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The Dark Aether _ The Machine _ Part Two

Breezy often spent time alone .. Oh she has a few close bonds , they know who they are ..But this evening ,she wanted to be alone .. She wanted to get to the bottom and go visit the oddity in her garden yet again .


What was causing the horrid smell, what was that humming sound ? It was both haunting and daunting to her . She could not get her mind off of “The Machine” . There were others  in New Babbage also writing of these Machines.


 Soon she found herself .. turning and walking to the other side of the garden, calmly she walked to the stone .. and then ……..


With a snap she was being consumed by the very earth itself .. Her heart was beating so fast .. she could not break from the quick sand of the garden’s hold .. Wait Wait Wait ….she screamed .. No one came .. No one heard her , For she did this .. She wanted to be alone ..


Really ????


Breezy , Gasp ! Found herself on The ((adorable new )) Canal Stop Bench when she woke up cold and frightened .. She Looked down @ Her Bumbershoot .. What was to happen to her home ?  What was happening to New Babbage  ??

When was it all going to begin to make sense ?  Was it time to talk to others ?  Would they even talk to her?    Was she simply going out of her mind ?? (( More so then Usual ? ))

* Note to self : gosh Blogging on this thing … is  work !

 ** This Thing = being The Non Ning !!!!

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