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That Cold Sinking Feeling – Part 1: The Beginning

Mornington sat infront of the roaring fire in his house at the far end of Academy, huddled up and wrapped in a blanket.  He had just finished half a bottle of Chivas and still wasnt any warmer.  There was a few rumours of Rab the Raptor going walk around in the town and scaring folks but Vic just put that down to rumour mongers, Elleon has the exhibit moved to the upstairs office to be cleaned, she said it was starting to smell funny…that would explain Rab’s disappearance from the exhibit stand.

Mornington sat infront of the fire and rubbed his hands together…

“Sure is a chilly afternoon” he said to no one in particular…he had this gnawing sinking feeling in the back of his mind that something wasnt quite the way it should be.

“Dang, i aint been this cold since this time last yea….”

The penny dropped

“Ohhhhhh… f***”

Vic jumped onto his rarley used Benz Automobile and raced over to the museum.  He noticed that Rab the Raptor was back on his exhibit, the timelock still in place.  He also noticed that Elleon had somehow managed to aquire a new exhibit, from the looks of it the exhibit looked like a Bergamasaur, a distant relation to the Pterosaur family, but something didnt quite look right about the skeleton.  The head was badly mutated, with massive teeth…and something appeared to be dripping from the exhibit.

Vic took a sample of the fluid and raced back to his lab.

A few minutes later a strange shimmer appeared on the floor, followed by a thud…Rab the Raptor had jumped off of his exhibit and went for a wander…he gave a strange sniffling whistle sound and he bumped against the door to open it, as the door swung open, a small patch of Rab’s feathers fell off his back, revealing a strange mutated skin colouration underneath.  Rab walked on still making that strange sniffling whistle sound…

…it seemed Rab has caught something…

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  1. Elleon Bergamasco Elleon Bergamasco October 4, 2011

    I’m cleaning the Raptor? ME? I thought YOU were cleaning it? It smells horribly… I couldn’t even move the thing upstairs?

    *runs off to hide behind the thick heavy door of her office in the library of the Museum*


  2. Sheryl Skytower Sheryl Skytower October 5, 2011

    *looks up from her writing desk*

    *reaches for extra large lump of coal*

    *nibbles silently*

    Every October der iz always somedings happen.

    *makes note to clean gatling gun*

    Maybe not diz year…

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