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The Dangers of Rampant Orientalism!!!!!

These are the front doors to that bastion of SCIENCE!!!, The Clarendon.  While we applaud the sentiment in celebrating the crowning triumph of human endeavors (SCIENCE!!!) with a suitably ornate edifice, we see that ancient techniques of construction may not be the best way to do this.  Look, look at the sidewalk in front: imported marble, and the walls?  Not the solid brick of New Babbage, not at ALL.  And the doors?!  Fragile beyond belief, as are the mosaics surrounding all three doors — and they’s so awfully shiny, I can’t get a good angle to take a proper photo without some sort of solar artifact, a flaring of the lens you might call it!  And that’s not REAL brass — it gleams FAR too much! I ask you, however was this built!??!  Will this construction withstand the test of time, or will it become a tomb for those unfortunates trapped within it, the moment there’s a minor ground tremor?!  It’s fancy enough to be a Hotel!  Wait a minute!!?!?  Not that I am saying anything, but I’m just saying: follow the Irish Linen!!!

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