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The Beest is trapped!!!.. but escapes in an explosion!!!

Bugger me! Right after poor old Nat ‘ad ‘is leg sawed off the Beest turns up! I caught ‘im in me trap but someone blew a bloomin ‘ole in it from the sewer!

While I was searching the sewer for clues I heard the Malkuth geezer turn up above and tell Myrtil and Tepic that there is a body in the port!


Back to the drawing board!

P.S. Anyone want to buy 50 tons of scrap iron?


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  1. Loki Eliot Loki Eliot December 5, 2010

    [13:42] Rhianon Jameson: Greetings, Master Loki

    [13:42] Imogen Riverstone: Evening.

    [13:42] Victor1st Mornington waves

    [13:42] Loki Eliot shouts: NAT!!!?

    [13:42] Elilka Sieyes looks to the Doctor. “His friend Myrtil was administering his prescribed laudanum, after his injury. “

    [13:42] Elleon Bergamasco: hello Miss

    [13:42] Loki Eliot: STILL GOT YU LEG NAT!??

    [13:42] Queer Hermit: He is recovering Master Loki

    [13:42] Victor1st Mornington: no Loki, his leg has been removed

    [13:42] Elleon Bergamasco: Hallo Loki

    [13:42] Queer Hermit: and no, the leg was removed.

    [13:42] Loki Eliot shouts: OMGGGG!!!

    [13:43] Elleon Bergamasco: sad news I’m afraid

    [13:43] Loki Eliot: oh nO

    [13:43] Katri Kaligawa: Let us carry the child to his bed

    [13:43] Elilka Sieyes nods.

    [13:43] Elleon Bergamasco: he’s under good care tho

    [13:43] Gadget Starsider shakes his head…”I’m gonna show that beest what for”

    [13:43] Loki Eliot: theres me thinking his nick nem would only be temporary

    [13:43] Elleon Bergamasco: best doctors in Babbage

    [13:43] Kristos Sonnerstein: Would you wish for me to?

    [13:43] Elilka Sieyes lifts the child to the bed.

    [13:43] Kristos Sonnerstein: Ah, nevermind then.

    [13:43] Gadget Starsider: Thank you Doctor

    [13:44] Kristos Sonnerstein: Goodness.

    [13:44] Taliesin Daines: Did anyone bring Nat something to eat?

    [13:44] Katri Kaligawa: You’ll be fine in no time

    [13:44] Kristos Sonnerstein: Lost your way wandering from the turkish bath, Miss?

    [13:44] Loki Eliot: cant believe it :(

    [13:44] Kiee Poppy: yes

    [13:44] Victor1st Mornington digs around in his pocket

    [13:44] Queer Hermit: A few urchins ran up up to the Cocoajava for some cake

    [13:44] Kristos Sonnerstein: Well, this is Dr. Kaligawa’s medical clinic.

    [13:45] Elilka Sieyes: Doctor…thank you for your expertise, and your facilities.

    [13:45] Loki Eliot: cant believe he has just one leg now

    [13:45] Katri Kaligawa: Thank you for your help, Dr Watson

    [13:45] Victor1st Mornington: here ya go Taliesen give this to Nat, it’ll hekp him recover *hands him a bar of dark chocolate*

    [13:45] Loki Eliot: we’re gonna have to make a lift of some kind so he can get into the loft

    [13:45] Elilka Sieyes: I was glad to assist.

    [13:45] Katri Kaligawa: Take care Nat

    [13:46] Gadget Starsider tips his hat to the lady doctor “thanks for taking care of ‘im Ma’m”

    [13:46] Taliesin Daines: Oh thank you, Mr. Mornington – I’ll pass it on

    [13:47] Elina Koskinen: Tea would be nice now.

    [13:47] Katri Kaligawa: Yes

    [13:47] Taliesin Daines: Um, here Dr. Kaligawa – Mr. Mornington gave me this bar of chocolate for Nat

    [13:47] Gadget Starsider: And thank you Doctor Watson

    [13:47] Elilka Sieyes: That’s very kind of you.

