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The beginning of the end…

So…it has begun…

Yesterday, which was “Day 2” of the outbreak, he got out.  I thought that perhaps the toxic injections i rammed into the crate would have slowed down old Burns, i guess it didnt.  A large team of Babbage Militia managed to catch up with Burns inside the museum.  Unfortunatley weapons are virtually useless against old Burns, i suppose a few millennia traped in a coffin next to some weird babylonian stone does have effects.

Burns was last seen heading towards the Academy region…he’s trying to get to the…others…trapped down below the hotel.  If anything is left of the old Burns in that walking abomination he probably senses im here.

As for the aftermath of the first encounter.  Poor Elleon was attacked, along with Bookworm and several others.  My ensurances that the scratches wouldnt do anything was soon replaced with abject terror in the eyes of Elleon once i explained the full story of whats going on here.  I had thought that the containment of most of the fog within the museum would have culled the spread, but it turns out there was air vent fans in the museum which I didnt know about, it blew the pathogen into the air of the city.  If anyone has breathed New Babbage during the past 2 days…they have a risk of contracting the pathogen.

Wether the entire city will be infected, or only folks who came into close contact with the biggest concentration of it in the Babbage Square sim is anyone guess.  The is mid autumn in Babbage, the winds blow in all directions in the city at this time of year, theoretically, the entire city could be infected.

As today progresses into the late evening, the transformation of the folks who have been infected will start to enter into maturity…they will become what the local populace call “zombies” although that term is actually untrue.  True zombies are raised undead who shamble about with no cognitive functions….

…this pathogen however only mimics the look and appearance of a “zombie”.  Some folks may still have their wits about them…others though…other may go insane, and literally regress into a more zombie like nature…

Everything hinges on Day 4…sunday…sunday is the day that this must end, once and for all.

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  1. Skyler Gant Skyler Gant October 9, 2010

    Good thing I’m dead already or else I’d be worried ’bout that.

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