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I’m sitting in the
Absinthe bar, writing these notes. I know who are the men in the
black robes, the Followers of Malkuth, and why are they here. And I
think I know more about the nature of the Babbage beast already,
although I still have no clue about how to get rid of it. But first
things first.


Shortly after Mr.
Blindside disappeared, his satchel was found near the excavation
site. It contained several letters from a man named Frederic Von
Battersby to Mr. Blindside, mentioning the old crypt of Malkuth under
Cobblestone street, the same place where poor Willard Steamweaver
provided his experiments and which I visited already last year during
the search for information about The 13 Club, and a document from Van
Creed archives (signed as „The Light“). It seems there was
another, old excavation site in Clockhaven, with some interesting
finds about the Order of Malkuth. I decided to explore both of these

The crypt under
Cobblestone street was my fist choice, since I was already familiar
with the place. The Steamweaver’s laboratory was still there,
untouched, even the old phonograph cylinders with his recordings were
still on their place. But something terrible must have happened
recently – two coffins were open, empty. I thought it was a case of
a grave robbery at first… but I was wrong, as I understood later.


I managed to open the
third coffin (although I had to consult the Babbage library first),
very well aware it could be me this time who could be accused of
grave robbery. There was a body of a man (it’s hard to
tell, it must be several hundreds of years old) covered with a large
shield. I thought it’s a dead end this time, since I had no idea who
the dead man could be, but only by a happy accident I found something
which led me later to the grave of poor Helen, to understanding where
the Babbage beast came from, and who are the Followers of the



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