    [13:47] Nat Merit moans and rolls over in bed

    [13:47] Kristos Sonnerstein: And thank you both for permitting me to observe.

    [13:47] Katri Kaligawa: You’ll do well to feed him everything he likes to eat

    [13:47] Gadget Starsider: Can I sit with him and keep an eye?

    [13:48] Victor1st Mornington looks at his watch

    [13:48] Elleon Bergamasco: Hallo Miss Chernov

    [13:48] Katri Kaligawa: Yes

    [13:48] Queer Hermit: Seeing how this concluded properly, I think I will head back to home.

    [13:48] Natacha Chernov: Hello Miss Bergamasco, hello al

    [13:48] Elleon Bergamasco: I should go to the restaurant and whip up a nice hot meat pie for Nat..

    [13:48] Elina Koskinen makes room for the urchins

    [13:48] Elina Koskinen: Oh, hello people.

    [13:49] Elleon Bergamasco nods to the Doctors

    [13:49] Elleon Bergamasco: we were just ….erm…

    [13:49] Victor1st Mornington chuckles

    [13:49] Loki Eliot: poor nat

    [13:49] Gadget Starsider: Easy fella…your on the mend now

    [13:49] Nat Merit moans

    [13:49] Nat Merit: hurts

    [13:49] Katri Kaligawa: You can now go see the patient, the operation went well

    [13:50] Nat Merit tries to sit up and cries out

    [13:50] Gadget Starsider: Easy Nat….rest now

    [13:50] Victor1st Mornington: i….think i’ll wait till he’s more settled….

    [13:50] Nat Merit: bluddy hell it hurts!

    [13:50] Gadget Starsider: take it easy

    [13:50] Elleon Bergamasco: good idea

    [13:50] Nahemoth Fright shouts: NOA GAGGBA

    [13:50] Victor1st Mornington smells the air

    [13:50] Gadget Starsider: SHIT!

    [13:51] Victor1st Mornington: there it is!!!

    [13:51] Gadget Starsider: Beest!

    [13:51] Elleon Bergamasco: I think… I’ll just get to the restaurant

    [13:51] Elleon Bergamasco: what?

    [13:51] Natacha Chernov: oh no

    [13:51] Gadget Starsider loads blunderbuss

    [13:51] Nahemoth Fright tries to bite you!!!

    [13:51] Nahemoth Fright tries to bite you!!!

    [13:51] Elina Koskinen: Good lord.

    [13:51] Elilka Sieyes leans down to see whether Nat is rousing.

    [13:51] Elilka Sieyes: Do you need to be sick, child?

    [13:51] Natacha Chernov: Um, call Gadget! The trap!!

    [13:51] Elina Koskinen stands between the door and the monster D:

    [13:51] Nat Merit nods

    [13:51] Gadget Starsider: Quiet

    [13:52] Imogen Riverstone: Oh my!

    [13:52] Loki Eliot: its out side!!!

    [13:52] Elilka Sieyes: There there…

    [13:52] Elleon Bergamasco holds very still

    [13:52] Gadget Starsider: Shhh

    [13:52] Nat Merit: don’t feel good

    [13:52] Elilka Sieyes rolls Nat so that he can reach the chamber pot.

    [13:52] Gabriell Anatra: draw

    [13:52] Nat Merit: is it the beast?!

    [13:52] Loki Eliot: is it still in the street?

    [13:52] Queer Hermit: Where is it!

    [13:52] Elina Koskinen: Um, Watson…I thought you’d might want to know

    [13:52] Elilka Sieyes: Hush, don’t get up.

    [13:52] Nat Merit goes pale

    [13:52] Victor1st Mornington: i think we should beat a hasty retreat before that creature comes back….

    [13:52] Loki Eliot: YEH big ass turkey Baby

    [13:52] Elina Koskinen: There is a bit of a situation outside

    [13:52] Gadget Starsider: Shhh

    [13:52] Elilka Sieyes: The creature..??

