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the end of kane?..

dear little diary,

kane may never make it back anymore… i am so terribly sad about that, and i feel it is rather my fault…   and it is all because i was selfishly fretting over underby, how he has quite vanished and everything…

perhaps i ought explain?… then i may feel a little better… for if i do not unburden myself then perhaps i shall simply burst!… and cry an awful lot, and i shouldn’t like to do that, for i may not ever stop…

well… you see, all the urchins were asleep in the old theatre… and i simply could not sleep at all!, for my mind was rather haunted by the ghosts of underby, and of pip, whom always seems to slip away, rather… how pip taught me to dance across the rooftops… and then i fretted dreadfully over where on earth underby could be? and what may have happened to him!, for even tho’ he was rather horrid to folk sometimes, and not a terribly patient stepfather, one does worry so.  for he was often kind to me, and taught me the tarot, and a little of the the art of divination, and how to mix a bloody mary properly for top hatted gentleman, and other mysteries like that.

and then i thought rather a lot on my mother, whom in her amnesia has quite forgotten me to go a-courting with mister baroque, whom despises children. ‘specially ones whom believe in magick rather…

and i stared up at gillhooly’s bunk over mine, and listened to the distant machines and foghorns fuming and bellowing, until at last i could not stand it any longer!, and i threw aside the moth-eaten quilt and snatched my satchel from under my bunk, in which i kept my diary and all my old magickal belongings, silly books and charms and parchments and such, and a rather stupid reality enforcement bracelet dear mad doctor mason made to keep the world from flying apart, only it once turned poor kane to stone…

and dear gilly must have woken when he heard me with his mousey ears, for he called down from his bunk, in his rather sweet hoarse whisper, “hoy, lo!  watcha up to then?”

and i hissed at him quite peevishly indeed (tho’ he did not deserve any such thing, since he is so kind and always speaks out for me, no matter how foolish i am being),.. “i am sorting out some old belongings i rather don’t need anymore! what is it of your business quite what i do?!” (but that is only since i was rather upset and felt like bursting into tears)…

“blimey…” he whispered, with rather large round eyes, “are you running away again?” ..tho’ i could not stop and answer, for i knew that if i did not dart outside immediately, i should only be able to answer him in hideous sobs…

and i ran and i ran out in the chill night air, until i came to the harbourside… and i stood in my nightdress at the docklands, and i reached into my satchel and grabbed lots of things and tossed them into the foamy seawaters.. icons, and runes, and some dreadful ugly tome called the nekocomiccon or something

.. .and as i threw things into the foam, i barely noticed the tears running down my cheeks, nor did i notice i was sniffling particularly, and i certainly did not feel at all betrayed nor left alone to fend for oneself!… for i felt i was rather leaving my old little self behind, and i was feeling more and more grown up, the more meaningless magickal trinkets and baubles i tossed about on the waves.. .

and the next thing i knew, i could hear a boy’s voice calling “lo!” from afar, and i knew it to be gilly’s, and i threw my satchel to the ground, crying out, “o, leave me alone, do!” … even tho’ i rather didn’t want to be left alone… and gilly appeared ghostlike out of the darkness and fog, puffing from his run rather a lot,  and like a proper gentleman,  he knelt down and picked up my bag and offered it to me, saying, “here… “

and i am afraid i was rather rude indeed, and shouted at him, “i do not need such dreadful rubbish!.. can you not understand i have left all that nonsense quite behind me!…”

and then i stopped, for i heard a strange crackling and fizzling, muffled, coming from the bag, and smelt a burning… and the bracelet was glowing a shocking and vibrant shade of aquamarine, and buzzing tremulously!… and in my surprise, i took it and threw it into the waves, and sparks flew all about! and there was foaming and sizzling, and then some sort of lightning flew all between the floating books and the bracelet,

and i heard a flapping of mechanical wings above me, and then kane!  kane swooped down! right in front of us! and covered me and gilly with his vast iron wings,

and he sheltered us!.. i can hardly believe it… as a roaring shattering explosion shot out of the water behind our kind protector, and pelted all the world with a shock of rocks and a shower of ice… and it seemed to go on and on forever and ever… and i shut my eyes and silently promised the universe that if only gilly and i may survive then i may never complain nor ever feel alone ever again, if only the loudness and the pounding all around us would stop…

and then… and then it was awfully quiet… and i opened my eyes and i look up and kane… poor, dear kane, was but a shadow of himself… singed and frozen and broken all to bits…  and in the gassy lamplight, his silent beak was still nobly looking down at us!… but his eyes were only empty glitering gems, and his spirit had quite flown from them…

and gilly shook himself awake and looked up and said, “o no… ” and then we both cried, “kane?…” a little, and “don’t leave us!’ and such,

and then we climbed out from under his heavy iron wings and looked about for someone to help us! anyone!… but there was no-one

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    • LoPxie Artful LoPxie Artful April 14, 2011

      yes, jimmy, it is dreadfully upsetting!

    • LoPxie Artful LoPxie Artful April 14, 2011

      o, miss star, please do not feel awful for me!.. for it is kane one ought worry about, after all…

      • Blackberry Harvey Blackberry Harvey April 14, 2011

        ((Thank you Lo.  I know I asked you to do this but it’s still painful.))

  1. Blackberry Harvey Blackberry Harvey April 14, 2011

    Poor Kane.  We need heroes right now!  Can he not be repaired?

  2. Bianca Namori Bianca Namori September 18, 2011

    ((Poor Kane AND Lo…what a horrible situation, but a very well written entry.))

  3. Zaida Gearbox Zaida Gearbox September 19, 2011

    Oh no!  Dat’s terrible!  I liked Mr. Kane.  Him was so nice…  *hugs Lo and Gilly*

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