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The Fiend Strikes Again!



This toime it’s poor little Emma …

[17:26] Jon Chen: oh my.
[17:26] Creaky Gloom: Well well well
[17:26] Zaida Gearbox gets out her sling shot
[17:26] Emma Walsh looks at Creaky and freezes
[17:26] Zaida Gearbox fires a stone at creaky
[17:26] Jimmy Branagh: Hey Slim, you know about this guy?
[17:26] Becky Blackcinder: I don’t see anybody…
[17:26] Emma Walsh: That’s CREAKY?!
[17:26] Karlin Lutrova screams
[17:26] Creaky Gloom: What a charming scene
[17:26] Jon Chen: throws the lit candle at Creaky!!!
[17:26] Becky Blackcinder JUMPS.
[17:27] Creaky Gloom grins malevolently
[17:27] Zaida Gearbox grabs another stone and loads it in her sling shot.
[17:27] Jon Chen: well, I’ve seen him
[17:28] Jimmy Branagh: Whaddaya want, Gloom?
[17:28] Jon Chen: I can say that much!
[17:28] Creaky Gloom scans the room
[17:28] Zaida Gearbox fires another stone at creaky
[17:28] Emma Walsh backs away uncomfortably…
[17:28] Jimmy Branagh: Stay away from this guy
[17:28] Cyan Rayna: If I remember correctly weapons don’t phase him
[17:28] Creaky Gloom: So have you feasted well?
[17:28] Cyan Rayna: but never had a zapper then
[17:28] Nathan Adored stands there, on the other aide of the table from Creaky…. feeling his heart beetbeetbeeting in his chest, while keeping the illusion of calm……
[17:29] Jimmy Branagh: Not me.  ‘aven;t eaten in days
[17:29] Jon Chen: and they get done in by angry mobs!!!
[17:29] Zaida Gearbox: imma nothin’ but skin an’ bones
[17:29] Emma Walsh wishes she hadn’t swiped that chicken earlier…
[17:29] Creaky Gloom: What is Christmas for if not for eating up?
[17:29] Creaky Gloom analyzes the kids one after the other
[17:29] Becky Blackcinder: Hey spooky eyes, what’re you doing in our hideout?
[17:29] Jon Chen: Christmas is over….
[17:30] Jon Chen: we’re nearly at 12th night!
[17:30] Becky Blackcinder musters pretty much all her courage, to say that, and hopes it doesn’t sow in her voice.
[17:30] Zaida Gearbox loads a cherry bomb into her sling shot
[17:30] Creaky Gloom stares at the black haired girl. “Why, I’m shopping of course.”
[17:30] Jimmy Branagh pulls his blade
[17:30] Creaky Gloom grins and his eyes shine
[17:30] Becky Blackcinder takes a step back.
[17:30] Creaky Gloom: Oh…. What have we got there?
[17:30] Creaky Gloom glances at the red haired girl in the corner and grins wider
[17:31] Emma Walsh: Hey….wait!
[17:31] Creaky Gloom: You look quite plump
[17:31] Emma Walsh: NO!
[17:31] Nathan Adored carefully and calmly stands his ground….
[17:31] Emma Walsh: GET AWAY!
[17:31] Jimmy Branagh: Emma!  Get away from there!
[17:31] Creaky Gloom grabs the girl by the arm and pulls her in the air
[17:31] Emma Walsh: NOO!~  NOOO!
[17:31] Creaky Gloom: Come with me.
[17:31] Emma Walsh: HELP!!!!
[17:31] Jon Chen: Jimmy, I’ve got one shot…
[17:31] Zaida Gearbox fires another stone at creeky’s head
[17:31] Jimmy Branagh: Weapons are no good …
[17:31] Jon Chen: !
[17:31] Creaky Gloom flings the girl in his sack
[17:31] Jon Chen: Hey!
[17:31] Cyan Rayna: darn thought the zapper might work
[17:31] Creaky Gloom: Hmmmm
[17:31] Creaky Gloom: Should I get another one?
[17:32] Creaky Gloom looks around him at the kids