    [13:53] Elilka Sieyes: My revolver is in…it’s in the sitting room.

    [13:53] Elina Koskinen: It was smaller than I imagined.

    [13:53] Elilka Sieyes: It’s gone?

    [13:53] Nat Merit tries to sit up and cries out in pain

    [13:53] Elleon Bergamasco: Yes!

    [13:53] Gadget Starsider: I cant get to the trap, I got to guard me mate

    [13:53] Elilka Sieyes: Damn.

    [13:53] Nahemoth Fright shouts: NO GAAABA GOO SLAGG FLESH!

    [13:53] Elina Koskinen: It ran towards the end of the street.

    [13:53] Elilka Sieyes: Now now, Nat. Just be calm, calm.

    [13:54] Gadget Starsider: Loki do you have a firearm?

    [13:54] Loki Eliot: we wont let in in Nat, yur safe

    [13:54] Kristos Sonnerstein: Oh no!

    [13:54] Nat Merit throws up, half hitting the chamber pot

    [13:54] Loki Eliot: its the New Visitors im worried about

    [13:54] Nat Merit: ughhh

    [13:54] Nat Merit: bleeding hell!

    [13:54] Gadget Starsider: Shhhh

    [13:54] Elina Koskinen: I don’t think I’ve ever seen the street this busy.

    [13:54] Victor1st Mornington: ok, got my revolver out, where is it?

    [13:55] Elilka Sieyes: You must understand, you’ve had a serious illness. Doctor Kaligawa and I were able to operate. You’ve done very well, Nat.

    [13:55] Taliesin Daines: Was there a monster here?

    [13:55] Nat Merit: operate?

    [13:55] Nat Merit: you sewed it up again?

    [13:55] Victor1st Mornington: how did it get up there!?

    [13:55] Tepic Harlequin: is Nat alright, Mr Holmes?

    [13:55] Nahemoth Fright shouts: SHESHGAHH GOOBABAB GAGHH!!

    [13:55] Elina Koskinen: Yes, the operation went well…he is feeling a bit uneasy after waking up.

    [13:56] Elina Koskinen: Oh, there it goes.

    [13:56] Elilka Sieyes: There, just a moment…

    [13:56] Imogen Riverstone: There it is!!!

    [13:56] Imogen Riverstone: I SEE IT!

    [13:56] Tepic Harlequin: hey! that’s the creature!

    [13:56] Nat Merit moans, eyes watering

    [13:56] Gadget Starsider whispers: Bloody ‘ell that beest ‘as timing

    [13:57] Gabriell Anatra shouts: The church!

    [13:57] Nat Merit: my leg hurts really bad! like you wouldn’t believe

    [13:57] Tepic Harlequin: here Mr Holmes, this backpack is full of food fer Nat! i’m off ter fighht the creature!

    [13:58] Tepic Harlequin thrusts his pack at Mr Holmes, and legs it down the street!

    [13:58] Victor1st Mornington: i dont think bullets can kill that thing

    [13:58] Nat Merit: did he say the beast is here?

    [13:58] Gadget Starsider: Loki are you armed?

    [13:58] Tepic Harlequin: where is it!

    [13:58] Nat Merit tries to sit up and screams from pain

    [13:58] Victor1st Mornington: ummm…run

    [13:58] Nat Merit swears like a sailor.

    [13:59] Elina Koskinen: Oh good heavens.

    [13:59] Gadget Starsider: Oh Shit! Quiet

    [13:59] Elilka Sieyes: Here, lie down. Nothing’s going to harm you in here.

    [13:59] Nat Merit: is someone in the trap?

    [13:59] Nat Merit: is gadget getting it?!

    [13:59] Elilka Sieyes hopes he’s telling the truth.

    [13:59] Gadget Starsider: No, Im in here guarding you! Shhhhh

    [13:59] Elilka Sieyes: Don’t you worry.

