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The Beast of Babbage


Again, some matters
forced me to leave the city for almost two weeks and couple of days
ago I returned only to see the city is buried under the heavy drifts
of snow. Now I’m not sure if I’ll be able to recollect everything
what happened during my absence, since I have to rely only on rumors.
I doubt I’ll provide a whole picture here, but I have to sort the
fact for myself anyway.


Strange beast is lurking
the streets of Babbage, apparently something which has been
imprisoned inside the artifact before and now walks around the town
free again. It haunts the citizens and we can consider ourselves
lucky that no one was killed so far. The urchins, who are of course
in the greatest danger, tried to entrapped the beast (which is
described here,
repeatedly and unsuccesfully, but only thing they achieved is the
detailed photography of the monster.

A strange black-cloaked
men was seen several times in Babbage, talking about the beast as
about „something which feeds the flesh of others, and cannot die“.
They were recognized by urchins as followers of Order of Malkuth, an
ancient cult once present in Babbage and involved in unfortunate
events, which happened last autumn and ended with the burning of the
place where nowdays the strange statue was discovered. Later, Mr.
Cleanslate intercepted a message while experimenting with his
radio-wave monitor:

It’s Van Creed society
again, and apparently the followers of Malkuth attacked their
headquarters, trying to destroy Van Creed archives. Why? Because
there were some information regarding the origin of the beast
perhaps? Or even the way how to defeat it?

Later the urchin named
Victor Wunderlich was saved from the beast by one of the
black-cloaked men, who managed to injure the monster, and took care
of the poor boy. Which brings only more confusion, of course… What
are the intentions of followers of Malkuth?

And more than that, Mr.
Blindside, the archaeologist who discovered the artifact, is missing,
just after he informed the Babbage citizens he’s got some new
information about the artifact…

For more information I
recommend notes of Myrtil Igaly:

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  1. Yang Moreau Yang Moreau December 1, 2010

    Hadn’t heard of the attack on the Van Creed society. But I do know the Order of Malkuth seem to be out to help stop the beast.

  2. Natacha Chernov Natacha Chernov December 2, 2010

    ((actually I’m much ahead in the clue searching, but I don’t want to give away too many spoilers here… but feel fee to contact me IC inworld;) ))

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