[17:32] Cyan Rayna: hey there’s a bunch of us and one of him
[17:32] Zaida Gearbox screams in outrage produces a knife and runs to cut a hole in the bag, “if anyone’s gonna eat emma it’s gonna be me!”
[17:32] Creaky Gloom: All so nice and waiting for me to take them
[17:32] Cyan Rayna: why don’t we all attack him
[17:32] Jimmy Branagh: Ya can’t hurt him Cyan
[17:32] Jon Chen: He’s got a pickaxe!
[17:32] Creaky Gloom grabs Zaida’s arm and lifts her in the air
[17:32] Cyan Rayna: who said anything about hurting him
[17:32] Cyan Rayna: I mean hiolding him down
[17:32] Jimmy Branagh: Zaida!
[17:33] Zaida Gearbox bites creeky as hard as she can
[17:33] Jimmy Branagh: Damn you Gloom!
[17:33] Creaky Gloom shakes Zaida off and departs
[17:33] Creaky Gloom: See you next time.
[17:33] Nathan Adored: fires off a shot at Creaky as he tries to drag away Zaida
[17:33] Becky Blackcinder: COME BACK HERE WITH HER!!
[17:33] Zaida Gearbox loads another stone into her sling shot and fires it
[17:33] Jon Chen: damn he’s fast!!
[17:33] Jon Chen: for such a big fellow!!
[17:34] Jimmy Branagh: Vanished, as awlwhys
[17:34] Cyan Rayna: What kind-of thing is he
[17:34] Jon Chen: as always!?!?!?
[17:34] Jon Chen: ya, that’s NOT scientific!!!
[17:34] Jon Chen: not at all!
[17:34] Cyan Rayna: He’s impervious to weapons
[17:34] Zaida Gearbox cries tears of rage
[17:34] Nathan Adored stands there visibly shaken that we’ve…. we;ve…. lost another urchin……
[17:34] Jon Chen: just as well, I had only one shot.
[17:34] Cyan Rayna: have you tried ganging up on him and tying him down
[17:34] Jon Chen: he’s got a pickaxe….
[17:35] Cyan Rayna: yeah but he can’t swing at all of us
[17:35] Nathan Adored: I think we…. we’re…. We gotta make this place more…..  fortress like at the entrance….
[17:35] Jon Chen: but he’s *very* fast…
[17:35] Jon Chen: Ya….
[17:35] Jimmy Branagh: ‘ee’s faster than ‘ee looks
[17:35] Jon Chen: maybe a door ….
[17:36] Jon Chen: well….bugger.
[17:36] Cyan Rayna: Well he let me go
[17:36] Nathan Adored: big, thick, metal door….
[17:36] Jimmy Branagh: Well …
[17:36] Jon Chen: That’s good.
[17:36] Jimmy Branagh: Oy guess the meeting is adjourned …
[17:36] Cyan Rayna: when I was captured in Steelhead a few years ago
[17:36] Nathan Adored: big, thick, electrified metal door with spikes on it….
[17:36] Cyan Rayna: maybe he won’t hurt emma eithers
[17:36] Jon Chen: yeah, maybe…
[17:36] Nathan Adored shudders
[17:37] Jon Chen: wait and hope, I guess…
[17:37] Jimmy Branagh: All ya can do
[17:37] Jon Chen whispers: watch w the gun nathan!!!
[17:37] Nathan Adored suddenly realises he’s still holding his PPG out….
[17:37] Nathan Adored puts it away…. still shaking a little…..
[17:37] Cyan Rayna: …
[17:38] Nathan Adored: well, I guess it’s confirmed…. plastma bolts don’t hurt him….
[17:38] Jimmy Branagh: Awlroight then, Oy’m off.  Wotch yer backs
[17:38] Cyan Rayna: Nor does the zapper
[17:38] Becky Blackcinder: Stay safe please, Jimmy.
[17:39] Nathan Adored: How…. how did… you….?
[17:39] Jimmy Branagh: Don;t turn yer backs to a door!
[17:39] Becky Blackcinder looks earnestly at her friend.
[17:39] Jimmy Branagh: Be careful, noight
[17:39] Cyan Rayna: Night Jimmy


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