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The Arrival of Thesium

The train begins to reduce its speed.

The rail station was near, as the attendant announced: “New Babbage City Station”.

It was my stop.
The letter opened on my hands was the last I had about Mr. Tchailenov and his crew. The lack of stamp means it was personally delivered. On the letter Mr. Tchailenov narrated the last finding on the depths of the Obsidian Blades some months ago, and that they were going to departure towards the last piece of the seal.
He wrote very few and with little detail fearing the letter could be intercepted, it had been a while now since the letter arrived, and I knew nothing on his whereabouts.

After I left on board of a Sooty from the Asrael, I flew a small distance until I saw it. A ship I had seen only a couple of times before during my childhood. The Kenneleth, of a classic Normoorian design it is one of the first memories I have on airships. The Kenneleth was the last of its kind, originally designed for transportation of metal ore and supplies between the frozen peaks of Kathandrir and the valleys of Thesium over which my family ruled for generations, during the early months of the civil war most of the ships of the region suffered modifications for endure or engage battle.
The old captain of the Kenneleth was a friend of my father, they had served together on the royal aether corps, and sometimes he shared our table.

As I flew by a figure on the outer hull of the ship waved. I began to descend to the ocean. The instructions were clear, I had to water the sooty and before getting on board I had to activate the self destruction mechanism since it would be a dead weight on board of the Kenneleth and if left behind our enemies could get it. I complied and as I was on board of the Kenneleth a small explosion tore it apart.
On board I was well received and it felt good to be back with some of my countrymen. Our journey was swift to the Flying City of Alnitak, where I met with my old tutor. On the meeting I received the latest news from home, my father had died and the whereabouts of my brothers and sisters was unknown to him, though they were presumed dead. That night I morned their lost. As the morning rose I met again with the tutor, Normoor was a dangerous place for the heirs of Thesium, dark forces were gathering and a man I saw before was one of the heads of those forces. Adoril Chorster.

I had to remain hidden, and let the enemies of my house to believe I was still on board of the Asrael for my own safety, and against my will. So now I was prisoner on my own house.
Until the day the letter arrived. It was slipped under my door, and as I read it, it was clear that there was much more relations between the House of Thesium and the lost Seal than just the Quest of Mr. Tchailenov. The letter ended with an odd sentence. “Wait for me among the clockworks”. But it was clear to me. I took the first transport to mainland and from there my journey begun to the city where everything begun. New Babbage!

The attendant announced again: “New Babbage Station!” and with a loud whistle the train stops.

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