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The beast of Clockhaven and the beginning of an expedition

Amadeus stood on the ship and looked in the dark water of clockhaven:

“It must be there … somewhere…”

Last night he saw the creature with a body in its mouth, but it was escaping in the water.

Maybe not the best time to start an expedition but it has been planned long before.

“So what can I do to get this beast? It would be great to show it in the aquarium!”

“Offer a reward!” Obscura said,”the urchins will try to catch it for you.”

“Great idea!” He called an urchin “Please give this message to every newspaper and every pub in town: The curator of the Clockhaven Aquarium offers a reward of 300L$ to those who catch the beast of clockhaven alive!”


The ship began to cast off and the sails carry the ship out of the harbour.


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