    [13:59] Elina Koskinen: It seems my duty is to guard the door….

    [13:59] Elina Koskinen takes out his gun

    [14:00] Elina Koskinen: There it goes!

    [14:00] Tepic Harlequin: there!

    [14:00] Nahemoth Fright shouts: NOGA BABAB!

    [14:00] Elilka Sieyes: The child is awake…still a little confused…what in god’s name is going on out there?

    [14:00] Natacha Chernov: It’s here!!!

    [14:00] Gadget Starsider: Mr Holmes! Guard Nat with your life Sir! Im gonna go for the trap!

    [14:00] Elina Koskinen: The monster is parading the street from end to end

    [14:01] Nahemoth Fright tries to bite you!!!

    [14:01] Nahemoth Fright tries to bite you!!!

    [14:01] Elina Koskinen: Watch out Tepic!!!

    [14:01] Elina Koskinen: No need for more leg amputees !

    [14:01] Victor1st Mornington: we need a bigger gun….

    [14:01] Victor1st Mornington shouts: it trapped!!!

    [14:02] Tepic Harlequin: Gadget’s got it!!!

    [14:02] Loki Eliot: OM GOD!!

    [14:02] Gadget Starsider shouts: I HAVE HIM!!!!

    [14:02] Natacha Chernov: good lord!

    [14:02] Loki Eliot: he done it

    [14:02] Gadget Starsider shouts: HE IS TRAPPED!!!!

    [14:02] Gadget Starsider shouts: WHERE ARE THE MALKUTH

    [14:02] Elleon Bergamasco shouts: Well Done!

    [14:02] Elina Koskinen: Seems like…they got it…

    [14:03] Elina Koskinen: The monster seems to be trapped.

    [14:03] Elina Koskinen: Phew, I say.

    [14:03] Victor1st Mornington: did someone drop a bomb into the trap? :-o

    [14:03] Elina Koskinen flops on the sofa

    [14:03] Taliesin Daines: Bully!

    [14:03] Victor1st Mornington: gadget! open it up!

    [14:03] Elilka Sieyes: Yes, Nat, now don’t you worry.

    [14:03] Gadget Starsider shouts: There was a big flash and a weird sound?

    [14:03] Loki Eliot: Yahy its trapped :)

    [14:03] Taliesin Daines: I thought I was a goner

    [14:04] Tepic Harlequin: i’m gonna make it pay!!!!!

    [14:04] Elilka Sieyes administers morphine.

    [14:04] Victor1st Mornington shouts: gadget open the trap quick!

    [14:04] Loki Eliot: what are we going to do with it though?

    [14:04] Myrtil Igaly: I don’t see it

    [14:04] Victor1st Mornington: its escaped

    [14:04] Gabriell Anatra: How?

    [14:04] Loki Eliot shouts: OMG!! HOW??

    [14:04] Natacha Chernov: escaped?

    [14:04] Taliesin Daines: oh no!

    [14:04] Victor1st Mornington: that bomb blast

    [14:04] Elina Koskinen: Watson…

    [14:04] Katri Kaligawa: hmmm

    [14:04] Victor1st Mornington points to the big hole

    [14:04] Victor1st Mornington: thats how it got out

    [14:05] Gabriell Anatra: Ah.

    [14:05] Loki Eliot: what it can blast through metal now?

    [14:05] Gadget Starsider shouts: What happened?

    [14:05] Queer Hermit: It carries explosives?

    [14:05] Myrtil Igaly: my gosh, it dug a hole in the cage…

    [14:05] Gabriell Anatra winces at the report in this confined space . .

    [14:05] Gadget Starsider shouts: Bugger me!

    [14:05] Victor1st Mornington shouts: a bomb blast from the sewer blasted a hole in the trap

    [14:05] Massive Hole: Oh my, there seems to be a hole that goes right through the bottom, its very hot like it was blasted through.

