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The Journal of Arnold: End-Week 2

Day 10:  Last night I fell asleep on the spinning moon in Huxley Hall.  This morning I found myself in some place that had never even heard of New Babbage.  I wandered back eventually and found Dr. LionHearts residence as well as the directors, but I had no idea if she had already made contact.

I caught up with her later at a dance, and I was surprised to find her not only enjoying herself but dancing along.  She stopped the moment she became aware of me though.

It also didn’t take me too long to notice she had started to eye someone in the room either, though in part that was because I have good hearing.

Something I noted when I arrived was that the entire party was talking about magic and New Babbage.  I overheard quite a lot, and I had a talk with Hono at the end of the dance about magic and the gods, and in the end I informed him that I have no faith in either.

He just smiled and said I would fit in perfectly at New Babbage then, and I doubted if he understood me at all.  Oh well.

Day 11 and 12:  It turns out that Dr. Lionheart and Sonnerstein have been busy as of late and we had shown up at a very inopportune time to run into them regularly even at their own homes.  Wonderful.  Thanks to that we may not be able to get much done for some time. 

I confronted Miss Maddox about her recent eating habits as well in this time.  She hadn’t eaten a full meal in a while and had just been rationing and nibbling.  I forced her to come with me to the soup kitchen outside the church.

I also had a longer talk with Hono, Erehowen, and a boy named Bahn about New Babbage and they made a few…questionable claims.  They said there was an inaccesible Old City and it somehow has a dampening effect which a scientist is using to piggyback for a ”reality enforcer” or something to that effect.  They told me as if it was all common knowledge and everybody knew this to be fact.  They also kept saying that coming here could be painful to them.  While the thought occured to me that the pain was all just in their minds I doubt they’d consent to a visit to Miss Maddox.  Besides if it all is true this is actually good news…for me at least. 

The tournament preliminaries ended with me at the top of the scoreboard, but the real challenge comes tomorrow.  I haven’t had a chance to truly study all of the competition yet and that will probably cost me the tournament.

Day 13 Week 3:  I took part in the Sabre’s and Silks tournament and came in second place.  I’m convinced I can do even better next time and have already found two new strategies I hadn’t considered previously.  I wish I’d been able to take on Miss Jedburgh just a few more times before the tournament, but if wishes were panda’s the world would be out of bamboo.

On the plus side, I did win a bit of the pot.  Perhaps I’ll rent us a room with it if no one wants the money they spotted me back right away.

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