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The Farmer’s Daughter

This here is a shot of me and my pa who I just call ‘Pa.’ It were taken two years ago on my farm. It were the day them two chronic misfits, Sir Emerson and his lad, Squire Malus come calling for the first time. Them two dumb buggers drove their fancy city-slicker steam buggy into a worm hole me and Pa was fixing on converting into a bear trap. Weren’t useful for nothing but storing manure after that. See, what happened was they frigged the sides of that pit right some good in the crash. Made it all weak and such.

Anyway, this here picture was me and Pa saving them two. We done saved them many times since that night. They keep coming back. They is like sticky tape you just can’t shake off your fingers. That young squire has a thing for my little sister. At first it bothered me some but as she been married and widowed four times now I figure to just let her make her own decisions when it come to men.

By the way, that fancy steam buggy fixed up real nice. Pa and me gets the plowing done in no time now that we stuck a blade on the front.

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