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The Gangplank Goes Fishing

The Gangplank moved its operations to the ice village for the evening.

(There is milk on the ice, Martin, along with some rum cookies.  Cadmus can suck wiggyfish.)


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  1. Mr. Arnold Mr. Arnold February 23, 2013

    They had been enjoying their time on the ice while Arnold and Lilith had taken turns playing music while they fished and enjoyed the company out on the ice despite the temperatures.  But while talking about the ‘rats’ in the cellar Arnold mentioned something else that caught Emerson’s attention.

    “Stop playing and focus on me with your wonky eye too!  You saw Petharic?  Above ground?” 

    “…yes.  He gave me a message for you at the Porthead.”  He was sure it was the Porthead at least…

    Emerson frowned at him, “You told me this already?”

    “You were smoking at the time, but yes.”  Or had he been drinking?  He hadn’t seemed to be able to stay in his chair either way.

    “Did you tell me when I was sober?”

    “No…” he supposed.

    “Damn it man, what’s wrong with you?”

    Arnold stared at him and wondered if that deigned a response.

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