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The dream speaks to me….

I hear a voice screaming in the distance as I am being thrown to and fro.  How odd, This should not be happening in a dream should it?  The voice fades in the distance and the motion grows less violent as I watch the crabs in Babbage follow me as I walk through the town.  I hear the bells pealing and see the glow of a fire as I wander, wander, wander.  I come across a grave yard and am drawn towards it as a moth to a flame. The little crabs continue to follow, nipping at my heels like a pack of rat terriers.  They stop in their tracks as I approach a head stone covered with freshly fallen snow.  The stone is unique, one that I have never seen in the walks within the sooty city before.  The stone work is crude and the stone itself is old, old, old.  I can see three spiral shapes on it not unlike water spouts on the front face of the stone.  As I stumble closer I feel a spirit, female and happy to see me like an old friend it feels.  The heavy dark presence that lies upon me lately sloughs off like an old skin.  I am happy, happy, happy.  I want to stay here and talk with this spirit so badly.  Could this be the spirit of Babbage that connected to me through the passage of the mad ghost Metier?  I start to settle in for a long chat and then am grabbed and thrown about again as the screaming returns…

Iyou…IYOU…IYOU !!!

Wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up !!!

I force myself to open my eyes somehow to blurry see Belldandy screaming at me while shaking my shoulders and slapping my cheeks.  I seize her wrist and twist it as she starts another slap to my face.

“OW !!  Let go sister.  I meant no harm.  You weren’t breathing!  I would not have known until the sake cup fell from your hand and I looked over here.”  Belldandy rubs her wrist as I sit up straight in the writing desk chair.

I look over to her with guilt in my eyes, “It happened again didn’t it Bell-chan?”

“Yes Iyou.  You entered the waking dream state again.  But you never stopped breathing like this before.  What happened?”

“I think the spirit of Babbage contacted me Belldandy.  I think I know where it lies in the city, but I do not know exactly where.”

“Which means?”

“Which means I must walk the streets again and look for the grave yard it has shown me and when I find it then to look for a certain stone.”

“This is madness Iyou! This is beyond dangerous.  I must go with you.”

“We’ll see Bell-chan.  Let me rest a bit more.”  I stagger over to the ladder and climb up to the bed loft, Belldandy supporting me all the way to my bed.

“Watch over me sister-miko if I drift into the dream too deeply again.”

“Hai, with my soul and life Iyou.”



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