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The Fight Report

It had been a much better night with more people fighting, which was good, Tepic thought as he doused the lamps around the ring. It might be better to change the first rule though, as if no one was allowed to talk about the fight club, how could new people learn about it?

There had been a flurry of betting, especially when the two Moreau gentlemen had stood toe to toe. Everyone had expected the heavier lion chap to be victorious, but Tepic had seen them warming up earlier so had placed his wager on the smaller but much faster striped man, and now had a pocketfull of coins jangling happily in his pocket.

His own bouts had gone well, and he had won every one. The others hadn’t twigged his strategy yet, but it wouldn’t be long before they realised and then his fights would get harder. He had noticed early on that if you dashed in as soon as you were given the go, and thumped as quickly as you could with short jabs it tended to disorientate your opponent. Course, you had to accept you were  going to be hit, but while they were trying to think which punch to throw next you could pummel them with small hits. Then as soon as they tried to back away, you could pull back into the centre of the ring, keeping control and turing to follow them as they tried to regain their composure. Soon as you caught your breath, it was back in with a flurry of punches, then back again….. By this time, they would be gettin worried, so next time you dashed forward they would try to duck out or cower back, so you would get hit less, and probably get them back on the ropes. Back again for a breather, then in for the kill!

Once they were down, if it looked like they were getting up, a roundhouse or other big punch would put them back down without tiring you too much, and then you were set!

They would cotton on soon, but until they did, he would be King of the Ring!

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