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The Headless Scarecrow of Murgham Asylum

So this lovely thing just *ahem* suddenly showed up in the asylum yard the other night. Guess the head fell off of it. Now I hear that Professor V was freaked out by it. Not so unflappable now, eh Professor? Hah ha!

– Edward Hyde

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  1. Rance Vartanian Rance Vartanian October 3, 2015

    I was merely startled! You would be too if you saw a headless figure standing there in the morning fog. Besides, we all have our own fears. I wonder what your’s might be, Mr. Hyde…

    • Nyanka Jinx Nyanka Jinx October 3, 2015

      *snicker* Yeah, startled. You keep telling yerself that.

      And mind you, I don’t think it’s a good idea to talk about your weaknesses like the weather. Someone might decide to use them against you.

      – Edward Hyde

  2. Snow Clawtooth Snow Clawtooth October 3, 2015

    Eyes the scarecrow as she walks by. Turns to watch contently as one of the Crows flys down and begins picking at the Rotting head now smashed on the ground. *Smiles* and walks away.

  3. Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon October 3, 2015

    *sometime in the past…*

    Aaaaagh! Aaaaagh! *impales the scarecrows head!* Aaaaaagh!

    … Oh… Oh dear…

    *clip-clops away quietly*

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