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The Hat(ish)

Phaedra wrinkled her nose into the frosty wind and shuffled her gloved fingers through a little pile of snow on the roof of the Bucket of Blood, pulling from it a nearly un-recognizable mass of knitted red yarn.

She slipped out of her shoes and, in her stocking-feet, crossed the narrow board that bridged the road between the roof of The Bucket and the roof of Gadget’s emporium. Experience had long ago taught her never to cross something narrow in shoes, so her feet were near frozen even before she hopped into the ankle-deep snow on Gadget’s roof.

She crossed the roof and looked down to a little house, with a little door, that opened onto a little balcony. She leaned over the roof and dropped Tenk’s toque down behind one of the flowerpots: the sort of place one might easily over-look something for the better part of a busy year.

She smiled down at it, whispered a word to the North Wind and hurried back to the Bucket’s roof to collect her shoes before frostbite set in.  

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