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The Bounty of the Sea! WIGGYFISH!

The past day was singularly the most successful day of wiggyfish fishing I have experienced!

I had to return to port after just four hours with as my hold was full and I even had a few fish stacked on the after deck.

I have no explanation for the massive schools of wiggyfish that have collected in the Vernian.  Until yesterday I had assumed wiggyfish to be a very solitary creature.  The fish were so thick I do believe I could have stepped off the boat and walked across their backs!

If this good fortune continues, I will need to invest in additional canning equipment!



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  1. Kristos Sonnerstein Kristos Sonnerstein August 14, 2011

    My goodness! A good thing you didn’t actually attempt to walk across their backs. I’d dare say you’d lose a few feet to their jaws.

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