how they measure up against others later. 

After we fenced we had a long talk about pride, self-esteem, self-doubt.  He seemed to envy me, but during the conversation one of his questions led me to a self discovery of my own that I did not like.  But the only way to change that would be to change who I am, and I’m not in the market.

Day 14 Sunday: I found Miss Maddox at the end of the day at the cafe.  She was sorry she didn’t make it to the tournament, which was a shame because she was the fifth seed and would have been entered because the Vizier was also unable to make it.

In any occassion, she had been waiting for me because she had heard that Dr. Sonnerstein had been seen entering the Gangplank and she wanted me to be there when we finally had the chance to speak with him. 

Bahn was also there when we finally arrived, which was a surprise because he had already told me that it hurt him to be here, but he insisted he was here on buisness that he couldn’t avoid.

Miss Maddox and Dr. Sonnerstein greeted each other and things were off to a very good start.  There was another conversation going on a few floors above us but as usual I was ignoring it, until I overheard the name Lionheart from several rooms above us as did Dr. Sonnerstein and Bahn.  Only Miss Maddox was unable to hear that the professor was now indisposed due to some kind of ”reality enforcement” collar.

I began to ignore the rest of their conversation, but the others were focused on it.  Bahn was worried to learn of their existence, but Dr. Sonnerstein tried to asure him that Miss Macbain would never use it on someone who did no harm. As both Bahn and I pointed out though, any technology once created can be adapted by another who will not use it so kindly.  Maybe not today or tomorrow, but give it a hundred years or so and it will have happened at least once.

Still, I was intrigued at the possibilities and was slightly considering
getting one for my own use at a later date, but I felt it was a bad
idea to bring it up next to Bahn who was truly worried such a device may
kill him.

Dr. Sonnerstein yelled at them more than once, alerting them to our presence, and eventually Miss Macbain came down to defend herself.  Turns out that the professor we had been trying so hard to meet was not exactly the greatest philantrophist that has ever lived.  I wish someone would have told me all of this sooner, but at least I know now so I can be prepared ahead of time.

Miss Macbain threw us out soon after that and we went to the cafe to talk for a while longer.  Miss Maddox had a small attack, and in front of Dr. Sonnerstein.  I told him that she never used to have these attacks, and it’s only recently occured because of the events that lead us to where we are now.  I’m convinced that the attacks are self imposed and she could stop them at any time if she so cared to, but that she’s simply choosing not to and that is what makes me the most upset of all. 

We went back down to the Huxley hall to rest, and she told me that she wanted to think rather than talk about what I have written above.  I rolled over and told her fine, I can’t help you then, and I heard her agree with me. 

For the second time I stormed out of there to find somewhere else to sleep.

Day 15 Monday:  I found Miss Maddox at the cafe and she appologized for the night before, as did I for overreacting.  She seems different now, or rather more like she used to be.  She had come to a decision during her thinking the night before, and she had determined to get control of herself and move on.  There’s still the hurt in her eyes and voice, but you can also see her will to overcome it.  Apparently when I stormed off it made a light go off in her head, or so she told me.  Perhaps I should overreact more often?

We talked about Professor Lionheart and Macbain’s situation a little, as well as our own and she seemed convinced I should use the prize money to get us a place to stay.  I was going to get us food, but perhaps a hotel room is finally in order.

I spent the day going over every option and while at Town Hall I saw a sign for a town’s militia.  If we don’t have anything else in two weeks perhaps I should enlist.  That might keep us afloat until Miss Maddox finally succeeds.

There are two hotels I’m considering, but something else that caught my attention was the sea lands/ports in town.  Apparently you can tie off a house boat there…and if everything goes horribly and there is no chance of employment at all (even with the militia) then I can still take that boat and Miss Sinclaire and leave New Babbage.  I did not see a kiosk or anything about it’s rental terms, so I guess I will have to approach the mayor again.

Day 16 Tuesday:  I finally made contact with Mr. Harvey today at the cafe.  I told him about Miss Maddox wanting to speak with him about employment opportunities.  He mentioned that Lionheart was missing and I nodded, but I didn’t say anything.  At least I don’t think I did but maybe he noticed something on my face because he asked me if I knew anything about it almost immediately afterwards. 

As a rule I don’t share other people’s secrets, but
if she was willing to come downstairs and tell three strangers and Dr. Sonnerstien to their faces her story then it’s not a secret at all.  Still, I left out the actual details and told him that he had to ask her if he wanted to know her story.  As I have yet to talk to Dr. Lionheart, I don’t know his side of that story and Dr. Sonnerstien assures me I should withold judgement until I do. I’m not sure it will make a difference, but I agreed to hear him out when the opportunity came.

One other thing that Director Harvey let slip was the existence of a ”local evil mastermind” by the name of Dr. Obolensky.  At first I thought he was joking with me and I was not amused, but it became even less amusing when I found out he was serious.  The director even made a comparison between me and Dr. O’s right hand man, Mr. Merrick, and Mr. Harvey even asked me if I was planning to join him.  I told him it’s not on my to do list. 

Still, I think this goes to prove my point that the reality enforcement collars will probably be adapted into a weapon at some point.  Perhaps instead of a death ray he’ll create a ”reality” ray though, if he hasn’t already.  The possibilities I’m dreaming of in my head are far, far, worse of course, but just in case someone reads this I decided not to give them any more ideas.

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