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The After-Party at Doctor Berithos’ Offices

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Brother Malus snickers
Brother Napoltler: I suppose this doctor is gone.
Brother Malus: Berithos?
Brother Napoltler: He threatened monastics with maiming. We would only be defending the order by terminating his life.
Brother Malus: We could raid his office for medicinals.
Brother Napoltler: That seems fair.

(walk across town to the doctor’s office)

Brother Malus: Bars.
Brother Malus picks the lock
Brother Napoltler: He needs a more modern lock
Brother Malus sneers triumphantly
Brother Napoltler: well done
Brother Malus: That was too easy.
Brother Napoltler: Private it says
Brother Malus: If he is really a doctor he should have some medicines.
Brother Malus goes through the bottles keenly
Brother Napoltler: his handwriting looks like chicken scratch
Brother Napoltler: hmm, some sort of oil
Brother Malus: Nothing very interesting.
Brother Malus opens a jar and sniffs.
Brother Napoltler: ah
Brother Malus: Arsenic.
Brother Napoltler: his tools
Brother Napoltler: for a quack he does keep his tools in order
Brother Malus: Stimulating, but destructively addictive.
Brother Napoltler: any nightshade?
Brother Malus: Yes. Here
Brother Malus: Do you need some?
Brother Napoltler: could be useful
Brother Napoltler pockets the bottle
Brother Napoltler kicks a ceramic urn in
Brother Malus: Interesting stock.
Brother Malus: Is he a doctor or an assasin?
Brother Napoltler: What in hell
Brother Malus looks around for a piece of paper to make a packet of Datura.


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  1. Brother Napoltler Brother Napoltler June 15, 2011


    Brother Malus: Damn!
    Brother Napoltler: What doctor keeps a skull with a saw in it?
    Brother Napoltler: a cleaver!
    Brother Malus: Nightshade!
    Brother Napoltler: We have to tell the fathers of this
    Brother Malus: Not before we get what we need out of it.
    Brother Napoltler: he could be practicing forbidden arts
    Brother Napoltler: did you find any white powders?
    Brother Malus: What are you talking about?
    Brother Malus: Other than the arsenic?
    Brother Napoltler: coca
    Brother Malus: Chemistry is not a dark art.
    Brother Malus picks through the instruments
    Brother Napoltler: that skull in that drawer is

    Brother Malus: Where are the stimulants?
    Brother Malus: All he has is poison and tranquilizers!
    Brother Napoltler: seems like
    Brother Napoltler: I found some coffee
    Brother Malus: Let’s take it.
    Brother Napoltler hands a tin over
    Brother Napoltler: one for you, one for me
    Brother Napoltler: Imported stuff
    Brother Malus grins
    Brother Malus: Got to be better than what we have been getting.
    Brother Napoltler: That’s the truth
    Brother Napoltler: The tithes definately aren’t going into the larder

    Brother Malus opens desk drawers
    Brother Malus: Where does he keep his records? I want to know who trusts him.
    Brother Napoltler: He’s in league with that witch
    Brother Napoltler: She’s got him all up in her and he does her bidding
    Brother Malus: I wouldn’t mind being in league with that witch.
    Brother Napoltler: The Fathers sent me to spy on Mr Underby, but I think they should be looking more at his ex wife if you ask me
    Brother Malus: I’ll look at her!
    Brother Napoltler: Well in league for half an hour, ha
    Brother Malus grins
    Brother Malus: I’ll even settle for an hour.
    Brother Napoltler: you’re a conscientious man, brother

    Brother Napoltler kicks over the desk
    Brother Napoltler: fooking quack
    Brother Malus: She is very symmetric.
    Brother Napoltler: She makes any pair of stockings look good and that is the equatable truth

    Brother Malus: Hey!
    Brother Malus: He’ll know someone was here!
    Brother Napoltler: So? He’s lucky he doesnt have a dagger in his door, already.
    Brother Malus: Who do you think puts them there?
    Brother Napoltler: Ordo Mucro
    Brother Napoltler: dunno much about them
    Brother Malus smirks
    Brother Napoltler: Wish I did of course
    Brother Napoltler: It’s time some order was put in this town
    Brother Malus: Someday!
    Brother Malus: Yes, it is.
    Brother Malus: We could be the center of a New Empire.
    Brother Napoltler: one day
    Brother Napoltler knocks down the coat rack and spits in the unbrella holder
    Brother Napoltler: Well, I’m off I guess
    Brother Malus closes the gate carefully until he hears the click.
    Brother Malus: You should be more careful.
    Brother Napoltler: I suppose

  2. Jonathon Spires Jonathon Spires June 16, 2011

    Just a bit of youthful spirits.

  3. Mr Underby Mr Underby June 16, 2011

    I can’t decide which team to root for…

    • Bookworm Hienrichs Bookworm Hienrichs June 16, 2011

      Given your relations with the parties, I should think you’d be pulling for mutual destruction. *chuckle*

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