    [14:05] Taliesin Daines: The thing almost tore me to pieces, but I seem to have dropped into the sewers – that’s what I call a timely coincidenc

    [14:05] Tepic Harlequin: errrrr! it’s blown up from underneath!

    [14:05] Gabriell Anatra: Someone freed it?

    [14:05] Taliesin Daines: A hole to the center of the earth

    [14:06] Loki Eliot: it blasted through to the sewer?

    [14:06] heavy rusted door: Queer Hermit is at the door

    [14:06] Tepic Harlequin: someone helped it escape!!!!

    [14:06] Gadget Starsider: Bloody ‘ell!

    [14:06] Myrtil Igaly: It freed itself

    [14:06] Massive Hole: Oh my, there seems to be a hole that goes right through the bottom, its very hot like it was blasted through.

    [14:06] Victor1st Mornington: this means….someone is working with the creature cause i didnt see it carrying no bombs…

    [14:06] Loki Eliot: who would want to free it once its been captured??

    [14:06] Tepic Harlequin: someone as don’t like urchins…..

    [14:06] Myrtil Igaly: Someone who didn’t want to capture it?

    [14:06] Gadget Starsider: Back to the drawing board!

    [14:06] Loki Eliot: is everyone ok though, anyone bitten?

    [14:06] Tepic Harlequin looks darkly around….

    [14:06] Natacha Chernov: How about… Van Creed?

    [14:06] MexScotFix: Say ‘on’ or ‘off’to turn me on or off, or ‘help’ for more commands

    [14:06] Myrtil Igaly: But I think the Beast did it on its own

    [14:07] Myrtil Igaly: Oh evening Miss Chernov!

    [14:07] Tepic Harlequin: it tried, Loki, mate, but m’quick i am, an can jump!

    [14:07] Victor1st Mornington: well, i must head to clockhaven for Mr Hammerers party, i’ll keep an eye out for the beast but it looks like its gone down below…

    [14:07] Natacha Chernov: hello Myrtil

    [14:07] Kristos Sonnerstein: Oh dear…

  2. Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon December 6, 2010

    I say! This is getting complicated! So someone helped the beast to escape? Who would do a thing like that?

  3. Valice Davi Valice Davi December 6, 2010

    *Has a very stunned look on his face* I had high hopes for them catching that thing this time.

  4. Zaida Gearbox Zaida Gearbox December 6, 2010

    ((Why does all the good stuff happen when I’m at work?))

  5. Queer Hermit Queer Hermit December 6, 2010

    I must say it is quick!  I could not keep up with it and I tried my best.  The explosion bothers me, does this creature have friends who wish to keep it free?  Gadget built a wonderful trap but next time it should be located over solid ground to eliminate hidden confederates.

  6. Orpheus Angkarn Orpheus Angkarn December 6, 2010

    I had a suspicious encounter at the dig site with a fox demon called Vash – perhaps they are involved. The persons responsible for its escape must be held accountable! Rally the torches and pneumatic pitchforks!

  7. Gadget Starsider Gadget Starsider December 6, 2010

    There will not be a Mk.V Beest Trap as I believe the beest is no longer at large (for reasons that I cannot divulge). However, we may all still be in great peril and I urge vigilance, tea and crumpets!

  8. Zaida Gearbox Zaida Gearbox December 6, 2010

    Ah wants to chop dat Beest’s leg off!

  9. Fono Heninga Fono Heninga December 6, 2010

    *is definitely up for the tea and crumpets part*

  10. Lans Starsider Lans Starsider December 6, 2010

    I must agree with Mr. Gadgets sentiments, as I think I share his own beliefs, but yes, I don’t think that this case is closed, in fact, as our esteemed Mr. Holmes would say, the game is afoot.

  11. Gabriell Anatra Gabriell Anatra December 6, 2010

    The creature chased me about the rooftop, but fortunately I was able to avoid direct contact. It is quite fast, but not exceptionally agile. I did get several shots off at it and at least two hit it, but they didn’t seem to have any noticable effect.

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