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The great hospital escape (safe haven) (feb3)

Snow whinned as he learned he might be in here another few days, and started to push himself to sit up, Tepic looks at his new friend, head tilted to one side.. “Hmmm.  Ain’t never been shot meself, kinda difficult ter shot a fox as knows yer aimin at it….” Tepic says and blinks, “But I seen pleanty of them as has been, an that’s mighty quick healin…course, Mr Arnold heals quick like that…..”

Mister Arnold seemed surprised, “I do?”

“Well yes, yer got shot in the head, yer shoulda been flat on yer back fer months!”  Tepic told him, which seemed to be news to the cat.  “Like Dr. Solsen…”

“An that Cagank is too interested in them as heals fast, recon we needs ter get Snow somewhere safe soon as possible!”  

Leon looked over to Tepic confused, “What do you meen interested in those that heal fast?”

“Most of them as were brought in special to the Asylum were people who don’t get hurt too easy, or get better quick….”

Snow shivered and thought to himself -healing…fast…I have always healed fast.  It’s what I’ve been… then again before I came here…… I only knew of the wolf…. now… so many things I’ve seen… monsters….. ravens…. what else could heal so fast or as fast as he could he started to wonder.

Leon blinked, “And that makes them belong there why?”

“Well, they also ain’t really all there…”  Tepic added, and Arnold went on to describe one of the patients who had apparently poisoned not only her family, but herself.

“Yer best stayin here fer a bit, Snow, while we work out somewhere safe fer you,” Tepic said finally.

Snow groaned as he turned himself so his legs were hanging off the bed, “Oy dun wanna be stuck in bed a few more days” he said and tensed.  The gun wounds had healed faster then that of a normal person, but the deep claw marks were slow healing even now.  He held onto the bed and looked to everyone. “Oy… oy dun wanna wait longer…. oy got a bad feeling if oy wait longer.”

Arnold paused for a short time, looking at Snows distress, and then made his decision, “Alright Snow.  I’ll get the crutches…just be quiet about it.”

Tepic snapped his fingers, “We could always bring ‘im in your chair, Mr Arnold, an race ‘im over to the Vole?”

“The chair is a problem.  It flew off yesterday when I lost control.”  At an exclamation from Tepic he nodded, and gripped his head again, “Yes…it’s free to whoever finds it.”  

While Tepic tapped his chin, musing that there had been some good stuff on that chair, Leon nodded to his friend, “Oy get used to crutches before moving too much Snow.  Its okward first time.”

“I…the hospital does have other wheel chairs…but I don’t think anyone will sign you out like this.  You’d have to sneak out.”  

The plan started to take form from there, Tepic and Leon would lead him out while Arnold would keep the front desk distracted for a minute or two.  Arnold went and got the wheelchair, while Tepic picked up a few things Snow would need from the cabinets.  In no time Snow was in the chair and Arnold was heading to the front desk to tell them that his head was hurting.  From the look of it he wasn’t going to be lying.

As soon as they were sure it was clear for them to make their run Tepic nodded to Leon who grabbed the wheelchair, “Time ter be off then! Come on, quick….” Leon followed him as they make their way quickly through the back, and then through the alleys towards the warren’s hideout.  After some work they carefully lowered him down onto the frozen canals and then finally made it to the safety of the warrens.

As they get in and get a place for Snow set up in a makeshift bed Tepic and leon started to talk a bit about how things have been, Leon mentioning he had started dipping again now that the bum thing was over, mainly targeting those foreigners working at the dock, showing the nice coin purse he had built up, and mentioning how he always had knack for finding shiny coins anywhere he went. Tepic does warn leon not to get caught there was not any cops around but urchins who were caught were usually given beatings instead as around that time Arnold arrived.

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  1. Mr. Arnold Mr. Arnold February 7, 2013

    Arnold laid down on the cat bed while Snow nestled on the tiny mattress.  He had come back hours after the ‘escape’ to see what happened.  Dr. Viper had not been happy to find a missing patient and wheelchair, and had sent out a nurse to look for both.  Arnold would return that himself eventually.

    Tepic, Leon, Snow, and Arnold talked for some time while he rested his head.  The headaches got worse throughout the day.  The more people talked, the more he thought, the more active he was the worse they became usually.  Perhaps Tepic was right and he should have still been in bed.

    He couldn’t have stood it much longer though; he often had the same restless feelings that drove cats to run free or into another area sometimes, even if it was just another room.  If he had to settle for walking at the moment it was the same.

    While they spoke Tepic told him about the Flying Vole and that seemed to unleash a torrent of memories…memories of a dinosaur who was trying to kill him.  

    He still couldn’t remember his parents, nor milking an Air Kraken when Tepic asked: He did recollect holding a bomb while jumping off a roof, dangling from a rope to an out of control air balloon, dodging a giant metalic robot trying to smash him under its foot, and screaming a lot.  He seemed to scream more often in his memories than anything else.

    With the memories came the migraines, and he soon put his head down and rested.  When they found someone outside with their brain ‘enhanced’ and in need of help all he could do was tell them he was going back to bed and good luck.

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