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The Case of the Postmortem Body Snatchers

It had been a quiet winter…so far… other than the issue with the clocks… and with Beryl… and all the homes being robbed of Brooms,  but things seemed to be going back to normal, though the hospital and asylum still had been on edge. It helped now having security that was commissioned by the hospital.

Kasa sat in her office working over papers, with the key builder locked in the Asylum, the new hospital work needed more outsourcing which was making things more difficult. Her ears twitching at a rapping on her office door. “Come in, it’s unlocked.” She says as one of the orderlies led in a messenger.

Kasa nods “Odd to see a messenger at this hour” She says looking at the clock, it was late evening. But the rabbit had lived in her office the past few weeks.  She was only home to do small things.

The Messenger nods, “Sorry but I was sent by the company that has been holding the…. you know.” They looked particularly uncomfortable. “As your rebuild goes on…”

Kasa’s eyes instantly narrowed, “Something wrong….. I already made sure they were paid through February…”The messenger shook his head and pulled an envelope out and set it on her desk.

The rabbit slowly opened it up and started to skim through it before her ears dropped. Her blood turning cold, “GO…. and tell your bosses I WANT A FULL REFUND OF THE MONEY SPENT!” She slammed the letter to her desk and the messenger jumped in surprise, or startled.  They hurried out the door in a rush.  

The night staff looked amazed at the outburst.  This type of behavior never happened, though it was clear she had been changing since the winter.  They were only more shocked when Kasa’s office reverberated as things were thrown about her office.

For some time no one dared enter, until Dr. Sonnerstien quietly rapped his knuckles on the door frame of Kasa’s makeshift office. Since it was wide open with the messenger fleeing he asks softly “Something the matter Kasa?”

The rabbit growled within the thrashed room, her desk the only thing still standing, “THE PROBLEM IS BAD HELP…. I do all this work.. The construction got delayed.. And now to make things even worse… we had someone rob the morgue of all the bodies… they did not touch the tools… the gear… the machines… or even the FREAKING MEDICINE… they only took the bodies.”

A look of concern came across Sonnerstiens face as he frowned and ducked into the office “Stolen? Who would steal.. Just the bodies?” She growls and slams her fist on her desk “I DON’T KNOW” She says before righting her chair and slumping back into it with a groan of defeat. “I literally have no idea”

Sonnerstien nods as he starts to crouch down and pick up a few things from her desk that were now on the floor. “Who in particular were stored there”

Kasa slowly looks up “Rufus… Lucas… Percy… and…. Prometheus… are the big names stars of our morgue… But we have a few.. Some who died of old age…a couple urchins…” She says remembering the days they were causing issues in town and hearing the story of the final fight with that bear and the damage all of them caused.

Sonnerstien nods “What do you want to bet someone has plans for them…? “He frowned, standing back up with a sigh once Kasa’s floor was in better order

Kasa slowly looks down “That is what concerns me the most… and this time it has to be my fault.. I thought they would be safe at an undisclosed location only I know about and a few of the staff like you… Jekyll… “ She says softly

Sonnerstien  nodded” Notify families first though. We don’t want them finding out through rumor. Try to reassure them we’ll be doing all we can to recover them. “he frowned at a thought” Either we have some scientists purchasing cadavers for study and experimentation or someone took all of them to cover for targeted ones like Prometheus and has rather unsavory plans for them…Either one is not good.”

She sighs “I will notify the family’s… I am going to send a wire for Captain Henrichs… as well as Wright and Anubis and Damocles… I know Lilith comes to volunteer now and then but I want to keep this silent from her for now… not sure we should be the ones letting her or Freya know.”

Sonnerstien nods “let me know if you need anything.” He says as he steps on out to go back to his office.

Kasa sighs leaning back as she thinks, ‘A bottle of alcohol… and more of my cigars.’  She would need that much to write out the letters, as she makes sure her first few are together a few important people.. Or at least.. Notify them.

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